Sunday, August 23, 2009

Intelligent people are never bored...

I'm at work on a Sunday night ( big surprise right? ) and I was trying to think of something to keep me from the "mind numbing" slowness of my gallery.... So I tried a little experiment.

I was thinking a bit more about John Cloud's Time Magazine article that I spoke about on my 8/21/09 post and I was wondering this, "So how many calories do "I" eat in an average day?" I mean, my weight stays pretty stable in the 105 lb to 108 lb range so I must be pretty consistent right??
Well let's check!

Now, before I start this little exercise I need to state that I do not believe today was a "normal" food intake day for me. First of all I ate ( um stole ) about a third of Carlos' Almond Croissant from Starbucks while on the way to a surf session. I also had Sorbet with TWO servings of white chocolate chips/cashews in the afternoon. Like I said before.....exercise DOES make me hungrier!

So, I went to the Calorie King website and entered in every little tid bit that went into my mouth today ( yes, even the croissant... ) and my grand total ( assuming I'll have a glass of white wine after work ) came to 1812 calories.

I then went to the Diet Blog website to find out how many calories is required for a 33 yr old women ( blah! ), whose 5'5" and weighs 107 lbs ( today's weigh in ) to maintain that weight. I also entered that I exercised on average about 5 days a week. Guess what I should be eating to stay at 107 lbs.....1737 calories. That's pretty close to what I ate today!

Now, lets say I worked out zero days of the week? My calorie intake now drops to 1425. Not a whole lot. That's the difference of the calories in my "Green Monster". See what I meant in my 8/21 post now?

NOW....these are just averages. There are several other variables to contend with for each individual. Things like someone's metabolism, muscle mass, heredity ( umm I'm actually the "big" kid in my family ) and thyroid function to name a few....but, you can get a pretty good picture.

It's funny, I have people comment all the time that I "Eat like a bird". The fact is this....I really don't. I just eat the correct portions for someone my size. I pulled out an exact serving of low fat Wheat Thins today ( only 16 crackers ) That sounds like a lot until you put the 16 crackers in the palm of your hand...try it and you'll understand what a 130 calorie serving looks like and why it's so easy for someone to miss judge a portion size.

Once again, I think calorie intake is key....I don't believe the theories that "late night eating" puts on weight ( unless of course you've already eaten your calorie max for the day ) or that 6 tiny meals a day helps you lose weight. I don't think it's that complicated. I think it's pretty much this....You need to burn off what you consume in a 24 hr period. Whether that be through exercise or doing nothing at all but those calories must get used up or they will end up on your ass. ( Which could actually be a good thing for some?? ) This is just my opinion of course. I could be totally wrong ( but I doubt it ) So, much aloha and happy counting......

2 hours of Stand Up Paddling downwind and surfing ( from Puamana to Laniupoko ) surfed at "Guard Rails" Board: 11'6" Naish

Here's some recent pics ( post surfing )....just in case you were wondering what the author of TGOP looks like. LOL! Must must must!! Do something about my hair ( it is wet of course but still! ) ahhhh....( at lease the gray doesn't show in photos yet )

BREAKFAST-Orowheat sandwich thin, 1 oz of Chevre and 2 tsp local honey, 1/3 of an Almond Croissant from Starbucks
LUNCH-1 can of Amy's Organic low fat Minestrone Soup, 1.2 oz shaved Pecorino Romano Cheese, Napili Market's "Bruschetta Chips", cayenne pepper powder for heat!
SNACK-"Cold Stone Creamery" Small 5 oz Raspberry Sorbet with 2 Tbs of white chocolate chips and cashews ( Yes, I know I said I would never spend $5.70 for this tiny portion again but it just sounded sooooo good and it was really hot out!)
DINNER-Mixed Salad ( 2 cups of mixed local Waipoli greens, 1/3 carrot shaved, 2 Tbs of golden raisins, 2 tsp sesame seeds, 1 Tb of seasoned vinegar, 2 oz of Chevre ) 16 low fat Wheat Thins.
PAU HANA-5 oz of "Cavit" Pinot Grigio

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  1. What a great post - so much helpful info, love it! It's so hard because there is always the calorie debate of what you eat vs. how much you eat and I get so confused. For awhile, I stopped eating carbs because books stated bread was the devil and held on water but you are saying (and living proof) that as long as you keep your calories in check, you can eat whatever you want and still be happy!