Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Aloha from Maui!

Mr. Taj.....happy we are home
Above: Bondi Beach ( where my sister lives )
Hi all, I'm back at home on Maui. I want to apologize again for my lack of posts and communication over the last month but I had a really hard time getting on line due to my locations.
At the moment I am trying to get my bearings straight. I have to work tonight and I'm still a bit off thanks to a minor time change. I have a million real job related things to complete as well as getting my house in order. However, I will try and make some time to update everyone over the next few days while I get settled.
Maui is warm, sunny and beautiful as always. It's always so funny to me that every time I board a Hawaii bound jet to end my holiday, everyone around me is just starting theirs. My SYD to HNL flight was no exception. My 737 had over 300 Aussies on it and some were even in Hawaiian shirts and paper leis. As for me, I'm sad to leave Australia because it is seriously my most favorite place in the world ( besides the Cook Islands ) but I know thanks to my sister and new brother - in - law, Sydney will always be a frequent port of call for me.
As for food.......wow! Did I eat a ton of yummy stuff over the last 4 weeks!! Want to hear something interesting? I stepped on the scale this morning just to see how much holiday weight I incurred and to my surprise the number read 106.4 lbs. That's right, after loads of "chips", Sticky date puddings, "lollies" and gallons of New Zealand, Sauvignon Blanc my weight didn't budge. Why?? Well, probably because in spite of my starchy vegetarian diet this month I balanced the heavy stuff with a lot of veggie based meals like salads, fresh juices and a ton of squash. I rarely ate to the point of being very full and I didn't eat if I was not hungry. Basically I followed once again a 80/20 diet ( one I will always stand by )....80% healthy whole foods, 20% of whatever I want.
I get more into this very soon........
Hope all is well and I missed everyone:-) xo xo, A

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