Sunday, September 6, 2009

Oh, but of course!

Let's see.... Tired? check. Headache? check. Achy? check. Am I leaving to go on vacation soon? Check!!! Seriously, my body simply amazes me sometimes.......Now I'm understanding why I was so tired yesterday......looks like I'm coming down with something which ALWAYS happens right before I need to do something important!....I CAN'T GET SICK NOW!!....Better not be that friggin Pig FLU! Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!

WORKOUT-pass- however it was rainy ( and 90 degrees out! yuck! ) so I scrubbed the entire house and color coordinated my closet again. No, I don't have OCD.....I just like things neat and tidy.
BREAKFAST-Green Smoothie ( spinach, frozen banana, almond milk, stevia, 1 Tb peanut butter )
LUNCH-Herb Pasta with Feta ( herbs from the garden-oregano, basil, Italian parsley, chives, lemon juice ( lots! ) lemon zest, sheep's feta, pepper, salt, evoo, hot red pepper flakes )
DINNER-"Asian Burritos" recipe 8/16/09 ( rice paper rounds, mixed local organic greens, organic firm tofu, cilantro, carrots, sesame seeds ) mix of honey and shoyu for dipping


  1. yummmm how much of the pasta do you usually have?

  2. I had about 2/3 of that dish....Pasta fills me up quick! Maybe a cup and a half??