Friday, October 30, 2009

Hawaiian word of the day, "Ono" = "Good"

I want to mention a great little place that I've been getting lunch from quite a bit lately.....It's called, "Ono Gelato" and it opened a couple of months ago right across the street from my art gallery ( in Lahaina, Maui )

 "Ono Gelato" serves the classic milk based Italian ice cream along with it's vegan friendly sister, "Sorbetto".  Besides the cold treat that gives this establishment it's name sake, "Ono Gelato" also carries a variety of yummy deli style goodies like pasta salads, sandwitches, wraps, pastries, cupcakes, and granola bowls (that just happen to be super easy on the wallet too!)
SIDE NOTE:"Ono Gelato" supports our local community by going organic and Hawaiian whenever possible. "Ono" also uses only bio-dregradable takeaway containers, serving utensils and cleaning products. Isn't that nice :-)

My lastest find....."Tomato and Provolone Panini" with watermelon and local Taro chips only $4.95! I had this for lunch yesterday and it easily filled me up until dinner time:-)

Next topic, Today was my day off.......

I started my morning with 1 hour of Hatha yoga with "Ateeka" and a green smoothie. It's been pretty hot and muggy ( voggy ) on Maui lately so by 10 am the beach was the only place I wanted to be......

Again, No surf to speak on island ( blaaaahhhhhh ) so I took a book back down to "Airport Beach" in Kaanapali. It was blazing hot and I think I must have jumped in the 87 degree water ( no joke, the water was 87 ) about 10 times over the next 2 hrs....I recently heard that winter has already started on the "Mainland"....I'm sorry, but I'll never miss that.....ever.....( I was brutally reminded of this in New Zealand last month ) more on that soon.....

Until then, Pray for surf ( ummmm and some Trade Winds please...... )


Breakie-Green Smoothie ( 1.5 frozen local bananas, 2 cups organic spinach ( frozen by me ), 1 C almond milk, stevia )

Lunch-Green Smoothis ( yes, again....get over it..... Sorry ( Mom ), but I really love these.....I know they are "green" but they seriously taste like a milkshake )

Dinner-Naan Pizza-YUM!!! I'm brilliant! I was too lazy to make my own pizza dough so I went to Star Market in Honokowai and found this!
"Tandoori Naan" International Fabulous Flats" The package came with 2 (perfectly sized for individual pizzas) naan breads and they were only $2.79! Score!

So, I set the oven at 400 ( bake ).
Then I crushed a clove of garlic in some olive oil and brush the naan with this mixture.
Next, came sliced local fresh shiitake mushrooms doused in balsamic, 1 roma tomato, crumbled goat cheese, kalamata olives,sea salt and cracked pepper.
I then threw this is the oven for about 6-7 minutes and pau! Ono Grinds:-)

I will be making this again........

Funny Side Note: I got a text message from my sister in Australia yesterday that just said this, "What the F*** is evoo??!
Apparently, she's been reading some of the recipes in my blog lately and wasn't aware of the Rachel Ray abberviation of Extra Virgin Olive Oil! hahaha!
After my translation, She text me back laughing saying that she's been looking around the health food stores all day for EVOO. Like is was some sort of supplement or herb! Anyway, that made me laugh.....

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Recession Confession updated.....

I want to apologize for my inconsistency of posting since I have been back home. To be honest, I've been really busy and fairly stressed out about some current situations going on over here.....More on that another time but hopefully things will be turning up soon.

I will continue to post as often as I can but I never want my "blog" to become a "chore" so thanks for understanding this during these trying times.....:-)

Carlos and I are back at work in full force ( Carlos is working 5 double shifts in a row this week!). In the mean time we are once again on a serious budget. Luckily, we are too busy to really spend any $$ these days so we might be ok.....So, I'm focusing on making a lot of large dishes that can last a few days like pastas, grains, roasted veggies etc. These are perfect to take to work and quickly heat up in a microwave. When we first got back from Australia/New Zealand we made a big Costco trip. Since then, I've been supplementing our Costco staples with a weekly trip to the Farmer's Market in Kahului for fresh produce.

Actually, I've made a commitment to not spend more than $100 until Nov.1st ( yes, that's in Maui dollars ). So far, I have spent just $9.24 in 3 days ( ummmm on a bottle of wine ) But,  Pretty good huh! I have 1/2 tank of gas in the Audi, bills are all paid, pantry is stocked ( but need bananas ) and we only have 1 major holiday coming up this weekend that requires beverages. So, we'll see......Luckily, I have a whole trunk full of fun costumes to choose from for Halloween ( some I haven't even worn! ). As for Carlos, he wears the same costume every year and I'm seriously starting to debate if the thing has ever been washed.......You'll just have to wait and see I guess.......

SO, I took a small break for myself after chores and before work and headed down to "Airport Beach" in Kaanapali to read a book. It was pretty much perfect out ( as usual ) but no surf to speak of......

I'm reading "Eat, Pray, Love" again. I've heard mixed reviews about this book even though it was a huge best seller ( movie in the works staring Julia Roberts and my fantasy husband, Javier Bardem ) Anyway, If anyone has read this, let me just say that I lived this book. Well, At least I got to live ( and survived ) the torture of the first chapter.

"Eat, Pray, Love," is a memoir about a women who turned 30, looked at her life ( married for 8 yrs, had just bought a beautiful home, was financially sound, etc ) and discovered that this life was not what she really wanted......So, she left......

Honestly, the details and time lines I shared with the author of "Eat, Pray, Love" ( Elizabeth Gilbert ) are scary.......everything.......our age, our accomplishments, our confusion, guilt and depression are in perfect alignment. This book literally saved my life when it was given to me by my roommate during the first year after my divorce. "Eat, Pray, Love", helped me see that I was not alone, I was not a failure and sometimes we need to change course when things aren't going the way we thought we wanted them to go.........

Anyway, I won't spoil the end of the book for anyone but I'll just say this......I can very much relate to the final scene as well ( wink ).


Breakfast: none

Lunch: Pasta Salad ( organic pasta, lemon zest, lemon juice, sea salt, pepper, evoo, fresh basil, tomatoes )

Dinner: Roasted Veggies and Couscous ( carrots, apples, onions, garlic, golden raisins, pepper, sea salt, evoo and balsamic vinegar )

Pau Hana: "Barefoot Winery"-Pinot Grigio (seriously, this cheap wine is excellant! Good year I guess? )

SIDE NOTE: I give up....TAJ is shedding and I cannot keep up with his piles of fur everywhere......Thank god I wear black to work everyday. ( he doesn't seem to be concerned about it of course.....)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Aloha Australia.....

Before I move on to the New Zealand leg of my trip "recap", I would like to mention a couple more outstanding restaurants that we had the pleasure of dining at. Unfortunately, we did not always have our bulky Nikons on hand at all times:-( However, these places are still worth mentioning and if you are heading to OZ please consider these fine establishments as well.

POMPEI'S: Bondi Beach

Awesome authentic Italian food with an even more awesome takeaway gelato bar! We actually dined here 3 times and we still forgot pics! ( Sorry, I'm a terrible food blogger....) Pompei's was so yummy that we actually made a point to eat there for lunch the day we were leaving ( always such a sad day for me.....) On the last stop, I had a fabulous Goat Cheese and Vegetable Pizza while Carlos had Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli with Butter Sauce....divine.


Since 1923 The Barrenjoey House has been a small boutique hotel. Light streams through the opaque glass ceiling in the dining area giving you the sense you are eating in a spacious Sun Room. Wicker baskets filled with fresh fruit and vegetables also gives the Barrenjoey House a "French Country" feel..... We had a long ( 3 hour ) lunch there our last afternoon in Palm Beach with my dad, step mom, and new In-Laws. Everything of course was beautiful and delicious.....For me, the most memorable dish was a light and creamy "Watercress" soup with Basil oil and Croutons while Carlos fell in love with his Dessert, an "Affogato" ( vanilla ice cream doused in espresso and Frangelico!! ). The Barrenjoey House is open for breakfast lunch and dinner and is located across the street from the Palm Beach Pier......


I seriously cannot believe I forgot pics of this place because it is one of my all time favorite places to dine in Australia. In Manly Beach, the Blue Water Cafe is perfectly located on South Steyne across the street from the Norfolk Pine Tree filled beach walk. This is a fantastic place to stop for an alfresco lunch or casual dinner. I usually stop here at least once for a simple Veggie and Goat's cheese wrap with Sweet Chili Sauce as well as their famous Sticky Date Pudding! Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Located at 28 South Steyne St., Manly, 2095 NSW

THE OPERA BAR: Downtown, Sydney ( Circular Quay )

Okay, so I do have a pic from the Opera Bar! BUT, unfortunately I don't have a picture of their spectacular Wedges!! ( baked potato wedges with sour cream and Thai Sweet Chili Sauce for dipping!! ) Anyway, try to picture them in your head if you can because they were insanly good and easy to replicate at home!

We went to the Opera Bar 2 times during this trip to OZ. On our second excursion, Carlos and I took my mom with us. We had 2 huge "shared plates" filled with all sorts of fun dips, cheeses and ( um...non vegetarian items ) It's all good though....I always fill up on the Turkish bread anyway!

The Opera bar sits along side the world famous Opera House and looks out at the Harbor Bridge. Nowhere else in Sydney screams, "Holy crap! I'm really in Australia now!" more than The Opera Bar. This is a must stop while visiting Circular Quay.......The Opera Bar is an awesome place to chill with a glass or two of Aussie Shiraz as well as being a great place to check out the stylish Sydneysiders during their lunch breaks ( or "Pau Hanas" )

SO, There you go........That was Australia. Next Stop.....Green and VERY Chilly, New Zealand! To be continued......


Breakie-none just ( Ice Tea sweetened with Blue Agave syrup )

Lunch-"Green Smoothie" ( 1 c almond milk, 2 cups organic fresh spinach that I froze, 1.2 bananas, vanilla extract, stevia )

Dinner-Salad ( mixed greens, tomatoes, avocado, olives, cilantro, lemon juice ) and Wheat Thins ( only ate about 1/3 of the salad pictured )

NOTE: Not really sure what's up with me? My stomach has been a bit funny all day....nothing major but enough to kill my appetite. Who knows? Must be my incredibly stressful life here on Maui.....

Friday, October 23, 2009

Lunch in Avalon

Avalon, Australia

I love this little town tucked away in the upper half of the Northern Beaches in Sydney. Avalon is a tony but laidback enclave, chuck full of cafes, cute shops, and tea cup size doggies walking their owners.

We didn't eat out much during our 8 days up in the Northern Beaches because most of our meals were cooked at home.  However, we did manage to have lunch one afternoon at quaint spot called, "The Healthy Chef".

At "The Healthy Chef" most of the ingredients are local, organic and free range. The menu also comes with a "key" to help you locate dishes to meet your dietary needs like "Vegan", "Gluten Free", "Organic" etc. Carlos and I had lunch with my Dad and Step Mother and everything tasted wonderful.......

"The Healthy Chef"
17 Avalon Parade, Avalon Beach NSW
Open-7am to 4pm daily

My dish: "Pumpkin and Apple Salad" -Roasted Pumpkin, carmelised apple, Persian Yarra Valley feta, pepitas, chickpeas, roasted walnuts, and apple balsamic.


Lynn's Dish: "Roasted Veggie Frittata"-Seasonal roasted vegetables, lemon scented herbs, organic eggs, leafy greens, tomato relish and apple balsamic


Carlos' Dish: "Cajun Chicken Salad"- pan roasted free range chicken, salad greens, roasted pepper, avocado, tomato, and honey mustard dressing.

Dad's Dish: "Cajun Chicken Burger"- pan roasted free range chicken, carmelised onion, organic egg, tomato, lettuce, cheddare cheese and tomato relish.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Wedding ( ummmm not mine of course )

If you are new to my blog and are curious to why I was in Australia in the first place it's because of this....My sister was getting married to an Australian. Lucky us right! Yes, Thanks to Erin's and Eron's big day the whole family got to fly down to Sydney ( Palm Beach actually ) for the big party.
Growing up in Cali, who would have thought that my sister would end up with an Aussie and I'd end up with an Argentine? It's pretty funny because when we were young, my mother ( being from Wisconsin ) thought it was pretty exotic marrying a man from Texas! Hahaha!

Make Up Artist trying to make me look like I'm awake

Erin getting ready.....

Such an unattractive bridal party don't you think?

Anyway, 2 days after the Great Australian Dust Storm and the day before the Second Great Australian Dust Storm...... My sister, Erin Broughton married my new brother-in-law Eron Broughton ( yes, they had almost the same exact sames BEFORE they got married ) on Sept. 25 th 2009 on a private island off the Hawksbury River in New South Whales. Luckily for my sister she doesn't have to go through the major headache of changing her sur name!

To get to the private island we needed to take a 45 boat ride from Palm Beach. The majority of the guests, groom and groomsmen took a ferry while the bridal party ( and Carlos haha! ) took a private boat! Not too shabby even if getting on and off the boat in formal dress was a little bit awkward!

I'm sure you can tell from this pic, my sister is the cubby one of course....

Check out Erin's bright yellow Christian Louboutins!

The event was held at the restaurant "Peat's Bite", which is only accessible by either boat or sea plane! The wedding began the moment we docked around 1pm ( all eyes were on us getting off the boat in heels! Not easy!! ) and the reception followed immediately.

This is our mother, Jane. She is almost 70 yrs old and has survived Crohn's Disease and the lost of my Step Dad of 18 yrs a few months back to cancer....She had just flown 15 hours all by herself from San Francisco and only lost her wallet once in the airport. She has not left the country in over 35 yrs and still thinks Los Angeles is "far".....This was the first time in 3 years that I've seen her.... I'm a terrible child.....don't get me started. Anyway, Again, she's almost 70 and still has brown hair. Seriously? How is this possible? My DNA is failing me........I'm was so happy to see my mother holding an empty wine glass for once.

Our dad, Larry...Again, almost 70 with a head full on blond hair. My dad is a successful L.A. composer who now lives in the Sonoran Desert... Still writing music, my dad spends his days in semi retirement playing with remote control airplanes and learning to paint. He is happily married and loves his car, storm fronts, Texas BBQ and his 23 lb cat, Lucy. He just might be the happiest person on the planet.......

And of course my date, The Argentine....who I think just happens to be the sexiest man on the planet. I know I tease him a lot but again, he has to put up with me too.....I love him ( and all of his grays ).

I need to apologize in advance for I hardly have any pics of the beautiful food. I think my personal photographer ( ummm....Carlos ) was way too busy eating it! ( I was sitting at the bridal table and he was at the table with spouses of the bridal party. In other words, I wasn't near by to remind him! )

Instead of a traditional wedding cake Erin and "Eza" opted for a Lolly Bar! Cute!

The meal consisted of an "Entre Course" as well as a "Main Course" that consisted of 5 dishes ( mostly meat or fish ) There was a lovely Pumpkin Risotto that I devoured as well as a heafty salad of mixed greens and rocket. Needless to say it doesn't take much to fill me up so I ended up pretty full ( in a very fitted dress....nice ) I also had several glasses of an Australian Sauvignon Blanc that was awesome!

Love Australian fashion! I could never get away with this on Maui! Check out the shoes!

Dad, helping with the entertainment....singing his smash hit from the 70s, "Wildfire"

My sister and Eza had about 500 of these rubber duckies in the surrounding ponds ( hence, to match the Louboutins of course! )

We needed to board the ferry by 7 pm and we headed back to Palm Beach. This is when things got a bit blury for me ( not because I was drunk but because of jet lag, in fact I think my mom and I were the only sober ones )......I think we ended up at the Palm Beach Country Club?? I don't know? All I remember was there was a very important Australian Rules Football Game on...........Pretty perfect way I guess to end an Australian wedding!

Australia and New Zealand trip to be continued.....

FOOD LOG-back on Maui

Breakfast- Green Smoothie ( spinach, 1 C almond milk, 2 frozen apple bananas, stevia )

Lunch- ( at work ) from Ono Gelato Company- Fresh Corn and Lime Salad ( only $2.95 !! ) (Fresh local corn, cilantro, olives, red onions, feta, onions, cucumbers and lime juice.) and a Veggie Whole Wheat Wrap ( hummus, brie, avocado, waipoli lettuce, lime, carrot, red pepper, snap peas, olive oil and whole grain wrap )

Dinner?? 2 slices of La Brea bakery bread, goat cheese and olives....oh, and wine.....long long day.

2! Glasses of "Barefoot" Pinot Grigio

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Reality Check....

Quick post tonight because I have a million important things I need the computer for.....Trust me, I'd rather be writing about Australia or food. Maybe tomorrow.........


1 hour hike into the West Maui Mountains. Holy *hit it was hot and humid today!!! We have a Hurricane named "Neki" to the southwest of us ( it is suppose to miss the state ) but she turned off our trade winds ( not cool, Neki....). I must have asked Carlos like 5 times before we even started to hike if he was hot..... I think surfing today would have been a better option but my shoulder is still bothering me so we opted for the even started to rain on the hike and the rain was hot....blah! Wow! Freezing cold New Zealand seems like light years away and 1 degree Celsius sounds pretty damn nice now......welcome back to the tropics.......


Breakfast-Green Smoothie ( 3 C fresh organic spinach that I washed and froze, 2 frozen local Apple bananas, 1 C almond milk, stevia ) I seriously love really tastes just like a banana milkshake! I swear you cannot taste the spinach!

Lunch- ummm...."Purely Decedent" Non Dairy frozen dessert ( post hike ) I think the heat killed my appetite? I just wanted something cold.....

Snack- At work- dried mangoes and salted cashews ( about a handful all together )

Dinner- At work- "Healthy Vegan Fried Rice" ( jasmine rice, macadamia nut oil, broccoli, carrots, onions, peas, zucchini, cilantro, black sesame seeds, soy sauce and garlic ) about 2 Cups and Shiracha Sauce

Pau Hana-"Barefoot" Winery Pinot Grigio