Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bondi Beach, Australia

So sorry for the long delay!! I'm in Bondi Beach and I just now got myself to a computer. However, I'm terribly unorganized at the moment and I'm not ready just yet for a proper post. I'll be moving locations again tomorrow ( to a nice big house in Palm Beach ) and I should be able to get my wits about me soon ( and officially unpack) So, stay tuned because I have lots to say and pics to post! To be contin...... xoxo A

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So sorry.... too crazy today to post....I'm leaving for the airport in 4 hours but I have yet to go to bed! So, maybe I should get on that but I'm still looking at Carlos' wardrobe spewed across the office room instead of in a suitcase. ( He's been busy eating Chicken Katsu Plate Lunch of course.....)
We'll be in transit to the Southern Hemi ALL DAY tomorrow including a 5 hour layover at the Honolulu airport ( lovely )
Anyway, I'm not sure when I'll be posting next but hopefully it will be this weekend in Bondi Beach where it is very early Spring. Hang tight and much aloha from Maui!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Can somebody get this chick a drink?

Well, it looks like someone out there is looking out for my sanity! Carlos finally passed his stupid drivers test!!! And down to the last minute ( typical ). As I mentioned before he was supposed to have been done with this yesterday. However, this my world I'm talking about so of course something had to go wrong.......

We showed up VERY early to the Lahaina Branch DMV Monday to make sure that he had plenty of time. They checked my drivers license, car insurance and registration since he was in fact using my older Honda. Then off he went with the test administrator while I walked to FOODLAND to go kill 25 minutes and try and calm myself......

10 minutes later, the boy is calling me to come get him??! ....aApparently one of my brake lights is out! WTF!! Are you kidding me!! I've had that car since 2003 and I've never had one issue with it. VERY lucky for us they were able to squeeze him in today. Yes, he got the last appointment available! Talk about cutting it close!!!!

So, we repeated the routine again today.....however, this time I handed him the keys to the new Audi and by 3 pm Carlos became licensed driver ( good lord.....). SO! No left hand manual driving for me in New Zealand!!! I swear, sometimes I wonder if he does this stuff just to test my nerves.......strangely, I'm NOT amused.......

So, now that Carlos has his drivers license and I've completed a marathon stretch of 5 straight weeks of work I can finally exhale right? Ummmmm, have I mentioned how I feel about airplanes ??? ( see 9/4/09 post ) Ya, I get to go do that



LUNCH-um...."Subway" was pretty good actually. I ate it while I waited for Carlos to finish his test. I ate about 8" of the foot long "Veggie Delite" ( Whole Wheat bread, pepper jack cheese, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, jalapenos, oil/vinegar and salt/pepper )

SNACK-The rest of the "Purely Decadent"" non dairy dessert/handful of cashews

DINNER ( This was late, after work to celebrate my last shift before OZ ) Spinach and Feta Quesadilla with super hot salsa at "Lahaina Coolers". 1 Glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

SIDE NOT: I'm having PC issue posting pics again??? All I could do was post the beach pic? I will try again later because I do have food pics:-)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Almost Pau I know one of the biggest themes behind this blog is food. However, I barely ate anything today so I don't have much to write about. I'm not sick, but I was just so busy running around taking care of stuff before I had to go to work that I simply forgot to eat. Strange Huh?! ( Although, I did notice from my car's window that Maui was insanely beautiful today!! Bummer......Seriously I was too busy to even surf! ) So, I was on my way to work this afternoon when I remembered that I had forgot to stop at the vets to get Taj his $25 bag of grub.... so I quickly made a detour. Right next to the Lahaina Veterinary Clinic is a "Subway"...... so I figured, "What the hell....." I ordered a 6" Veggie Delite ( whole wheat bread, spinach, tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, cucumbers, oil/vinegar and salt/pepper. ) Hey, for $3.50, I'm soooooo not complaining and considering that the only thing I have left in the fridge is water, wine, beer ( ewww beer.... not mine ) and some random condiments so "Subway" will have to do.......Yes, the refrigerator is already in vacation mode ( ummm it's empty ).....just 2 MORE DAYS ( finally........)

WORKOUT-rest day


Green Tropical Tea and Honey from "Hawaiian Village" coffee shop in Kahana

"Subway" Veggie Delight Sandwich 6"

Cashews - handful

"Purely Decadent" non dairy and no gluten Cookie Dough, "ice cream"

1 glass of "Terra Brisas" Argentine Merlot

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Surf

Aloha, I spent my morning surfing just like I had hoped! Instead of battling the aggro crowd for the north swell at Honolua Bay, I decided to see if any of the south swell was still in town. So, I headed down to Kaanapali Point and found perfect shoulder high sets coming in in front of the Marriott:-) The water at Kaanapali Point is ALWAYS super clear and today it was exceptionally warm. However, the best part was the fact that there were only 4 other surfers out! Score!

I think I may have been overdoing soy products the last few days.....I had a bit of a belly ache after lunch and dessert. Tofu, is heavily processed and as much as I like it, if I have too much of it tends to bother me. I know many people also have this same reaction when they eat soy products and some completely avoid it. However, I usually don't enjoy this much of it at one time so I don't plan on banishing it just yet :-)

WORKOUT-surfing 2+ hours-Board: 6'4" Fish ( fading south swell, clean 3-4")


BREAKFAST-not hungry before surf

LUNCH-store bought pot stickers ( not my usual homemade ones ) They were a decent sub but I still like mine better.....( Tofu and Shittaki ) DESSERT-"Purely Decadent" non dairy frozen dessertDINNER-Bruschetta from "Ono Gelato" ( Sour Dough, Feta, Basil, Tomatoes, Onion ) sorry no pics...I forgot my camera at home. However, this was super yummy and it was only $3.26!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Honolua Bay

I woke up this morning to the sight of waves breaking all over the island!! We had a typical summer south swell going on and another out of season north swell!
I of course, was unable to get into the water this morning :-( I spent my whole Saturday working ( what's new? ) and by the time I was off it was raining up at Honolua.....Honolua Bay is one of Maui's most famous breaks ( the other one being Peahi or "Jaws" of course)
Honolua is a gorgeous headland flanked by pineapple fields. It faces North West and looks across the channel to Molokai. To surf Honolua, you first have to navigate down a very steep and very muddy cliff. When it's raining I do my very best to avoid surfing there since it can be super slippery! Unfortunalty, I have already been down the cliff and in the ocean when the rain has started. However, this was not the case today:-)
When I pulled up to "The Bay" I noticed my other car already there.....looks like Carlos got off work early. I spotted him on my 7'8" "Valley Isle" board on a nice head high set.
The "Coconut Wireless" was cranking all day too......Apparently, there was something else in the water at Honolua Bay this morning..... a 12' and a 15' Tiger Shark .......But I guess nobody was worried about them because I witnessed about 25 surfers out there anyway.....Yes, we are a strange breed ( surfers ) aren't we? I guess not everyone out there enjoys entering the food chain on a daily basis as much as we do........
WORKOUT-1 Hour Hatha Yoga ( instead of my planned surf )
BREAKFAST-Green Smoothie ( 3 cups fresh spinach, 1 cup almond milk, 1 Tb peanut butter, stevia, 1 frozen banana )
LUNCH-"Amy's Organic"-"Santa Fe Bowl" ( rice, tofu, beans, veggies, corn tortillas )
DINNER-"Healthy Vegan Fried Rice" ( Jasmine rice, tofu, broccoli, carrots, zucchini, peas, shoyu, onions, Macadamia nut oil, cilantro, sesame seeds and Shirachi)

Friday, September 11, 2009


Very busy and very little appetite today...I think it took me about 4 hours to finally finish my green smoothie this morning! Lunch? What lunch.....more like a quick snack.
I'm dealing with some ridiculous pressure right now from 1) my job ...don't get me started and 2) my lovely boyfriend who has waited until the last possible minute to renew his drivers license. Carlos not only has to take the written but he also has to take the "actual" drivers test! His appointment is Monday.....if he fails then he can't take it again for 2 more weeks! However by then, we'll be in the Southern Hemisphere...
You see, I can't drive a stick shift and the camper van we have waiting for us in New Zealand is a manual drive of course. This could get really interesting since if you didn't know already, the Kiwis also drive on the left.......
So, I'm trying REALLY hard not to have an actual panic attack at this point because if he passes the test then I would have wasted a whole lot of energy over this...... Looks like we'll be crossing that road to be continued.
WORKOUT-1 hr Hatha Yoga with Ateeka
BREAKFAST-Green Smoothie ( 3 cups spinach, 1 cup almond milk, stevia, 1 Tb peanut butter, 1 frozen banana ) SNACK #1-2 Hawaiian Cone Sushi "Inari" ( seasoned rice, marinated tofu pockets, sesame seeds, carrots, shoyu, ginger ) SNACK #2-Simple Buschetta ( EVOO, shaved Pecorino Romano, sea salt, cracked pepper organic balsamic PS-9/11
Even in my over stressed crazy life I couldn't help but notice of course that it was once again September 11th ......
I looked back now and I seriously wonder where the time has gone....Could it really be 8 yrs since that awful morning? It still seems like it was just yesterday and unfortunately I think that most people will agree with me on that.
So, Where were you??
Who were you with??
What were you doing??
I was on Maui of course......I was in a very little rented one bedroom apartment in Napili. I was living with my boyfriend (soon to be husband) and we had just spent every dime we had the night before ( yes....I'm NOT joking....great timing) on a down payment for our first house......
The Twin Towers in NYC had already collapsed by the time we heard about it. It was only about 2 or 3 in the morning out here in Hawaii when the Terror Attacks had occurred. Our dear friend from Boston called us at 5 am to tell us to turn on the TV. It turned out later that he had lost 2 friends on the hijacked airliners that morning.
All I remember is that it was still very dark. My eyes were blurry and I was trying to make out what I was witnessing on the TV. I remember just seeing dust, papers flying and people running......
Instead of trying to figure out the television I remember running back into the bedroom and calling my father in Arizona. I remember saying, "Dad, what's going on??" And his only response was, "We just went to war......"
I ended up saving the newspaper the next day as well as "Time Magazine" from that week....I have them locked away in a trunk with all the other huge events that has occurred in my life time.
September 11th just makes me so sad......I think about all the people who died in Washington DC, Pennsylvania and NYC that morning. I think about those very brave people on the airplanes that knew they were going to die and I think about all the people that loved them that were left behind in this very changed world......
So much has happened since 9/11/2001......and I have no desire to go into that right now. Some of the things we did as a country after those events I agree with and somethings I very much disagree with......But, right now none of that matters.....I just hope that someday we can all just learn to co-exist on this very small sphere we all call home.
Lot's of American Flags flying across the 50th state today....Aloha my friends

Thursday, September 10, 2009

More Ono Grinds!

I's almost becoming a game for me these days to try and see how creative I can get in the kitchen with just the few staples I have left in the pantry and fridge......
I hit a major home run last night with my healthier version of the "Fried Rice" we love to get from "Bamboo Bar and Grill" in Lahaina. ( I'll try and get my act together soon and post the recipe for you ) Carlos and I finished off the remaining goodness today!
Tonight, it was dinner for just me again.....I had a lot of the same ingredients left over from the "Fried Rice" dish so I decided to try and come up with something totally different this evening. Anyway, I think I nailed it again..... but this time with a healthy vegan version of the classic soft taco:-)

WORKOUT-1 hour Hatha Yoga with Ateeka and 6 hours of re hanging my Art Gallery ( using a 4 foot step latter ) wearing these...... ( OMG! NOT easy!)


BREAKFAST-Green Smoothie ( 4 cups of spinach! 1 cup of almond milk, stevia, 1 Tb peanut butter, 1 frozen banana )LUNCH-"Healthy Vegan Fried Rice" left overs from 9/9/09 :-) DINNER- 2 Vegan Soft Tacos ( locally made corn tortillas, organic pinto beans, Kapalua cilantro, Maui onions, Anaheim chili from my garden, organic corn, Tahitian lime, organic Kula zucchini and SHIRACHI! )

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Board Stories

Quick! Must go outside and have fun! Hurry!! I worked until 10:30 pm last night...I had today off and then I'll be back at work by 9am tomorrow....This blows ( deja vu?? )

Thankfully, the trade winds were light this morning so I grabbed my 7'8" ( lazy board ) and raced down to Launiupoko Beach Park for a surf! Surf Report: 1' to 3' background swell "in town". Whatever... at this point, I could give a rat's ass because I'm getting in the ocean....period!

So, here's the deal....Launuipoko cracks me up, especially on mellow flat days like today. Launuipoko seems to get a heavy mix of 'ol time locals and "Fresh of the Jet" tourists from Cali with their rented 10 foot soft tops and "booties" . It's freaking great! Seriously, I could write a book on some of the "exchanges" I have heard out there in the line up. Hahaaaaaa!!

It was beautiful today, the water was very warm and we actually had a few nice waist high sets rolling in. I was sitting at the "peak" with about 15 other people ( fun mix of Japanese and US Mainland vacationers and some serious local flavor ) Great Great entertainment as usual!

A lot of times I feel thankful that I've been here on Maui and in the line up as long as I have....Trust me, in Hawaii, girls don't get a "hall pass" we have to earn our spot out here just like the boys do. However, once you do.... you are golden.

Apparently, people are scared to come out to Hawaii and surf ? I mean, not only are our waves the biggest and baddest in the world good but so are the surfers. I would be lying if I said this was not true. However, with respect comes respect and over time time a lot of these hardcore guys are actually pretty great. Honestly, what I witnessed in the water today was actually just harmless "teasing" and luckily the "victims" were pretty good sports about it ( by the way....that goes REALLY far out here )

Anyway, In spite of it all, it's nice to finally be on the "other side" after all these years surfing in Hawaii.....(Even if the main "heckler" today kept calling me Paula!?? LOL! ) Look whose embarrassed now ......Aloha my friends......

WORKOUT-Surfing 2 hrs


BREAKFAST-Green Smoothie ( spinach, almond milk, stevia, banana, peanut butter )LUNCH-"Orowheat Sandwich Thin" with feta and Maui honey-grilledSNACK-Low Fat "Wheat Thins"DINNER-Healthy Vegan Fried Rice ( Ono Grinds!!! Yummy! ) cooked Jasmine rice sauteed with garlic, onions, shoyu, Macadamia Nut oil, carrots, broccoli, zucchini, peas, organic extra firm tofu, sesame seeds, cilantro and SHIRACHI!!! )

"Monkey Bay" Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Green Smoothies contin...

Starting to feel a bit better today...slightly sore throat and cough is clearing ( I'm thinking the wine and spa appointment yesterday helped? No? )

Again, I've been trying my hardest to keep my grocery shopping to a minimum by using up some staples in the house. However, I did make a small stop at the Farmer's Market in Honokowai replenish some Green Smoothie ingredients and salad basics......

I wanted to make a small note about something regarding the green smoothies I drink in the morning.....I have been adding the green powder "Amazing Grass" to my morning smoothies ever since my "Amazing Meal" ( by the same company ) supplement ran out. Unfortunately, "Amazing Grass" does not seem to be agreeing with my stomach??..... and shipping a 2 lb container of "Amazing Meal" to Hawaii is super $$$ so , I've decided to pass on reordering any right now.



BREAFAST-Chai Tea with Stevia, Foodland brand Cinnamon Raisin Bagel ( BTW-Foodland makes killer bagels! ) with whipped cream cheese.

LUNCH-Green Smoothie ( really really yummy today! ) 2 cups of spinach, 1 cup almond milk, one large frozen banana, 1 Tb peanut butter, stevia )

DINNER-Salad ( extra firm organic tofu, carrots, mixed organic local greens, sesame seeds, cilantro, cashews ) Dressing ( rice wine vinegar, shoyu, sesame oil, lime juice, local honey ) Pau Hana-1.5 glasses of "Monkey Bay" Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day?

Labor Day....huh what's that?? I had to work today.....while sick....for regular pay.
However, I did take the day off in other ways....So, I would like to apologize but I did not take any pics of my food today and I did not workout. However, I did eat out at local food establishments.....twice. I had cheese, sour cream and wine. I went and had a 1 hour massage that I could not afford and I was on "Facebook" for God knows how many hours?
Now, I'm going to watch "Gossip Girl" and hang out with my cat until the Argentine gets home from work. Do I feel the least bit guilty about any of this?? No! And neither should you because I don't judge.
So, in the spirit of holiday weekends.....if you can't really have one just make it up as you go........Aloha my friends and see you tomorrow xo xo

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Oh, but of course!

Let's see.... Tired? check. Headache? check. Achy? check. Am I leaving to go on vacation soon? Check!!! Seriously, my body simply amazes me sometimes.......Now I'm understanding why I was so tired yesterday......looks like I'm coming down with something which ALWAYS happens right before I need to do something important!....I CAN'T GET SICK NOW!!....Better not be that friggin Pig FLU! Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!

WORKOUT-pass- however it was rainy ( and 90 degrees out! yuck! ) so I scrubbed the entire house and color coordinated my closet again. No, I don't have OCD.....I just like things neat and tidy.
BREAKFAST-Green Smoothie ( spinach, frozen banana, almond milk, stevia, 1 Tb peanut butter )
LUNCH-Herb Pasta with Feta ( herbs from the garden-oregano, basil, Italian parsley, chives, lemon juice ( lots! ) lemon zest, sheep's feta, pepper, salt, evoo, hot red pepper flakes )
DINNER-"Asian Burritos" recipe 8/16/09 ( rice paper rounds, mixed local organic greens, organic firm tofu, cilantro, carrots, sesame seeds ) mix of honey and shoyu for dipping

Saturday, September 5, 2009

One of those days.....

It's Saturday morning and guess where I am.? Work ( of course....) . Apparently it's a holiday weekend? I guess I never got the memo....

As I was blow drying my hair this morning ( in the bedroom because Carlos was busy shaving in the bathroom )I noticed something in the mirror as the sunlight filtered in..... Gray hair. This was not the first time of course.....I remember finding my first gray hair on my 27 th birthday while I was on vacation. It was the day after a traumatic flight to the southern hemisphere so I figured that that was the cause of it. However, this morning was different.....I have many, many grays now. I use to just find a few wiry looking whites popping out of my crown every now and then. But now, they are surfacing in my "bangs" and along the sides of my head and I'm devastated..... I actually just sat there staring into the mirrored closet with tears welling up in my eyes......How is this possible? Both of my parents are almost 70 yrs old, they don't color their hair and you still cannot call either one of them "gray"? What is going on? I always thought that the correlation between gray hair and stress for an "old wives tale" Could it be true?

Anyway, sorry to sound so superficial......I understand gray hair is a natural part of the aging process but still......Is anyone else out their getting premature gray or am I just lucky like always?

So, after a silly emotional morning and extremely sllllooooooowwww day at work I came home and took a nap. I NEVER DO THIS??? But, I was so tired all day long ( from the slowness maybe? ) Carlos was home when I got there ( watching Alabama football ) and I just couldn't keep my eyes open ( no offense to the Crimson Tide of course ) so instead of going to the gym for a mini run like I had planned I just crashed instead. So not like me.......

Then, thanks to my laziness, the last thing I wanted to do was go grocery shopping so I could make dinner ( since we have nothing to eat in the house ) so once again we went out.

This is getting ridiculous......I've been avoiding a big shopping trip in order to force ourselves to eat what's left in the pantry but instead we've been going out and spending way to much money. The sad thing is this....the amount of money we have spent between the 2 of us on dinner the last 3 nights would have equalled the amount of a large Costco trip instead.....really really dumb!

Now, I love Mala's ( where we went on Sept 4th ) But we were more that disappointed with the choice we made last night! First of all, I've had an issue with this place before. Last time one of the bartenders was EXTREMELY rude and I vowed to never go back again. However, we were really hungry and it is seriously just up the street from the house. It's a micro brewery and Carlos really likes their beer so we decided to give it another go.....big mistake.

It's called Maui Brewing Co. and it is located in Kahana. First of all, the waitress seriously had the brain the size of a walnut. She didn't write ANYTHING down ( always makes me nervous ) and kept forgetting everything we had asked for! She even failed to notice that the kitchen forgot the Buffalo sauce on Carlos' Buffalo Wings? Even I noticed that and I don't eat meat!

I ordered Nachos. I've had their Nachos before and they were pretty yummy with tons of Black Beans, Salsa, Jalapenos and just a little melted cheese. However this time, mine came out with chicken on them! I freaked because I already took a few bites before I even realized it! Of course I then asked for another order and I had to wait about 20 minutes to get this. In the mean time Carlos was letting his pasta get cold because he was "waiting for me" but I told him to go ahead and eat! The Nachos finally came but this time they tasted like they had been microwaved! The chips were tough and chewy!! And the cheese was hardly melted! I flagged the girl down again and told her I couldn't eat this either! She then brought me back the menu and I ended up just ordering an appetizer of Pizza Bread with marinara dipping sauce. Another 20 minutes passed and my over cooked "sticks" came out with a very cold sauce. Ick! Screw it! I'm hungry and now "drunk" from 2 glasses of wine.

This is what bothered me the most......the manager even came out to apologize which was nice but when we got the bill the only thing that was taken off the total was the nachos....I don't know, I've never worked in a restaurant but wouldn't it have been appropriate for them to take care of the Pizza Bread too or one of my glasses of wine??? Carlos and I are actually way more irritated with our selves to be honest. I mean the total bill was $70 withOUT tip! YUCK!!

Anyway, I am seriously the LAST person to complain about a restaurant but Maui Brewing Co was just ridiculous......the staff is surly, the air conditioning is always way too cold and the food just down right sucks......

Looks like I need to get myself to the store once and for all.......................

BTW-It was just "ones of those days I guess..." I'm pressing delete on it and starting over Sunday:-)




LUNCH-Foodland Veggie Sushi ( rice, avocado, cucumber, shoyu, wasabi and ginger ) Green Tea Soy Milk ( I didn't really care for was a little too soy beanie tasting.....)

DINNER-see above....blah!

Friday, September 4, 2009

"Surely you can't be serious!?"

Okay, so I have been more than open about how stressful my little world seems to be these days. I've also mentioned ( several times ) that I'm going on vacation in less than 2 weeks now and hopefully I can forget some of life's pressures for a little bit. However, this brings me to the point of this post. Phobias.......

We all have them, I totally get this. I have several and some are pretty strange ( like small floating dead fish..... ) or vertical blinds, 80's style and skinny jeans. (I'm sorry but they all hurt my eyes). Of course there is my massive fear over yellow mustard which came about after eating a whole jar of it when I was 3 ( I'm sure you can imagine what came next ) Which would lead me to my second biggest fear in the world ( emetophobia )....vomiting ( sorry, I know this is a food blog ) but let me tell you this, I have not experienced this act in over 30 years now and yes, I have more than beat Jerry Seinfeld's 17 yr run.

Anyway, my number one fear is this.......FLYING

YES, as in AIRPLANES and YES... I live on the most remote island chain in the world...... Don't even ask because there are many more things about me that make absolutely no sense either.

I'm not really sure how this fear came about? I use to fly A LOT between my mother's Bay Area home and my dad's LA beach house at a very young age ( anyone remember PSA?? I do..... crashing into San Luis Obispo of course).

Anyway, my mother was a flight attendant for 12 years ( Western Airlines, now Delta ) and actually met my father on an airplane while my dad was touring with his famous band back in the 70s. On top of this, my father is actually a private pilot because he loves flying THAT much! In fact he's so crazy about it he even did aerobatic flying for awhile before my stepmother thankfully put a stop to this craziness! You can now find my dad on a dusty runway in the middle of the Sonoran Desert with his remote control glider (whew....)

Anyway, If you look at a map you will see that Australia is still about 5,000 miles away from Maui. Although I have thought of alternative methods of crossing the equator ( and Pacific Ocean ) I can't take 3 months off ( for the long paddle ) so I have to depend on Hawaiian Airlines to get me there once again ( my deepest apologizes to all the Hawaiian Air Flight crews I have tortured over the last 15 yrs but I have very few alternatives these days. You can thank Aloha Air for that....... )

Here is the another ironic part about me......I fly ALL the time! And I don't just fly, I frigging cross hemispheres! So, not only do I live on Maui which almost always requires a terrifying "puddle jump" to HNL to get anywhere but, my shortest flight is still 5 hrs ( SFO=MOM). Then, there is PHX ( 7.5 hrs ) to see Dad, sister is in SYD ( 10.5 hrs away ) Carlos' parents are in JAX (12 hrs, yes Australia is closer to Hawaii than Florida ) and of course, the rest of the fam is down in EZE which stands for Buenos Aires International Aiport, 6 layovers and 33 hrs away from OGG ( my home port )

So what does someone who suffers dearly from Aviatophobia who insists on living on an island do? Well, for years I simply relied on alcohol ( I am NOT recommending this at all ). However, trying to stay drunk for 5 plus hours when you are about 100 pounds can lead to my second greatest fear.......So, of course there are things like Beta Blockers, Zanax, Sleeping pills etc. However, they do absolutely nothing to me. In fact, I clearly remember a red eye ( post a strong zanny ) flight from PPT to HNL when I was SERIOUSLY the ONLY one awake on the plane! So, this leaves me with just having to deal with it like a grown up. However, a grown up is HARDLY how I behave on a 737.

On a flight last year Carlos and I missed a connecting flight in ALT from MIA so we got separated ( seat wise ) on the very full LAX bound jet. I was in an absolute PANIC over this. So, I quickly turned to the guy sitting next to me ( I'm crying I must add ) and begged him to switch his seat with Carlos. DUDE!! The guy said NO! So then I grabbed his arm and promised to make the next 6 hours of his life an absolute living hell! You want to know what happened next? The guy sitting on the other side of me jumped up and said, "I'LL SWITCH WITH YOUR BOYFRIEND!" Yes, thank you! Chivalry is still alive and well in the state of Georgia.

So this is where my brave man comes into play.......Carlos is an absolute lifesaver for me on airplanes. He's EXTREMELY patient and actually seems genuinely concerned for my sanity. I can't even tell you how many shirts of his I have destroyed with my makeup, the comfortable aisle seats ( he's 6'2" ) he has sacrificed because I needed him next to me, or the hours he has spent with me gripping his arms, chest or hair as we cross oceans.

Between Sept 17 th and Oct 12 I will have to endure 6 take offs ( the hardest part for me ) before we are back home on Maui. This is all by choice of course. I refuse to be a total "John Madden" about it and miss out on the world because I'm too scared to get on an airplane. After Sept 11, 2001 I didn't leave Maui for 4 yrs which is just crazy. I finally decided that I wanted to go see the Cook Islands and my surf board was not going to get me there so down the OGG concourse I went.

Carlos has flown with me over 20 times in the last 3 yrs and I'm sure there is going to be hundreds of more trans oceanic flights in our future because that's just how we roll...... I just now make sure that Carlos has a couple of drinks to help him with his fear of flying........ with me.......xo xo

Oh PS-The title of this post is from a famous movie....10 pts ( or a lock of Taj's fur ) if you can name the movie and say the next line! LOL!

WORKOUT-1 Hr hatha yoga


BREAKFAST- OMG! I had an Espresso??? Who am I? This is what happens to me sans green smoothies!

LUNCH-"Amy's Organic" Bean and Cheese Burrito ( with left over salsa from yesterday's lunch )Looks pretty "blah" compared to the stuff I make at home! LOL!!! I'm so over this......

DINNER-Mala Ocean Tavern Lahaina with friends!-Goat Cheese and Beet Salad, lavash, marinated olives and 2 glasses of "Fiddlehead" Sauv Blanc from Cali (anyone see "Sideways"?) Oh, and a few bites of some flourless chocolate torte that didn't suck......

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Whoa! Going to bed after 3 am last night kicked my booty today! I'm exhausted!! Carlos is dragging too and he even slept in an hour later than I did. Men have it so easy. He can seriously get out of bed and be ready for work in under 10 min. Hate him......

Sorry, I hope to be back to my normal peppy self tomorrow. These are the types of days that actually make me miss coffee and Excedrin. Anyway, I am currently completely out of produce and fruit. I'm also out of my "Green Monster" ingredients so I just don't feel right..... I need my diet to be centered around raw or cooked veggies to feel like myself and this has not been the case the last few days. I plan to get some much needed grocery shopping done soon......I know I'm pretty lean and light but when I eat too much starch and cheese I just feel "heavy and slow" Blah! No good!......



BREAKFAST-"Orowheat Sandwich Thin" with goat cheese and local honeyLUNCH-1/2 of a burrito from "Cilantro" in Lahaina ( flour tortilla, pinto beans, jack cheese, rice, black beans, salsa and lettuce )

DINNER-With nothing to eat at the house, Carlos and I headed down to our favorite dive bar in Lahaina to meet a friend "Bamboo Bar and Grill". I had 1 Blueberry Stoli Vodka with soda ( I don't do wine at "dive bars" ) and split a vegetarian Fried Rice with my latin luvaa ( rice, broccoli, tofu, carrots, onions, peas, shoyu and shirachi ) YUM!!!

It's 10 pm Hawaiian Standard Time and I am off to bed.....Carlos is snoring on the couch right now as I write......I think I'm going to just leave him there.....aloha:-)

Recap of Sept 2nd

Hi there....Just a quick post with yesterday's food log. I will try and re write what I wrote last night at some point today/tonight ( blah! ). Computers......can't live with them or without them. Personally, I'm not much of a techie. It's actually amazing that I figured out how to upload a picture onto this blog! Anyway, I'm just not a fan of wires, metal and having to have 5 different remote controls to live my life. On top of that I feel that people are losing the ability to be social in person these days.....I honestly fear for the generation that is growing up with the Internet, 300 TV stations, cell phones ( esp text messaging ) and all the other crazy crap that I don't even know about. Whatever happened to picking up a ball, bike or some sort of board to ride and going outside?? Anyway, if I ever have kids....( although that window is rapidly closing ) I will make sure that technology is greatly limited until they can handle it. Anyway, sorry for the random rant. It's my Monday....already. I was up until 3:00 am last night sitting on the couch watching Taj stalk a gecko on the ceiling and Carlos drink an entire 6 pack ( we are easily entertained ).....Needless to say, I'm very tired this morning and all I want to do right now is take off these 4" heels, walk across the street to the beach and crash under a palm tree..... maybe later.

WORKOUT-none. Spent my entire day off running errands and didn't even eat my first bite of food until 4pm!

WEIGHT-106.4 lb.......remember a couple of weeks ago I mentioned I gained about 2-3 lbs during my "No Dairy Challenge"?? Well, looks like that's dissappearing like I expected it would ( once I resumed my normal vegetarian chevre filled diet of course. Funny........)


BREAKFAST-none :-(

LUNCH-6 "Indian Dim Sum" (recipe 5/24) with Shoyu and Seasoned Vinegar

DINNER-One of best guy friends/ old roommate is having some drama and he needed my ear for a couple of hours. We went to "Pineapple Grill" in Kapalua. I wish I had a picture because we shared the yummiest appetizer ever! "Surfing Goat Cheese Sampler"YUMMY! The "Surfing Goat Dairy" is located right here on Maui ( love love love their chevre! ) Anyway, the sampler came with crostini chips and 6 yummy flavors of goat cheese each about 1" in diameter.

FLAVORS-Chive, Horseradish, Cinnamon Apple, Mango, Garden Herb and Sun dried Tomato (all excellent! ) I'll be getting this again!

I also had a Spinach Salad with a sweet pineapple vinaigrette, blanched asparagus, red onions and breaded goat cheese ( of course! ) and 2 glasses of Pomello Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.


So.... after writing a lengthy post last night something happened with my PC and I lost everything I wrote! Sorry :-( I will try again later. Frustrated over here!-Amanda

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

More Exotic Fruits

I found a Star Fruit Tree in Kahana ( Location? It's a secret..... ). I love Star Fruit. They are pretty, lightly sweet and very mild. Cut then into thin slices and they resemble a star ( that's where the name came from obviously)
Once picked the light green fruit will turn a pale yellow and form a few brown spots. The more spots the less attractive they become however like most fruit this is when they are the sweetest. :-)
Pic: Star Fruit and Lilikoi ( Passion Fruit ) both picked from the wild here on Maui.If you haven't already noticed I've been taking a little break from the gym and finding alternative ways to workout/entertain myself these days....I go through gym "funks" often ( who doesn't ) because I have a massive aversion to being inside when it's nice out! Luckily I have the ocean, mountains and yoga to replace it with. Lately I've been focusing a lot on surfing and yoga. One of my favorite DVDs is "Yoga with Ateeka" which was filmed right here on Maui. It's about 1 hour of Hatha yoga and right now it beats a $15 class. Busy morning today running errands, doing laundry and squeezing yoga in. Now I get to go to work and do the monthly reports for August ( blah!! ) Oh well, at least it's "my" Friday. But, can I even call it that if I work until 10:30 tonight.....( off tomorrow but Carlos works 12 hrs ) and I'm back to work at 9 am Thursday??? I think not.......16 more days until freedom.......breath.......

WORKOUT-1 hour Hatha yoga with Ateeka


BREAKFAST-simple shake ( frozen blueberries, almond milk and 1 scoop"Green Super Food" )

LUNCH-Inspired to make my "Indian Dim Sum" ( recipe on my 5/24/09 post ) with shoyu dipping sauce after reading Melissa's "Pastries and Bacon" blog post from yesterday! Hers looked fabulous! I also made a simple side salad with seasoned vinegar, sesame seeds and dulse. I love dulse! Dulse is a seaweed and it is a wonderful natural source of iodine ( which helps regulate the thyroid! ) It has a great smoky salty flavor! Give it a try on salads! It's awesome!

SNACK-Here I go again.....I'm totally addicted but for $5.71 for 5 oz these are NOT in my budget! Anyway, mid afternoon snack-Small "Coldstone Creamery" Raspberry sorbet with chocolate chips mixed in.

DINNER-Quinoa Salad left over from yesterday...yum! ( quinoa, sheep's feta, mint from the garden and golden raisins )

One more thing I would like to mention.......

I've been pulling out my "Okinawan Diet" Books lately and started reading them again. As much as I love the idea of eating a high raw vegan diet I'll be the first to admit it is very hard to stick too. For me it's not because I can't fill myself up with fruits and veggies...... it's because these days it's just too frigging expensive for me to follow this sort of diet properly.

Fruits and veggies on Maui cost a FORTUNE and since I'm such a "foodie" I love making more elaborate raw vegan dishes. This of course takes a heavy toll on my dwindling paycheck these days. I live in a world where red Bell peppers are $7 a pound and Raw Almond Butter is $23 for 16 oz ......crazy!

Anyway, back to my point.....The Okinawan Diet rocks. Okinawa is in a beautiful subtropical island chain in the western pacific south of Japan ( also know as the Ryukyu islands ) and it is home to more centenarians per capita than any place else in the world! Not only does Okinawa have a lot of 100 yr olds running around but Okinawa is also known for having an abundance of VERY active and healthy elders well beyond 80 and 90! So, what is their secret?? Well, it looks like it's a combination of diet, exercise and a low stress lifestyle.

Okinawans consume a diet very high in vegetables, miso, tofu, spices, green tea, sweet potatoes, rice and soba noodles. They consume little to no dairy, fish and pork and these 3 foods make up about 1% of their diet. Lucky for me this is a very easy way to eat and to make it even more enticing, it is relatively inexpensive.

Anyway, if anyone is interested in this healthy diet, check out this website HERE or look into the books written by the Willcox brothers, two doctors who have researching the Okinawan Lifestyle for many many years. "The Okinawa Program" and "The Okinawa Diet Plan".