Thursday, August 13, 2009

Taking care of Biz

Thanks to Carlos and I working over time during the next month it's pretty hard to put some time aside to do much needed errands like..... take Taj to the vet for his annual, get my MAC fixed, shop for cold weather clothes etc. AND the last thing I want to do on a beautiful sunny day off is drive to Kahului and go to Costco. However, we figured this was the only day we were going to fit it in with our work schedules.

Costco makes so much sense for us these days. It's seriously unbelievable how much cheaper that place is oppose to Foodland or even Safeway here on Maui ( yes, we have a Wal-Mart too but I absolutely refuse to shop there...I don't care how cheap that place is ). So, we spent $186.81 plus tax at Costco and I seriously think we got everything covered for the next 2-3 weeks ( grocery wise ) that is.....

Here's our list....

Kalamata Olives 2 large jars: $9.49! Steal!!

Amy's Organic Enchiladas: $14.39 for 6 ( FYI- I pay $6.19 at Foodland for 1!)

Amy's Organic Bean and Cheese Burritos: $10.59 for 8

Sabra Hummus: $5.99 for a huge tub!

Veggie Burgers: $ 9.69 for 14 ( Don Lee's fake meat, just grains and veggies )

Vegetarian re fried Pinto Beans: $6.49 for 8, 14.5 oz cans

Amy's Organic Soup: $11.99 for 8, 14.5 oz cans ( Lentil and Minestrone ) we bought 2 boxes

Orowheat Sandwitch Thins: 16 thins per bag: $ 4.79 ( these looked so good we bought 2 bags)

Waipoli Lettuce Blend for Kula, Maui: $4.79 for 4 heads of hydroponic lettuce

Goat Cheese Logs 1 lb each: $5.99 ( I bought 3 logs.....oh yes I did!! )

Crumbled Feta: $6.45 ( Sheep's Milk Feta....going to try and see how sheep's milk settles in my tummy )

Brown Organic Omega 3 eggs ( 18 ): $5:89 These are for the Argentine....I don't do eggs


Kitty Litter: $14.69 for 40 lbs

4 boxes of 1 Gallon Zip Lock bags: $11.89

Sunscreen SPF 70, 3 bottles: $14.99 ( because we need a bottle in every car of course)

Avalon Organics Lavender Shampoo (32 oz) and Conditioner (11 oz): $9.97- Can I just tell you that I ran out of shampoo yesterday and bought an 11 oz bottle of Avalon Lemon Shampoo at the health food store for around $10! I couldn't believe that I stumbled across this brand at Costco and got a 32 oz bottle for the same price with a "sample" of 11 oz conditioner! Carlos insisted I get 2, so I did....I think I'm stocked for the year now

I hope that wasn't too boring for you but we are trying to shop as smart as possible. We both have microwaves at work so the Amy's soup, burritos and enchiladas come in handy ( esp. for Carlos ). I'm hoping to supplement this shopping trip over the next month with just a couple small trips to the farmer's market for fresh produce. I'll see how creative I can get:-)

Next subject......

There are a few things you never do when your boyfriend is around ( even if you live together )

1) Put on a mud mask, especially if it's green like mine

2) Clip your toes nails

3) Rent a Musical

I happened to do all 3 tonight after my man left for work.......

I'm sorry but I have to say that I absolutely LOVED the movie" Mama Mia"! Who would have ever thought that Meryl Streep and Pierce Bronson singing Abba songs could be so good! All I could think through the whole thing was "What a fun movie this must have been to make!" Seriously! All I want to do now is pack up and run away to a remote island in the Aegean Sea and drink Ouzo ( oh wait.....I already did that.....but different ocean ) Anyway, honestly..... I'm totally NOT the type of girl who's into movies that break out into song and dance ( except maybe Moulin Rouge of course ) but this one just made me smile the whole time......hmmmm the Greek Islands......( damn, now that's in my head )......I bet I end up going now......I always do that.

WORKOUT LOG-( Maui County is in desperate need of some waves....I'm sorry, I know I'm totally complaining again but this is ridiculous. How the hell do you have a tropical storm roll though your island and STILL have the Big Island block you from surf ?? SERIOUSLY!!!! ) I'm moving to Kauai.......

40 reluctant minutes on the Elliptical Machine level 7

100 AB crunches

3 sets of 10, 20 lbs chest press

3 sets of 12, 10 lbs shoulder press


BREAKFAST-I forgot to eat breakfast today...opps..

LUNCH-Veggie Sushi rolls from "Alive and Well" in Kahului ( Avocado, Carrots, Cucumber, Nori, Brown Seasoned Rice, Wasabi, Shoyu )

SNACK- 2 Ak-Mak crackers and Sabra Pine Nut Hummus

DINNER-BIG COLD SALAD ( Romaine, Red Leaf Lettuce, Sesame Seeds, White and Black, Extra Firm Tofu, Carrots, blanched Asparagus, Seasoned Rice Wine Vinegar for dressing ) Stir Fried Zucchini ( no oil ) Lemon juice, Sea Salt, Red Pepper Flakes, 1 glass "Las Brisas" Argentine, ( un oaked ) Chardonnay DESSERT-"Purely Decadent" Non Dairy Dessert "Vanilla" AUGUST CHALLENGE-DAY 13-dairy free....however, I bought some cheese today!

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