Monday, August 17, 2009

SUP Time!

Soooo, I'm totally over the gym ( big surprise there ) so I have decided to take a little break and come up with some other ways to workout. When there is surf in town this is fairly easy but August is truly the flattest month of the year in Hawaii so I need to start getting creative!

Like I've mentioned before, Carlos is working every single day of the week and even pulling some double shifts so it's been really hard for me to get the paddle board in the water! The issue is's too frigging big and I can't lift it up and put it on top of the car myself. So I need my big man to help me.

I woke up this morning around 8 am and decided that since WE were both working at 4 pm that WE were going to go stand up paddling today...I didn't have the heart to wake Carlos up at that hour ( he worked late last night ) so I waited......and waited.......and waited until 9 am. At this point I took the cat and dropped it on top of him...Nothing! Still dead asleep.....

9:45 am - OK that's it! Time to get up.... This time I dropped myself on top of the sleeping giant and this finally did it! ( I must weigh more than I thought! ) The boy was now awake and actually getting out of bed!

I then ran around the house grabbing my bathing suit, sunscreen and towels. Then I went outside to grab the boards that I needed Carlos to strap onto the car. I then even took the time to put on sunscreen AND eat a granola bar so at this point I figured he'd be ready to go........Ya right....What was I thinking? I went back into the house only to find my man on the computer watching SURF VIDEOS! Are you kidding me? I just stood there with my car keys in hand glaring at him....

Carlos: "Whattttt???" What's your problem? Geezzzz I just woke up......Hey, come look at this! It's a Lahaina Harbor!"

The reason this was so irritating to me at 10:30 this morning was the fact I could have been AT LAHAINA HARBOR 2 hours earlier!

Don't get me wrong....I love this guy to death but we do run on very different cylinders sometimes. We are the classic case of "Type A girl falls for Type B boy" and most of the time it's not that big of a deal ( if I don't want to make it one) but sometimes I'll admit....I get a little antsy. Poor Carlos, I bet I drive him nuts at times because of this.....good thing he's such a mellow dude.

He pulled himself together pretty quickly after that and he got me in the water by 11:15........ (after he stopped at Foodland for a coffee and cheese croissant of course.......I didn't say a word )

WORKOUT LOG 1.5 to 2 hrs of Stand Up Paddling - Puamana to Launiupoko to Shark Pit and back to Puamana ( umm that's far )

SIDE NOTE: Two Tiger Shark sitings at Puamana Park this week right off huh! Love those guys! ( well....not when I'm IN the water )


BREAKFAST-"Almost Raw Granola Bar"

LUNCH-"Morning Star" veggie burger, whole wheat bun, organic Waipoli lettuce, organic ketchup, feta cheese ( ya you read that right ) 2 Ak-Mak crackers with 1 Tb of Sabra Hummus

DINNER-Salad ( Waipoli lettuce, home grown tomatoes, organic chick peas, organic balsamic, croutons and GOAT CHEESE! )DESSERT-dried Mangoes, 1 glass of Terra Brisas Argentine Chardonnay

AUGUST CHALLENGE-My dairy free days have ended with a bang with Sheep Feta and Goat Cheese! Stomach issues...... ZERO!

Oh one more thing...Taj has requested to be left out of any future attempts to wake up his dad.

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