Tuesday, September 1, 2009

More Exotic Fruits

I found a Star Fruit Tree in Kahana ( Location? It's a secret..... ). I love Star Fruit. They are pretty, lightly sweet and very mild. Cut then into thin slices and they resemble a star ( that's where the name came from obviously)
Once picked the light green fruit will turn a pale yellow and form a few brown spots. The more spots the less attractive they become however like most fruit this is when they are the sweetest. :-)
Pic: Star Fruit and Lilikoi ( Passion Fruit ) both picked from the wild here on Maui.If you haven't already noticed I've been taking a little break from the gym and finding alternative ways to workout/entertain myself these days....I go through gym "funks" often ( who doesn't ) because I have a massive aversion to being inside when it's nice out! Luckily I have the ocean, mountains and yoga to replace it with. Lately I've been focusing a lot on surfing and yoga. One of my favorite DVDs is "Yoga with Ateeka" which was filmed right here on Maui. It's about 1 hour of Hatha yoga and right now it beats a $15 class. Busy morning today running errands, doing laundry and squeezing yoga in. Now I get to go to work and do the monthly reports for August ( blah!! ) Oh well, at least it's "my" Friday. But, can I even call it that if I work until 10:30 tonight.....( off tomorrow but Carlos works 12 hrs ) and I'm back to work at 9 am Thursday??? I think not.......16 more days until freedom.......breath.......

WORKOUT-1 hour Hatha yoga with Ateeka


BREAKFAST-simple shake ( frozen blueberries, almond milk and 1 scoop"Green Super Food" )

LUNCH-Inspired to make my "Indian Dim Sum" ( recipe on my 5/24/09 post ) with shoyu dipping sauce after reading Melissa's "Pastries and Bacon" blog post from yesterday! Hers looked fabulous! I also made a simple side salad with seasoned vinegar, sesame seeds and dulse. I love dulse! Dulse is a seaweed and it is a wonderful natural source of iodine ( which helps regulate the thyroid! ) It has a great smoky salty flavor! Give it a try on salads! It's awesome!

SNACK-Here I go again.....I'm totally addicted but for $5.71 for 5 oz these are NOT in my budget! Anyway, mid afternoon snack-Small "Coldstone Creamery" Raspberry sorbet with chocolate chips mixed in.

DINNER-Quinoa Salad left over from yesterday...yum! ( quinoa, sheep's feta, mint from the garden and golden raisins )

One more thing I would like to mention.......

I've been pulling out my "Okinawan Diet" Books lately and started reading them again. As much as I love the idea of eating a high raw vegan diet I'll be the first to admit it is very hard to stick too. For me it's not because I can't fill myself up with fruits and veggies...... it's because these days it's just too frigging expensive for me to follow this sort of diet properly.

Fruits and veggies on Maui cost a FORTUNE and since I'm such a "foodie" I love making more elaborate raw vegan dishes. This of course takes a heavy toll on my dwindling paycheck these days. I live in a world where red Bell peppers are $7 a pound and Raw Almond Butter is $23 for 16 oz ......crazy!

Anyway, back to my point.....The Okinawan Diet rocks. Okinawa is in a beautiful subtropical island chain in the western pacific south of Japan ( also know as the Ryukyu islands ) and it is home to more centenarians per capita than any place else in the world! Not only does Okinawa have a lot of 100 yr olds running around but Okinawa is also known for having an abundance of VERY active and healthy elders well beyond 80 and 90! So, what is their secret?? Well, it looks like it's a combination of diet, exercise and a low stress lifestyle.

Okinawans consume a diet very high in vegetables, miso, tofu, spices, green tea, sweet potatoes, rice and soba noodles. They consume little to no dairy, fish and pork and these 3 foods make up about 1% of their diet. Lucky for me this is a very easy way to eat and to make it even more enticing, it is relatively inexpensive.

Anyway, if anyone is interested in this healthy diet, check out this website HERE or look into the books written by the Willcox brothers, two doctors who have researching the Okinawan Lifestyle for many many years. "The Okinawa Program" and "The Okinawa Diet Plan".


  1. Cheers, Mandy! Thanks for inspiring me to make those potstickers! Now I'm going to have to try them with a mix of side salad and asian burrito :-)

  2. Nice posting. Do you know about these yoga books?


  3. Thank you so much:-) I will check them out!

  4. Do you find that "Yoga With Ateeka" helps tone and strengthen much?

  5. Totally:-) I've been using that DVD for 5 yrs. I use to take her class here on Maui like 10 yrs ago but she travels A LOT now. She's super easy to follow:-)Easy for the newbie but challenging enough for a more advanced yogi...