Friday, August 7, 2009

"Real World" Hawaii

"Life is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and furry signifying nothing"

This is a quote by Shakespeare however, I didn't read it in a book. It was quoted in the early 90's movie "L.A. Story" by actor Steve Martin. He then goes on to translate it into proper English of course with, "Hey! Life is pretty stupid. It's full of a lot of hub bub to keep us busy but it really doesn't amount to much."

For some totally asinine reason it's Steve Martin's Shakespearean translation that always rings in my ear when times are tough.

I had a REALLY bad day yesterday ( hence the delayed posting ). To spare you from too many boring and personal details I'll state the issue as quickly as I can. I'm having a big issue with a Real Estate investment I own with my ex husband. In turn, it is going to hurt me financially in a very big way unless it gets resolved very quickly. Unfortunately, it is completely out of my hands at this juncture and the only one who can fix it now is him. Before he proceeded yesterday I was offered 2 options. They are......... Option 1. "Crappy" and Option 2. "REALLY CRAPPY". Anyway, I agreed to give Option 1 a go first ( obviously )

SO! The truth of the matter is this. I'm very much ready to move on with my life but it is really hard to be divorced when you are still attached. I agree that I could have demanded certain things years ago but I tried to be sympathetic during a difficult time and now it is biting me on the ass. Well, it is what it matter how the cookie crumbles now the only person I can really blame is myself. I'm the one who signed papers years ago......nobody forced me to do anything. I'm going to do my best to take it on the chin, rebuild and move on.

I am very thankful that I have a very supportive partner, friends and family. I hope so much that someday the "hub bub" that keeps me busy will be things like writing, surfing and travelling oppose to spending hours on the phone with mortgage lenders, real estate agents and lawyers.

That being said......pass me the French Fries.

WORKOUT LOG ( 8/6/09) ummmm no........


BREAKFAST-"Almost Raw Granola Bar" recipe on 5/28/09 postLUNCH- Small"Mariposa Salad" hold the Queso Blanco from "Cilantro Grill" ( Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, Avocado, Black Beans, Salsa, Cilantro, Carrots, Pomegranate Dressing and Tortilla chips ). I really like this healthy Mexican eatery in Lahaina ( even if the owner crashed into my car back in 2004 ) Sorry, no pics....I forgot my massive Nikon at home.

DINNER-Thanks to my fabulous mood last night, cooking and cleaning was the last thing I wanted to do so Carlos took me to Maui Brewing Co. in Kahana to try and cheer me up. I had a veggie burger ( hold the Gouda cheese ) with Pesto Sauce and a bucket of seasoned French fries! YUMMMM. I love French fries and ketchup! I rarely eat them and I remembered why afterwards......I think I eat too healthy these days and sometimes when I indulge myself with something that is heavy and greasy I pay for it later. My stomach didn't hurt that bad but bueno. Anyway, I washed it all down with 2 glasses on some really good Chilean Sauvignon Blanc. Sorry for my lack of pics today.......

Hurricane Felicia update: Downgraded to a Cat 2. Due to hit Hawaii Monday or Tuesday. I just got a text with an invitation to a Hurricane Party. Sweet.

AUGUST CHALLENGE-Dairy Free Day 6-I seriously almost said "screw it" last night and ordered the Goat Cheese Pizza instead of the Veggie Burger......but I didn't.

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