Thursday, September 3, 2009


Whoa! Going to bed after 3 am last night kicked my booty today! I'm exhausted!! Carlos is dragging too and he even slept in an hour later than I did. Men have it so easy. He can seriously get out of bed and be ready for work in under 10 min. Hate him......

Sorry, I hope to be back to my normal peppy self tomorrow. These are the types of days that actually make me miss coffee and Excedrin. Anyway, I am currently completely out of produce and fruit. I'm also out of my "Green Monster" ingredients so I just don't feel right..... I need my diet to be centered around raw or cooked veggies to feel like myself and this has not been the case the last few days. I plan to get some much needed grocery shopping done soon......I know I'm pretty lean and light but when I eat too much starch and cheese I just feel "heavy and slow" Blah! No good!......



BREAKFAST-"Orowheat Sandwich Thin" with goat cheese and local honeyLUNCH-1/2 of a burrito from "Cilantro" in Lahaina ( flour tortilla, pinto beans, jack cheese, rice, black beans, salsa and lettuce )

DINNER-With nothing to eat at the house, Carlos and I headed down to our favorite dive bar in Lahaina to meet a friend "Bamboo Bar and Grill". I had 1 Blueberry Stoli Vodka with soda ( I don't do wine at "dive bars" ) and split a vegetarian Fried Rice with my latin luvaa ( rice, broccoli, tofu, carrots, onions, peas, shoyu and shirachi ) YUM!!!

It's 10 pm Hawaiian Standard Time and I am off to bed.....Carlos is snoring on the couch right now as I write......I think I'm going to just leave him there.....aloha:-)

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