Friday, November 20, 2009

Budget ( I think?) Grocery shopping on Maui

Happy Aloha Friday:-)

I woke up this morning to a pretty rainbow in my backyard....not a bad start to a day off huh?

I then made myself some Octavia Tea ( Acai Berry ) and waited for the boy to get out of bed.

Pretty productive morning at the Hale. We finally washed both cars and then we took a quick 30 minute hike up the steep West Maui mountains. This is always a great way to break a sweat:-)

Next was a quick, no fuss lunch...

We are running pretty low on groceries so we threw some easy veggie burgers together...

Veggie Burger
Costco veggie burger patty ( no soy )
blue cheese dressing

Carlos had to work at 4 pm so I decided to hele down to Safeway in Lahaina to get some groceries ( *** but first I did a quick 15 min run up the airport road just for fun... ). I don't usually shop at Safeway ( although I should ) but I did today because we are on a strict budget and Safeway has much better prices than any health food store on island.
I really wanted to stock up of juicing ingredients as well as grabbing some cheap staples today. I also made a quick stop at the Farmer's Market in Honokowai to grab a few items that I could not find at Safeway. Let's see how I did....
Safeway Lahaina
Honey bananas $4.22
cucumbers ( 4 ) $5.80 ( ick )
celery $1.10 sale ( nice )
yams ( 2 ) $3.01
Bosc pears ( 4 ) $3.70 sale
romaine ( 2 heads ) $6.53 ( lame )
2 lb bag carrots $2.89
3 lb bag organic Granny Smith apples $5.79
Safeway brand organic croutons $2.00 sale
Safeway brand oatmeal $ 2.50 sale
Stash Chai Spice Tea $3.99
local brand corn tortillas $2.00 sale
Marie's Blue Cheese Dressing $3.00 sale ( this is becoming a bad habit...)
1 bag of local mint $2.59

Total with 4.17 % Hawaii State tax = $51.64

Is this a lot of money??  I have no idea......

Farmer's Market Honokowai
5 local lemons $2.73 ( the lemons at Safeway were $1.73 each! WTF? Seriously!)
2 bags of organic Dinosaur Kale $4.38
2 organic beets $2.61
2 cans of organic pumpkin puree $5.78 ( lame )

Total with tax = $16.15
Total for all groceries = $67.79

So, How does Maui compare to your area?? Let me guess....I pay ( a lot ) more to eat... huh?


I took advantage of our quiet kitchen and prepped food for the week. I scrubbed and washed most of the veggies. I cut, washed, and bagged the leafy greens. I peeled and froze all the bananas and then I made us 2 condiments for the week.....

Steveo's Salsa ( recipe on July 6 post )
Food and Wine Magazine's Spicy Peanut Sauce ( Nov. 09 issue page 82 )

I did all of this while doing laundry....exciting Friday night here!

Next stop...Dinner for 1 :-(

Veggie Tacos
vegetarian refried beans
Steveo's salsa
2 corn tortillas

And of course... Alamos Argentine Malbec....

Happy Weekend! xoxo

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  1. Yeah, that would be a lot of money for this area. However, I am surrounded by farms, so food doesn't have to travel which really cuts down on the cost.

    I love Malbec. It's my favorite. Yum!