Saturday, November 28, 2009


Sorry to be so MIA but I needed to take a little break for a few days and now I can finally tell you why......

I quit my job!! I'm finally leaving the art biz! Crazy, I know!

Not to worry though....I'm not totally crazy....I had another job first!

This process ( getting this new job ) has taken over a month to complete and I've been pretty stressed out over it. But, hopefully things will be looking up soon :-) I start training on Dec 7th. and my new office doesn't suck.....In fact, it's right in front of my favorite surf break on island at Kaanapali Point!

See the building on the left.....that's it!

I'll get into what my "new" job entails in due the moment I want to just relax and get back to my new book.

Oh yes....I did.
I finished "Twilight" in two days and shamefully bought the DVD that night.
Not to sound like a total cougar but yes, I get it now... the Robert Pattinson frenzy that is........Good Lord.

So now, I'm onto the next book "New Moon"....
I guess I'll have to see the next installment in the theater though ( I can't wait for the DVD! )....I have a feeling Carlos won't be joining me....

More terrible weather on Maui today of course...

Good thing my man is off at a friends house right now watching Florida vs Florida State Football ( he actually went to BOTH schools way back in the day ) and I can sneak off with my adolescent novel once again...'s a quick recap of the last few days....

More Green Juices and Pumpkin Milkshakes Smoothies

More Asian Burritos and Simple Salads

A typical Hawaiian Thanksgiving (  wine and Bloody Marys by 11 am at Castaways on Airport Beach with some girlfriends and dog while the man was stuck working.... )

Totally normal

Shawna and I


Miss Charlie ( aka Cha Cha )

I's not like I eat Turkey and Stuffing anyway.....

And some surfing at Honolua Bay.....( BTW-this way Thanksgiving around 6 pm )

......and many hours spent on desolate Maui beaches over the last few days as well

So there's your quick 4 day wrap up.....

Until later....ALOHA

Monday, November 23, 2009

Caving into the hype....

I have no idea what is going on but my neck is killing me! It started yesterday and got worse throughout the night:-( I'm going to take it easy today in hopes that it will go away on it's own. BOO!

With that being said....I decided to try another juice combo this morning and then head down to North Kaanapali Beach with a new book.

Pink Beet Juice
1 beet peeled
1 apple
1 pear
1 carrot
2 stalks of celery

Aweful 80 degree weather on Maui as usual.....

Okay, so I broke down and bought "Twilight"....I'm sorry but I just have to see what all this hype is about...Vampires stories are hardly my thing but I'm tired of seeing those kids in "US Weekly" every week and having no idea what the hell is going on! hahaha!

Lunch was an easy salad....

organic croutons ( Safeway brand )
blue cheese dressing

Dinner was pretty boring....but I wasn't in the mood to throw something together before work so "Ono Gelato"just had to do ( again )....What can I say, it's hard to beat $4.47 on Maui.

"The Standard"
Foccacia bread
Olowalu tomatoes
provolone cheese ( removed half )
taro chips

Barefoot Winery Pinot Grigio-1 glass

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday is my Monday :-(

Last night turned out to be a bit of an indulgence....

Our friends were staying at the Ritz Carlton in Kapalua and we ended up eating dinner with them at the lobby Kai Sushi Bar ( not exactly in our budget! ) However, the food was really good but I left very full with a $40 tab ( including tip ) just for myself....ouch!

Sorry no pics but I had...

2 veggie sushi rolls
a seaweed salad split with Carlos
side of rice/soy sauce
a few bites of creme brulee (a little too eggy  for me) and a few bites of coconut sorbet ( very good! )
glass of Pinot Grigio

I actually woke up this morning STILL feeling a bit full so I went on a 30 min run/walk ( geez... it gets hot early here! ) and made a Green Juice when I got home.

Green Juice
1 apple
1 pear
4 stalks celery
4 cups kale
1/2 lemon
1/2 cup mint

After running a few errands in town with the boy I decided to make Asian Burritos for lunch!

Asian Burritos ( recipe 8/16/09 )
rice papers
mung bean noodles
Thai basil
peanut sauce
That sweet chili sauce for dipping

So good! I actually only finished half of these....I will take the rest into work this afternoon for dinner tonight. See you later:-)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Juicer Works!

I was so excited to get up this morning to try out my new Breville Juicer!

First things first though.....Must have my Stash Tea ( Chai )

Then it was time to juice!

I love having a fridge full of clean veggies!

Since this was my first time juicing I had no idea how many veggies I was going to need to fill up a 16oz glass. So, I guess I was about to find out....

Verdict: It took a lot

Green Juice
3 Granny Smith apples
1 Bosc pear
1/2 lemon peeled
1/2 cup mint
5 Dino kale leaves
2 stalks of celery

However, it was WONDERFUL! Smooth, sweet, green and light. I loved it!!! But, since this could turn into an expensive hobby I might not be able to "juice" everyday. I'm going to look into other veggies and fruits that my be easier on the wallet. I know kale, apples and pears are pretty cheap on the Mainland but this is Hawaii and they are pretty $$$ here. We don't grow these Fall/Winter foods in abundance.....

Carlos is working a short shift this afternoon so I decided to take advantage of the empty living room and do a 1 hour Hatha yoga DVD. After my session I had a super juicy Star fruit that one of my girlfriends gave me. She has a Star fruit tree in her yard and is always supplying us with these fresh exotic fruits!


I decided that I wanted to jump in the water so I grabbed my longboard once again and paddled Napili Bay.

First, I stopped by the cute Kapalua Fruit stand for some lemons and oranges....

I bought 4 lemons and 4 small oranges for $3.00

Then I proceeded down to the water.

Pikake is in full bloom in November. The air smells like Jasmine today!

I did 8 fast laps across the bay on my surfboard in 30 minutes.

This place doesn't suck...

However, an ESPN camera crew showed up to film the beach ( The College Basketball Maui Invitational is this week ) and I didn't feel like being caught on camera so I decided to head back home for lunch...

Left over Veggie Tacos from last night!

2 local corn tortillas
vegetarian refried beans
Steveo's Salsa ( recipe on July 6 post )

As for the rest of the day.....Carlos gets off of work soon and we have some friends in town.  Might go out later??.....

Friday, November 20, 2009

Budget ( I think?) Grocery shopping on Maui

Happy Aloha Friday:-)

I woke up this morning to a pretty rainbow in my backyard....not a bad start to a day off huh?

I then made myself some Octavia Tea ( Acai Berry ) and waited for the boy to get out of bed.

Pretty productive morning at the Hale. We finally washed both cars and then we took a quick 30 minute hike up the steep West Maui mountains. This is always a great way to break a sweat:-)

Next was a quick, no fuss lunch...

We are running pretty low on groceries so we threw some easy veggie burgers together...

Veggie Burger
Costco veggie burger patty ( no soy )
blue cheese dressing

Carlos had to work at 4 pm so I decided to hele down to Safeway in Lahaina to get some groceries ( *** but first I did a quick 15 min run up the airport road just for fun... ). I don't usually shop at Safeway ( although I should ) but I did today because we are on a strict budget and Safeway has much better prices than any health food store on island.
I really wanted to stock up of juicing ingredients as well as grabbing some cheap staples today. I also made a quick stop at the Farmer's Market in Honokowai to grab a few items that I could not find at Safeway. Let's see how I did....
Safeway Lahaina
Honey bananas $4.22
cucumbers ( 4 ) $5.80 ( ick )
celery $1.10 sale ( nice )
yams ( 2 ) $3.01
Bosc pears ( 4 ) $3.70 sale
romaine ( 2 heads ) $6.53 ( lame )
2 lb bag carrots $2.89
3 lb bag organic Granny Smith apples $5.79
Safeway brand organic croutons $2.00 sale
Safeway brand oatmeal $ 2.50 sale
Stash Chai Spice Tea $3.99
local brand corn tortillas $2.00 sale
Marie's Blue Cheese Dressing $3.00 sale ( this is becoming a bad habit...)
1 bag of local mint $2.59

Total with 4.17 % Hawaii State tax = $51.64

Is this a lot of money??  I have no idea......

Farmer's Market Honokowai
5 local lemons $2.73 ( the lemons at Safeway were $1.73 each! WTF? Seriously!)
2 bags of organic Dinosaur Kale $4.38
2 organic beets $2.61
2 cans of organic pumpkin puree $5.78 ( lame )

Total with tax = $16.15
Total for all groceries = $67.79

So, How does Maui compare to your area?? Let me guess....I pay ( a lot ) more to eat... huh?


I took advantage of our quiet kitchen and prepped food for the week. I scrubbed and washed most of the veggies. I cut, washed, and bagged the leafy greens. I peeled and froze all the bananas and then I made us 2 condiments for the week.....

Steveo's Salsa ( recipe on July 6 post )
Food and Wine Magazine's Spicy Peanut Sauce ( Nov. 09 issue page 82 )

I did all of this while doing laundry....exciting Friday night here!

Next stop...Dinner for 1 :-(

Veggie Tacos
vegetarian refried beans
Steveo's salsa
2 corn tortillas

And of course... Alamos Argentine Malbec....

Happy Weekend! xoxo

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Having an early Friday...

Another early morning for me today....Before work I actually had to drive over to Kahalui to take my Audi in for a service. Luckily the dealership is right next to Borders Books so I was able to occupy my time and stay out of the rain.

Seattle's Best Coffee is in Borders so I ordered a loose leaf Tazo Green Tea and a heated butter croissant.

So yummy....I never eat these but when I do it always reminds me of my trip to French influenced Tahiti.....
Then I went next store to see if I could find a cheap watch for running and surfing at Sports Authority.

And I did! Armitron $19.99 Kinda cute huh?

One more stop....After my car was finished I needed to go to Macy's to pick up an early Christmas present from my mom!!

Can you believe it!! Carlos and I are sooooo excitied!! Looks like I'm going to have to buy some fresh produce now....( when I find some $$ )
I didn't know Breville was an Australian company founded in Sydney? Did you?
Thanks Mom xoxo

Light snack before a short day at the gallery....

Pumpkin Smoothie
1 c almond milk
1.5 bananas
pumpkin pie spice
1/2 organic pureed pumpkin

For my workout today I decided to give my legs a rest so instead of a jog I grabbed my 7'8" surf board and headed to Napili Bay. It was pretty windy so I knew it was going to be a challenge! I did 8 laps across the bay in 30 arms feel like jelly now. After that I swam around the warm clear water for a bit and then practiced holding my breath underwater by grabbing on to a big piece of lava rock about 8 feet down.

Board I used for the paddle...

check these out....

After my paddle I was starving so I made a little snack.

Small Salad
fresh raw corn
blue cheese dressing

and some tea.....

So dinner ( if any...) is yet to be determined. However, I'm going to sign off for the night...Aloha:-)