Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Destination: Auckland

Back to my Vacation '09 review.........


Now before I jump into this leg of our holiday let me just say this......I was actually pretty bummed to be leaving Australia on Sept 30th for Auckland. I've never been to New Zealand and you'd think I'd be more than thrilled to get a new stamp on the old passport but this was not exactly the case. New Zealand has never been a place that I had much desire to visit ( no offense to the Kiwis, it's soooo not you...it's me). But what I mean is this, if I made of list of places in the world that I wanted to see.... places like Nicaragua, Cuba, and the Andaman Islands would actually rank higher......What can I say, I'm not exactly normal......I'm not a fan of San Fransisco either ( oh the horror! )

The truth was this, we could not fly back to Hawaii until Oct 11th ( the date our "free ticket" allowed as a return date) so that being said this meant that we had to figure out what to do with ourselves for the next 12 days since my parents were leaving Australia and we could no longer mooch off of them.....( Thank you again Mom, Dad and Lynn xo ) We were/are also severely cash poor these days so this meant that we couldn't wander too far away from let's say, umm, New South Wales ( So, the Sychelles were like totally out of the question unfortunately......)

Our first thought was to head back up to Byron Bay and rest of the Gold Coast of Australia. However, we were up there in '06 and '07 and spent way too much AUD on fabulous but super $$$ food. So we figured,
 "Let's not tempt our credit card this time around and check out something new instead?"
 I was then thinking maybe Cairns/Port Douglas ( aka: The Great Barrier Reef) ?? However, on our super tight budget and tickets to Cairns being around $500-$600 r/t on Jet Star and Virgin Blue ( how rude of them....) we had to pass up the balmy tropical greatness of Northern Queensland ( blah!! ).....

However, I then noticed that "Auckland" was listed on Jet Stars' "Destination" options. Auckland? Really? Like in New Zealand?? Carlos then told me that he always dreamed of going to New Zealand....Really?! (This was the first time I actually ever heard this come out of his mouth )...... So, I decided to try out the dates we needed and to my surprise the tickets were only about $280 r/t from Sydney. Score! Right?? On top of "cheap airfare" the NZ dollar is usually much weaker than the Australian dollar ( which is USUALLY weaker than USD unless of course, I'm there.....) so we figured we'd be saving a ton of money by switching countries?? We then thought we could rent a camper van and combine our accommodations with our transportation and save even more $$ since we were told by everyboday that this is really the BEST way to see this place.

However, the biggest close on New Zealand was this......EVERYONE WHO GOES THERE SAYS IT'S THEIR MOST FAVORITE PLACE IN THE WHOLE WORLD!......

Ummmm, that is if you don't mind freezing your ass off I guess.......

To be continued.......


Breakfast-none ( totally out of smoothie ingredients...bummer )

Lunch- 12" "Veggie Delite" ( $6.24 w/ tax pretty good deal ) from "Subway" I actually only ate about 8-9" of this thing because it was getting soggy....quickly ( Italian herb bread, lettuce, tomatoes, olives, peppers, jalepenos, cucumber, pepper jack cheese, salt. pepper, and oil and vinegar )

Dinner-"Spicy Peanut Noodles" leftovers from yesterday. Yum.

Pau Hana-Glass of "Barefoot" Pinot Grigio from Cali

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