Saturday, August 1, 2009

Oahu Envy


You blocked us again! Totally NOT cool! Supposedly Oahu is seeing double to triple over head today.....

Here's a current status quote on Facebook from a Maui friend of mine, "Oahu: Where there are people I don't know and where the summer surf actually shows up"...... Apparently he is over this place......

Anyways, I warned you before.... surfers love to complain....So, Carlos and I headed down to Lahaina first thing this morning ( well....more like 10 am) and checked the breakwall at the Harbor. "Breakwall" was packed and loaded with about 25 aggro groms dropping in all over each other! Carlos and I are too old these days to deal with that crap....I can't tell you how many times I've surfed there and some cocky teen knowingly takes off right in front of me. Then to make matters worst they then try and hit on me while we paddle back out to the line up. What's up with that??? I'm sure you can image all the colorful expletives I have come up with over the years to let them know how pathetic I think they are....( This is obviously something that happens to me more than my man while surfing )

SIDE NOTE: Sorry to sound so my defense, I didn't fall asleep until 3am last night!

So....we went further south and watched the coast at Puamana Park for about an hour! There must have been about 200 people out today!!! Ahhhh!!! Since it was about 147F degrees out with humidity near 100% I gave up and got in anyways....It wasn't the worst session....I think I caught about 25 mushy waves and it was much cooler in the water than sitting on the beach. I surfed about 2 hours before I noticed I was about to pass out from hunger. We were in such a rush this morning to check the surf that I didn't eat anything. It was now 1 pm and I was starving!! It took me about 1 hour to flag down Carlos so by the time I ate I would have eaten just about anything.....However, I kept my wits about me and stirred clear of the Pepper Jack Cheese while I prepared our Veggie Burgers. We finally had Breakfast/Lunch at 2:30pm. Damn.


Surfing 2 hours ( 2-4 ft crap, light onshore winds, Board: 6'4"Fish )



LUNCH-"Morning Star" Veggie Burger, Hawaii Poi English Muffin, Avocado, Organic Ketchup/Hot Sauce, Salad ( Romaine, Cherry Tomatoes ) Dressing made from ( Avocados, Lime juice, Sea salt and Macadamia Nut Oil)

ME cutting veggies ( note: still in wet bikini.....)Making my Avocado Dressing
FINALLY!!! Ono grinds!
DINNER-Thai Chef ( ) Green Papaya Salad, 2 small spring rolls, "Murphy Goode" Fume Blanc 1 glassReview of August 1st: Painlessly Dairy Free!


  1. OK that papaya salad looks bomb - I think I am going to give your mock version a try.

  2. Green Papaya Salads are sooooo good! I'm seriously addicted! Which is great because they are almost raw vegan:-)

  3. That salad dressing looks absolutely perfect!

  4. Oooh next time you go to Thai Chef and order spring rolls, please snap a pic of those - I HEART spring rolls!

  5. I will. Promise:-) The Spring Rolls were veggie with carrots, cabbage and bean spouts. They were fried and came with a yummy sweet dipping sauce.....I need to fix my small camera asap ( I got sand in it )so all I have right now is my large chunky Nikon D50. I'm still shy lugging out the camera in public! LOL! I need to get over myself...esp with the trip comming!!