Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I can't remember if I've ever mentioned this before but it's pretty relevant in how I manage my time on a daily basis and this is it........I DON'T WATCH ANY TELEVISION! ( minus Inauguration Day and the day Jacko died of course.... )

I went on a TV fast about 3 years ago and I never really turned it back on again......It's funny because giving up television was very similar to giving up meat back in '89. At first it was "sort of" challenging but soon I stopped thinking about it and now I no longer crave it!

I have NO idea what Tivo or High Def TV is. I heard just last week that now there are like 300 channels to choose from? Huh? Seriously!? I'm sorry but that is just ridiculous to me. People turn their TV on like they do the lights when they come home these days. Aren't you tired of all that noise?? Do you have any idea HOW MUCH you would get accomplished if you turned that thing off!

Seriously, I challenge you to try this for just 1 week. You'd be amazed how suddenly your house would be clean, you'd have the time to work out and you'd probably even have the time to make some awesome homemade gourmet meals....Anyway, it's just a thought.

NOW that being said, I do have a little weakness when it comes to television and that would be the show "GOSSIP GIRL"! I'm sorry, I'm cringing as I write this but I love "GOSSIP GIRL" just as much as my other "junk food"...... "US WEEKLY".

However, I don't watch it weekly on TV. I actually got hooked thanks to the risque OMG! ads last summer ( in mags like US Weekly of course ) and I decided to purchase Season 1 last August. OMG! I loved every pathetic self absorbed moment of this teen drama (even if I am almost the "parents" age in the show...gasp)!

So, I've been patiently waiting all year long for the DVD release of Season 2 and it's finally here!! I just got it in the mail today from ( yes, I pre-ordered it....shut up, let it go.... ) and I'm so excited to veg out and watch all 25 episodes!!! ( Thank God Carlos is working every night...he's already mortified enough by my enthusiasm ( or maybe it's because I'm in love with cougar bait Chace Crawford! hahaha )

I know Season 3 starts next month on TV but I need to catch up on last year! AND I have no intention of watching the third season until next August of course so NO SPOILERS please...!! LOL!!

WORKOUT LOG-1 hour Hatha Yoga


BREAKFAST-Dried Mangoes ( I'm obsessed! They taste like candy! )

LUNCH-"Amy's Organic" Bean and Vegetable Enchiladas ( 2 enchiladas )

SNACK-while making din din-a handful of Wheat Thins!DINNER-"Whole Wheat Apple and Blue Cheese Pizza" recipe on 7/15/09 but this time I drizzled a little bit of Local Honey on top, used less Blue Cheese and added Goat! Divine!, 1 Glass of "Barefoot" Pinot Grigio from California....what can I say, pretty damn good for $4.99

DESSERT-"Gossip Girl" DVD 1 !!


  1. mmmm love the honey addition - how big do you roll the pizza out to and how many slices does it make?

  2. Hi! The pan I use is pretty's only 9x13". I cut it into 6 squares and I usually have 2 slices ( Carlos eats the other 4 ) The honey was awesome on it!!

  3. I am definitely going to have to make that pizza. I made one for a cooking club I am in....grilled. It had peaches, fresh mozzarela (I am sure goat cheese would be great too), a reduction of balsamic vinegar and fresh mint!!! It was so good.
    Also....I am thinking of trying SUP boarding. There are lots of lagoons in San Diego where I see people doing that. There is a "Meet up" group for all levels...its just going to be costly to rent a board. But I really want to try it....

  4. Just curious, does the combination of dairy with bread ever hurt your stomach at all? I love my pizza with cheese but I think food combining rules say not to? To heck with some rules I guess haha :-)

  5. I don't think so? But then again, I rarely ever eat cheese w/o starch....