Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Breakfast in Australia

Well, before I get into posting I just want to comment that I'm having a massive issue with blogspot. For some reason I cannot place photos where I want them in my post? So... annoyingly, I have to choose what photos I want to talk about and then add them in the that order ( but the order needs to be in reverse?? Like, I need to first pic the picture I want to end my post with!) Does that make any sense?? The reason this is so frustrating to me is because I never think about what I'm going to write about when I start a post. I just start writing and I don't usually post pics until the story is finished. At that point, I pick out photos that will go with the post...get it? So, anyway, that being's go at it.
On my first morning in Austalia I woke up at about 5 am ( 9 am Honolulu time ) and I am proud to say that I kept myself on Hawaiian time the whole month. I love waking up really early! This was even more of a bonus the day of the Big Australian Dust Storm ( check it out! I was there! ) more on that on another post.... Talk about a red dawn!
Anyway, here's a pic of my first "Long Black" ( yes, I had a couple on my Holiday ) They don't do a standard drip coffee in OZ or at lease they sure don't taste or look like a standard drip. A "Long Black" is the closest thing to a black "coffee" in the states. I always drink mine straight sugar, no cream ( just like my drip coffees ). I think "Long Blacks" are more like an espresso with hot water added to it since they are a bit frothy??
I don't know....didn't ask....maybe I should have after 4 weeks of them?
Australia ( and New Zealand ) is a vegetarian and vegan's dream! It is so incredibly easy to find loads of fresh juice bars. I went to "Bondi Fresh" in Bondi Beach almost every morning.
Above ( note the pretty white sand ) is a juice of beetroot ( the Aussies put it in everything) , spinach, celery and apple. Then I discovered an awesome pear, apple and mint juice at the health food store in Bondi! Yum! Carlos thought it was pretty awesome too so "sharing" the $8.90 fresh juice became an issue ( what's new?). I think I was only getting about $2.30 worth of get my drift I'm sure.
So, for the most part my "Breakie" in Australia was pretty simple....either a coffee or juice ( or both ) and when I wanted something a bit "heavier" I usually turned to some crusty grain bread smothered with half an avocado and "Murray River Valley" Australian pink salt...
Sorry, no Vegamite for this chick! To be continued......


  1. Would you consider moving to wordpress?? YAY I'm so glad you're back! Can't wait to see all the pictures and hear about the food and the trip :-)

  2. oooh you will have to show a pic of the apple pear mint juice! the combo sounds awesome.

  3. I don't have a pic of the other drink:-( So sorry.....It was soooooo good though! you have to make it!