Friday, October 30, 2009

Hawaiian word of the day, "Ono" = "Good"

I want to mention a great little place that I've been getting lunch from quite a bit lately.....It's called, "Ono Gelato" and it opened a couple of months ago right across the street from my art gallery ( in Lahaina, Maui )

 "Ono Gelato" serves the classic milk based Italian ice cream along with it's vegan friendly sister, "Sorbetto".  Besides the cold treat that gives this establishment it's name sake, "Ono Gelato" also carries a variety of yummy deli style goodies like pasta salads, sandwitches, wraps, pastries, cupcakes, and granola bowls (that just happen to be super easy on the wallet too!)
SIDE NOTE:"Ono Gelato" supports our local community by going organic and Hawaiian whenever possible. "Ono" also uses only bio-dregradable takeaway containers, serving utensils and cleaning products. Isn't that nice :-)

My lastest find....."Tomato and Provolone Panini" with watermelon and local Taro chips only $4.95! I had this for lunch yesterday and it easily filled me up until dinner time:-)

Next topic, Today was my day off.......

I started my morning with 1 hour of Hatha yoga with "Ateeka" and a green smoothie. It's been pretty hot and muggy ( voggy ) on Maui lately so by 10 am the beach was the only place I wanted to be......

Again, No surf to speak on island ( blaaaahhhhhh ) so I took a book back down to "Airport Beach" in Kaanapali. It was blazing hot and I think I must have jumped in the 87 degree water ( no joke, the water was 87 ) about 10 times over the next 2 hrs....I recently heard that winter has already started on the "Mainland"....I'm sorry, but I'll never miss that.....ever.....( I was brutally reminded of this in New Zealand last month ) more on that soon.....

Until then, Pray for surf ( ummmm and some Trade Winds please...... )


Breakie-Green Smoothie ( 1.5 frozen local bananas, 2 cups organic spinach ( frozen by me ), 1 C almond milk, stevia )

Lunch-Green Smoothis ( yes, again....get over it..... Sorry ( Mom ), but I really love these.....I know they are "green" but they seriously taste like a milkshake )

Dinner-Naan Pizza-YUM!!! I'm brilliant! I was too lazy to make my own pizza dough so I went to Star Market in Honokowai and found this!
"Tandoori Naan" International Fabulous Flats" The package came with 2 (perfectly sized for individual pizzas) naan breads and they were only $2.79! Score!

So, I set the oven at 400 ( bake ).
Then I crushed a clove of garlic in some olive oil and brush the naan with this mixture.
Next, came sliced local fresh shiitake mushrooms doused in balsamic, 1 roma tomato, crumbled goat cheese, kalamata olives,sea salt and cracked pepper.
I then threw this is the oven for about 6-7 minutes and pau! Ono Grinds:-)

I will be making this again........

Funny Side Note: I got a text message from my sister in Australia yesterday that just said this, "What the F*** is evoo??!
Apparently, she's been reading some of the recipes in my blog lately and wasn't aware of the Rachel Ray abberviation of Extra Virgin Olive Oil! hahaha!
After my translation, She text me back laughing saying that she's been looking around the health food stores all day for EVOO. Like is was some sort of supplement or herb! Anyway, that made me laugh.....

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