Friday, September 11, 2009


Very busy and very little appetite today...I think it took me about 4 hours to finally finish my green smoothie this morning! Lunch? What lunch.....more like a quick snack.
I'm dealing with some ridiculous pressure right now from 1) my job ...don't get me started and 2) my lovely boyfriend who has waited until the last possible minute to renew his drivers license. Carlos not only has to take the written but he also has to take the "actual" drivers test! His appointment is Monday.....if he fails then he can't take it again for 2 more weeks! However by then, we'll be in the Southern Hemisphere...
You see, I can't drive a stick shift and the camper van we have waiting for us in New Zealand is a manual drive of course. This could get really interesting since if you didn't know already, the Kiwis also drive on the left.......
So, I'm trying REALLY hard not to have an actual panic attack at this point because if he passes the test then I would have wasted a whole lot of energy over this...... Looks like we'll be crossing that road to be continued.
WORKOUT-1 hr Hatha Yoga with Ateeka
BREAKFAST-Green Smoothie ( 3 cups spinach, 1 cup almond milk, stevia, 1 Tb peanut butter, 1 frozen banana ) SNACK #1-2 Hawaiian Cone Sushi "Inari" ( seasoned rice, marinated tofu pockets, sesame seeds, carrots, shoyu, ginger ) SNACK #2-Simple Buschetta ( EVOO, shaved Pecorino Romano, sea salt, cracked pepper organic balsamic PS-9/11
Even in my over stressed crazy life I couldn't help but notice of course that it was once again September 11th ......
I looked back now and I seriously wonder where the time has gone....Could it really be 8 yrs since that awful morning? It still seems like it was just yesterday and unfortunately I think that most people will agree with me on that.
So, Where were you??
Who were you with??
What were you doing??
I was on Maui of course......I was in a very little rented one bedroom apartment in Napili. I was living with my boyfriend (soon to be husband) and we had just spent every dime we had the night before ( yes....I'm NOT joking....great timing) on a down payment for our first house......
The Twin Towers in NYC had already collapsed by the time we heard about it. It was only about 2 or 3 in the morning out here in Hawaii when the Terror Attacks had occurred. Our dear friend from Boston called us at 5 am to tell us to turn on the TV. It turned out later that he had lost 2 friends on the hijacked airliners that morning.
All I remember is that it was still very dark. My eyes were blurry and I was trying to make out what I was witnessing on the TV. I remember just seeing dust, papers flying and people running......
Instead of trying to figure out the television I remember running back into the bedroom and calling my father in Arizona. I remember saying, "Dad, what's going on??" And his only response was, "We just went to war......"
I ended up saving the newspaper the next day as well as "Time Magazine" from that week....I have them locked away in a trunk with all the other huge events that has occurred in my life time.
September 11th just makes me so sad......I think about all the people who died in Washington DC, Pennsylvania and NYC that morning. I think about those very brave people on the airplanes that knew they were going to die and I think about all the people that loved them that were left behind in this very changed world......
So much has happened since 9/11/2001......and I have no desire to go into that right now. Some of the things we did as a country after those events I agree with and somethings I very much disagree with......But, right now none of that matters.....I just hope that someday we can all just learn to co-exist on this very small sphere we all call home.
Lot's of American Flags flying across the 50th state today....Aloha my friends

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