Saturday, September 5, 2009

One of those days.....

It's Saturday morning and guess where I am.? Work ( of course....) . Apparently it's a holiday weekend? I guess I never got the memo....

As I was blow drying my hair this morning ( in the bedroom because Carlos was busy shaving in the bathroom )I noticed something in the mirror as the sunlight filtered in..... Gray hair. This was not the first time of course.....I remember finding my first gray hair on my 27 th birthday while I was on vacation. It was the day after a traumatic flight to the southern hemisphere so I figured that that was the cause of it. However, this morning was different.....I have many, many grays now. I use to just find a few wiry looking whites popping out of my crown every now and then. But now, they are surfacing in my "bangs" and along the sides of my head and I'm devastated..... I actually just sat there staring into the mirrored closet with tears welling up in my eyes......How is this possible? Both of my parents are almost 70 yrs old, they don't color their hair and you still cannot call either one of them "gray"? What is going on? I always thought that the correlation between gray hair and stress for an "old wives tale" Could it be true?

Anyway, sorry to sound so superficial......I understand gray hair is a natural part of the aging process but still......Is anyone else out their getting premature gray or am I just lucky like always?

So, after a silly emotional morning and extremely sllllooooooowwww day at work I came home and took a nap. I NEVER DO THIS??? But, I was so tired all day long ( from the slowness maybe? ) Carlos was home when I got there ( watching Alabama football ) and I just couldn't keep my eyes open ( no offense to the Crimson Tide of course ) so instead of going to the gym for a mini run like I had planned I just crashed instead. So not like me.......

Then, thanks to my laziness, the last thing I wanted to do was go grocery shopping so I could make dinner ( since we have nothing to eat in the house ) so once again we went out.

This is getting ridiculous......I've been avoiding a big shopping trip in order to force ourselves to eat what's left in the pantry but instead we've been going out and spending way to much money. The sad thing is this....the amount of money we have spent between the 2 of us on dinner the last 3 nights would have equalled the amount of a large Costco trip instead.....really really dumb!

Now, I love Mala's ( where we went on Sept 4th ) But we were more that disappointed with the choice we made last night! First of all, I've had an issue with this place before. Last time one of the bartenders was EXTREMELY rude and I vowed to never go back again. However, we were really hungry and it is seriously just up the street from the house. It's a micro brewery and Carlos really likes their beer so we decided to give it another go.....big mistake.

It's called Maui Brewing Co. and it is located in Kahana. First of all, the waitress seriously had the brain the size of a walnut. She didn't write ANYTHING down ( always makes me nervous ) and kept forgetting everything we had asked for! She even failed to notice that the kitchen forgot the Buffalo sauce on Carlos' Buffalo Wings? Even I noticed that and I don't eat meat!

I ordered Nachos. I've had their Nachos before and they were pretty yummy with tons of Black Beans, Salsa, Jalapenos and just a little melted cheese. However this time, mine came out with chicken on them! I freaked because I already took a few bites before I even realized it! Of course I then asked for another order and I had to wait about 20 minutes to get this. In the mean time Carlos was letting his pasta get cold because he was "waiting for me" but I told him to go ahead and eat! The Nachos finally came but this time they tasted like they had been microwaved! The chips were tough and chewy!! And the cheese was hardly melted! I flagged the girl down again and told her I couldn't eat this either! She then brought me back the menu and I ended up just ordering an appetizer of Pizza Bread with marinara dipping sauce. Another 20 minutes passed and my over cooked "sticks" came out with a very cold sauce. Ick! Screw it! I'm hungry and now "drunk" from 2 glasses of wine.

This is what bothered me the most......the manager even came out to apologize which was nice but when we got the bill the only thing that was taken off the total was the nachos....I don't know, I've never worked in a restaurant but wouldn't it have been appropriate for them to take care of the Pizza Bread too or one of my glasses of wine??? Carlos and I are actually way more irritated with our selves to be honest. I mean the total bill was $70 withOUT tip! YUCK!!

Anyway, I am seriously the LAST person to complain about a restaurant but Maui Brewing Co was just ridiculous......the staff is surly, the air conditioning is always way too cold and the food just down right sucks......

Looks like I need to get myself to the store once and for all.......................

BTW-It was just "ones of those days I guess..." I'm pressing delete on it and starting over Sunday:-)




LUNCH-Foodland Veggie Sushi ( rice, avocado, cucumber, shoyu, wasabi and ginger ) Green Tea Soy Milk ( I didn't really care for was a little too soy beanie tasting.....)

DINNER-see above....blah!

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