Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Farmer's Market

It's amazing what can get accomplished when you get out of bed two hours early! By 7:20 am Carlos and I were on our way to the Farmer's Market in Kahului!

Papayas and Bananas-2 items never in short supply at a Hawaiian Framer's Market!

Chilies and Bitter Melon

Japanese Eggplant

OMG! I finally found Thai Green Papayas! I bought 2!

Today's bounty included.....
( $48.45 )
Tons of Apple and Lady Finger bananas
3 bags of Roma tomatoes
1 large bag of Maui onions
Molokai Sweet Potatoes
5 ears of Kula sweet corn
Kula Asparagus
4 heads Kula green lettuce
1 large head Romaine
2 huge Thai green papayas
Hana ginger
2 English cucumber
2 Kula Zukes
bag of carrots

Next Stop!

I seriously debated a Pumpkin muffin but I passed on it and got a "Mighty Leaf" Bombay Chai tea instead ( no milk or sugar )

Last Stop

Carlos and I both got one of these! So Yummy!
Phyllo, heavy on the spinach, onions, salt, lemon juice and light on the Feta cheese

Quick list from Mana's....
Jasmine Rice ( from bulk )
couscous ( from bulk )
6 ( 32oz ) boxes of almond milk
2.75 lb tub of local Hawaiian honey
organic rice wine vinegar
amaranth ( from bulk )

Today I work at 4 pm and I have a bunch of stuff to do before that! So to be continued:-)

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