Sunday, August 9, 2009

Stress, Tropical Storms and Emotional Eating

"Yesterday is a wrinkle on my forehead"-Switchfoot

Stressed......I've been so freaking stressed out these last few weeks that I keep hearing myself asking, "What next?" I need a break, a vacation to a place where my cell phone doesn't ring, a winning Lotto ticket, a money tree, a good nights sleep, a positive vibe, a miracle......anything to take some of this pressure off. I know so many of you are in this same place. It's exhausting isn't it? I very much look forward to the day when I can actually exhale again. Yes, even in this paradisaical landscape that I call home....reality is still reality and reality is making my head hurt. However, I'm doing all the "right" things ( I think... ) to cope with this stress. I'm eating healthy, getting into the ocean when I can, communicating with my partner ( "we" are doing very well by the way.... ), taking "time outs" to read, paddle or just sit on my Lanai with a glass of wine but still.....the stress is making me feel very tired and my appetite has been less than sub par. I know "emotional eating habits" are different for everyone. Some people find comfort in food while others completely avoid it. I fall in the later category....I've been forcing myself to eat for days now but I look forward to that changing soon....Thanks for understanding

Carlos and I spent the morning clearing our back yard in anticipation for what is now Tropical Storm Felicia. Felicia has changed course once again and instead of the hitting the channel between the Big Island and Maui like earlier predicted she is expected to come right over our house instead.

First things first....protecting the Garden. Since I have all my plants in pots they are easy to move around. We put them under a large protected area right next to our front doors. I think Felicia will come with some torrential rains and I am worried that my delicate herbs and hot peppers will drown in the deluge.

Second, we have a large shed on the side of our Ohana that holds our washer, dryer and tons of crap ( towels, cleaning products, xmas ornaments, tools etc.....) The "shed" is completely exposed to the elements so we went down to Ace Hardware to purchase a large plastic tarp to at lease "try" and cover the area. Tomorrow morning we will nail the tarp to the entrance and hope that it holds in place in the wind. Carlos is not feeling optimistic about this at the moment....

Third, Water.....We bought 10 gallons which is way less than the recommended amount......we will be taking our chances that Felicia will not be upgrading back to Hurricane Status.

Forth, 2 Flash lights, batteries....check! Maui County seems to loose power even in the lightest drizzle....I'm sure this will be the first thing to go if the storm remains at the current predicted strength.

Misc.....Cars are full of gas, fridge has been turned up to the highest temp, cupboards are full of food, candles/lighters in stock and the giant but lightweight SUP board will be moved into the house soon.

I've gone through this routine more than once in the 11 years I've lived here on Maui but I have yet to see an actual named storm show up on my doorstep. In reality, the Pacific is much more active "storm wise" than the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. However in the Pacific there is nothing ( really ) to hit in the tropical center north of the equator. This is a much different case in the Gulf of Mexico of course for it is full of islands and surrounded by continents. The only thing that will stop a a tropical storm is cold ocean water or large land masses. So, once a storm enters the Gulf it will most likely run into "something". This is why when there is a hurricane on the East Coast news reporters just eat them up !!

Now if you look at a map, Hawaii seriously looks like a tiny dot so the chance of getting hit by a hurricane in a typical season is pretty slim but not impossible. However, nobody in Hawaii will ever forget Sept 11, 1992 when Hurricane Iniki made a slam dunk on Kauai with almost 200 mph winds. The truth is this, nobody thought it was going to even hit the state but in the last hours Iniki changed course and changed Kauai island forever.

I don't ever want to be totally unprepared again. I was in a pretty intense storm once down in Samoa and I had NO IDEA it was even coming ( Thanks for the warning Pago Pago! ). I had no power for 2 days, water or even a candle at hand so I learned my lesson the hard way......( FYI-nothing is more fun than the aftermath of a major storm when you are riddled with mud, bugs, heat, humidity and no power! ) Never again! Aloha my friends, xo xo



BREAKFAST-"Green Monster" ( Kale, 1 Tb Peanut Butter, Stevia, Frozen Banana, 1 cup Almond Milk, 1 scoop "Amazing Meal" )LUNCH-Cucumber Sushi Roll from "Foodland" ( Nori, White Seasoned Rice, Cucumber, Shoyu, Ginger, Wasabi )

SNACK-"Almost Raw Granola Bar" recipe 5/28/09, handful of CashewsDINNER-Butter Nut Squash Soup by "Pacific Natural Foods" Artisan Sea Salt Filone Bread from Safeway, 1 glass "Monkey Bay" Sauv. Blanc from New Zealand

AUGUST CHALLENGE-Dairy Free-Day 9. No dairy again today however I want to make note about something interesting...... The main reason I am doing this challenge in the first place is to really see how I feel without any dairy in my system. I always believed that cow cheese was the real culprit when it came to my stomach issues and I still believe this is the case. I've noticed that I have been turning to foods like nuts, nut butters and nut pates to cure any cheese cravings. Guess what! I seem to be having a harder time digesting these things than the Goat cheese I would normally turn to? In fact, when I eat Goat's milk I rarely notice a problem but all these nuts ( to replace the goat's cheese cravings) seem to hurt me a lot more? cow milk is still a different story for it makes me feel much worst than a simple cashew ever will. But maybe goat cheese will become a dairy exception for me in the future? Anyway, this is why I'm doing this little experiment in the first place:-)

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