Friday, August 28, 2009

Pairing down....again

Carlos and I spent the WHOLE day ( both started work at 3pm ) sorting through, throwing out and ebaying stuff we just don't need anymore! At first it was hard deciding on what to get rid of but as we slowly saw space opening up around our tiny ohana it got A LOT easier.

I'm absolutely amazed by how much I've paired down this year! Anyone that knew me in my past life ( pre divorce ) wouldn't recognize me today! I'm pretty happy about that too.


Office: Cookbooks ( cut in half easily and donated to the library ) Interior Design books: I have 50 % less than I did a year ago for sure. Again, library donation. Magazines: all gone except the 2009 issues of "Food and Wine", "Body and Soul" and "Delicious" ( which is the best magazine in the world by the way.....)

Bathroom: I have only 4 nail polish colors now ( paired down from 15 ) I have barely any make up left except what I wear for work ( 2 lip sticks, 3 eye shadows, 1 power, 1 blush, 1 eyeliner, 1 bronzer, 1 mascara, 2 lip liners and only the essential make up brushes ) I have 2 types of perfume ( paired down from 8 ) Only 3 body and face lotions now ( paired down from God knows how many?? ) 1 face mask ( paired down from 4 ) etc. You get my drift........Oh and PS I don't use hair products besides shampoo and conditioner ( never have and it's saved me a fortune over the years I'm sure! )

My closet made the biggest change. I use to have 68 purses/clutches....(yes I did.) I now have 15 and that can be paired down even more. As for shoes, I think I had around 100 pairs. I'm down to about 20 now. As for clothing, if I have not worn it this year it's going to consignment. period.

Kitchen equipment: Same theory here as my clothing. If I have not used it in a year then it's off to the Salvation Army. Done!

Word of advice to anyone looking to pair down too......IT'S REALLY HARD! But, it's so nice to feel light, uncluttered and have room to breath for once. After looking back at what I donated or sold off this year I can honestly say that I can't remember anything in particular that I wish I had kept. So what does that mean?? It means I need a whole lot less than I think. Any purchases I make in the future now, whether it be clothing or a face cream I will honestly ask myself, "Do I REALLY need this?" If the answer is yes, then I will then make sure that quality of the item equals the asking price. Pretty easy.

Carlos made some HUGE strives today as well. This is a boy who LOVES to shop! He seriously has more clothes, shoes, bathroom stuff, books, surfboards, etc than I do! However, we made a big dent today and now he's hooked too. Finally. ( exhale...... )

WORKOUT-too busy ( seriously )


BREAKFAST-"Green Monster" ( spinach, frozen banana, almond milk, stevia, vanilla extract, 1 scoop "Amazing Meal" )LUNCH-Veggie Burgers from Costco ( no TVP! ie: fake meat stuff ), organic ketchup, goat cheese, spinach, Orowheat Sandwich Thin )DINNER-Veggie Sushi from Foodland, Lahaina ( Nori, white rice, wasabi, ginger, shoyu, cucumber, avocado, sesame seeds ), dried Mangoes

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