Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So sorry.... too crazy today to post....I'm leaving for the airport in 4 hours but I have yet to go to bed! So, maybe I should get on that but I'm still looking at Carlos' wardrobe spewed across the office room instead of in a suitcase. ( He's been busy eating Chicken Katsu Plate Lunch of course.....)
We'll be in transit to the Southern Hemi ALL DAY tomorrow including a 5 hour layover at the Honolulu airport ( lovely )
Anyway, I'm not sure when I'll be posting next but hopefully it will be this weekend in Bondi Beach where it is very early Spring. Hang tight and much aloha from Maui!


  1. Amanda! I hope you relax and enjoy the ride. The end result is always worth it. Reading your post makes me smile; last minute is just insane. Why do we do this to ourselves. Me, I'm so happy (being a F/A), that I am home doing Fall projects, and enjoying the last of fresh tomatoes, (making a big batch of tomato sauce today) and corn (corn chowder!)..but loving hearing about your travel! Buona fortuna!!!

  2. have an amazing time! talk when you return home xoxo!

  3. Thanks for your comments :-) xo!