Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day?

Labor Day....huh what's that?? I had to work today.....while sick....for regular pay.
However, I did take the day off in other ways....So, I would like to apologize but I did not take any pics of my food today and I did not workout. However, I did eat out at local food establishments.....twice. I had cheese, sour cream and wine. I went and had a 1 hour massage that I could not afford and I was on "Facebook" for God knows how many hours?
Now, I'm going to watch "Gossip Girl" and hang out with my cat until the Argentine gets home from work. Do I feel the least bit guilty about any of this?? No! And neither should you because I don't judge.
So, in the spirit of holiday weekends.....if you can't really have one just make it up as you go........Aloha my friends and see you tomorrow xo xo

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