Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Back to Australia

Due to severe weather conditions in the North Island of New Zealand we decided to cut our trip short and fly back to Australia. My sister is on her honeymoon in Bali and I have the keys to her place in Bondi Beach. So, here we are and I couldn't be happier with our decision.
On to the food!
Again, I have a ton of stuff to post but I will not be able to until I reach Maui. We simply have no room on our PC to upload any photos. So, I'm sorry for the long delay.....
However, I will mention that yesterday I had an amazing juice made of just Apples, Pears and Mint leaves at an organic market in Bondi Beach. I have to admit that it completely convinced us to buy a juicer when we get home!
In the last few days, I've been eating much lighter than I normally do on vacation but the truth is this.....I'm just craving light, raw and colorful food right now.
New Zealand and OZ have amazing cuisine, however after several family dinner and lunches at fabulous cafes I will have to say that Carlos and I got a bit burnt out on such fancy, $$ fare.
Lucky for us.....this has probably saved us from putting on too much holiday weight unlike the last time we were Downunder in OZ and Argentina. However, I'm still loving the food we are enjoying even though it's as healthy as you can get!
Yesterday I had a gorgeous salad of Pumpkin, Sun dried Tomatoes, Peppers, Tomatoes, Walnuts, Feta and tons of "Rocket" for lunch. Then for dinner it was another heavy raw veggie meal that included a sea vegetable filled salad along with veggie sushi rolls at my favorite Japanese restaurant in Sydney, "Raw Bar".......Not too worry.....I have pics:-)
Oh and of course, I can't forget the wine! I had a delicious glass of Tamara Pinot Noir from Tasmania while watching the surfers at the famous "Icebergs" Restaurant on the south end of Bondi Beach. "Icebergs" is one Sydney's most iconic places to dine. It sits on the bluff above Bondi's "Rockpool" and it has a spectacular view of the famous beach below. I make sure to stop here at lease once on every trip to Australia. More on all of this sort of stuff later of course:-)
So, thanks for everybodya patience......I will be back on Maui early next week. Much aloha until then xo, A

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