Saturday, October 3, 2009

Raglan, New Zealand

Kia Ora, Much apologies to everyone for the lack of posting. Internet service ( and cell service....sorry Mom ) has been super spotty for me while travelling. However, I have taken a zillion pics and I have made plenty of notes. I have eaten a TON and I'm even visiting some wineries in New Zealand. I will share soon!! At the moment Carlos and I are in Raglan, New Zealand....home of the longest left hand surf break in the world. However it is FREEZING cold and pouring down rain ( but it is still beautiful:-)
The Kiwis are awesome people and the food and wine is amazing ( I think I've put on a few lbs haha ).......I will be back in Hawaii on Oct 11 and I'm sure I will have weeks worth of stories. Carlos and I are also planning on some sort of "detox" when we return to our island. I'm actually considering a a juicer and going super high raw vegan again.
Mahalo nui loa for waiting for my return:-) I'll be looking forward to getting back into my "routine" and feeling the warm weather and water of Maui.......Aloha, A

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