Monday, August 31, 2009

Wiki Wiki

Sorry quick post! Too much to do today!!

WORKOUT LOG-1 Hr Hatha Yoga

BREAKFAST-none...out of "Green Monster" ingredients

LUNCH-quinoa with mint, golden raisins and sheep's feta ( really yummy! )

SNACK-Cashews of course.....handful

DINNER-Simple....can you tell I need to go shopping?? I'm totally out of fruit and's me being creative..... Salad ( organic local greens, balsamic and Kalamata Olives) 3 Crostinis with goat cheese. 1 glass of "Barefoot" Pinot Grigio


  1. I'm really starting to like quinoa - your suggestion to use lemon juice helps cut the slightly bitter taste! ABout how much quinoa do you have with your feta cheese salad?

  2. I love it! Sometimes I use it instead of rice with asian food:-) I think I used about 1 cup.