Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lazy Day....

I'm tired.....not necessarily physically but I feel really drained. I actually spent most of this sunny Saturday at the house sorting through things and tossing a lot of random crap in garbage cans. I also "pruned" my garden wayyyyy back. My tomato plants are almost pau for the summer and so are my chard, strawberries and thyme. Since we will be gone for almost a month starting mid September I've decided to hold back on planting any sort of new seedlings for fall.

After Carlos left for work at 2 pm I finally decided to get myself out of the house and enjoy what might be our last "nice" day for awhile. I headed down south of Lahaina with my long board only to find exactly what I thought....a very flat ocean. I ended up doing a coastal paddle instead at "Airport Beach" in Kaanapali. ( This is a pic of where I start my paddle. I paddle to the Sheraton Hotel which is located in the far left hand corner and back )
Tomorrow is my "Monday" starting at 4 pm and I think that my morning workout will be getting cut to do some "Storm Prep". Carlos and I need to move a lot of plants into shelter, waterproof our "shed" and make a grocery trip for storm supplies ( water, batteries and candles ) As of now Hurricane Felicia is still on course to hit Hawaii as early as Monday morning. She was downgraded as expected to a Category 1 storm but her course is starting to move further north than earlier predicted. Instead of tracking for the Big Island she is now expected to make landfall on Maui. In all honestly I don't think we will get major wind damage from Felicia but I do expect to get some pretty heaving rain fall. Maui County is currently on a "Tropical Storm Watch" which started at 6 pm this evening.
I will try my best to get some cool weather shots of the storm but I might have some delays posting if I lose power. See you soon:-)

Paddle 40 minutes on 7'8" Valley Isle Board
BREAKFAST- Oatmeal ( cacoa nibs, pumpkin spice, peanut butter and agave )
LUNCH ( more like a snack....not a big appetite today) Maui Gold Pineapple Salsa from The Farmer's Market in Honokowai, "Mary's Gone Cracker's" no gluten crackersDINNER-"Morning Star" Veggie Burger ( whole wheat bun, ketchup, Tapatio Hot Sauce and romaine )After Dinner- 1 Glass "Monkey Bay" Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand
AUGUST CHALLENGE-Dairy Free-Day problem


  1. Looks delicious! I stumbled across your blog by accident and thought it was great that you are trying to be Vegan. I myself am Vegan and am moving to Lahaina from Honolulu this month. Just read that you were having the Morning Star burgers and wanted to give you a heads up that most of them are not Vegan unless you get their Vegan burger specifically.


  2. Hi Jana, Thank you for your comment. I am well aware that Morning Star Burgers are not Vegan. They are of course vegetarian because they do contain egg whites. As for Veggie Burgers in general I hardly ever eat them ( maybe 5-10x a year )I'm not really into "fake" meat products and things like boca burgers freak me out. We just stumbled upon the "Morning Star Burgers" on the last Costco trip so thats why I have had a few lately. I have never had them before and they are just "okay" I guess.
    I hardly ever eat eggs...if I do it is because they are cooked into something. I never have them alone. BUT I do eat and love honey. So to answer any questions about my current goals I am trying to move into a "more" vegan diet but by this I am specifically focusing more on my dairy intake. I am lactose intorerant and I am having an incredibly hard time giving up cheese. However in the end, my goal is not to be 100% Vegan but "more" vegan than I am now. Being 100% anything means too many rules and restictions for me and I just don't want to live/eat this way. I am currently on a self imposed "Dairy Free" diet this month. See my July 31st post if you want. I am trying this to see how I feel after it. At that point I will decide if I will like to add Goat Cheese back into my world. Thanks for reading! Good Luck with your move and I hope you enjoy Maui. It is a very different world than HNL :-)