Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lilikoi Season

I think it was over a year ago when Carlos and I found a "Purple Passion Fruit" vine on a hike and decided to take a small 6 inch clipping from it. When we got home we stuck the little twig in a Mason Jar full of water and waited ( forever it seemed) to see if the thing would grow any roots. I think about six months had past and nothing happened however it was still green so we decided to stick it in a pot and see if we'd have better luck that way. Well, by May of this year our little twig started to finally take off! We then placed it in a 11 gallon pot with a tomato plant cage and Carlos started to "train" the fast growing vine around the metal wire.

Look what we discovered today!!! It's a Passion Fruit Blossom!! And it looks like 5 more are about to pop open! It worked! We are so excited! We feel like proud parents LOL!

Anyway, other than that I'm letting my garden REALLY thin out. I still have all my hot pepper plants, citrus, banana, avocados, rosemary, Thai basil, mint and oregano. But, my tomatoes are all done and so are many of my herbs. I'm going to hold out from planting anything new until October when we get home. This way I won't be putting too much pressure on Taj's sitters.

WORKOUT-Surfing 2.5 hrs ( falling swell....low tide 2-3 ft. board 6'4"Fish )


BREAKFAST-none....not hungry

EARLY LUNCH-post surf 8 "Indian Dim Sum" recipe 5/24/09 I baked them this time. I rubbed them with a little macadamia nut oil and baked them at 350 for about 15 min. Thai Sweet Chili sauce for dipping

SNACK-a few Cashews ( Must stop this habit. We have a huge container of them at work and I can't stop grabbing at them! )

DINNER- 2 "Asian Burritos" 8/16/09 ( mixed organic Kula greens, carrots and cilantro ) "Thai Peanut Sauce" 8/3/09 for dipping, handful of dried mangoes

PAU HANA-1 glass of California's "Barefoot" Pinot Grigio

Again....I apologize for the repetitions with my meals these days. The truth is I still have a pretty full pantry and freezer and I'd like to avoid another big Costco trip before we go on vacation so I'm trying to use everything up. Hopefully I will be eating a lot of fun and interesting things again "Down Under" so hopefully I will be making up for it:-) Aloha!


  1. mmmm the baked potstickers look SO yummy - do they come out crispy when you bake them? I am still trying to make the recipe well...for some reason, my potstickers keep tearing and the wraps taste like paper. I'm probably using way too much filling.

  2. Aloha Amanda! I love your blog - it is filled with such good living and wholesomeness (is that a word). Thank you for sharing. I'm just getting started at it's a great process!
    Best of luck with your life and keep blogging!

  3. Thank you so much for your comment jetset wisdom. I will check out your blog too:-) Aloha!