Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Aloha, I've mentioned this local Maui guy before but I just stumbled upon his new book online, "Force of Nature" ( I don't have it yet ). His name is Laird Hamilton and I admire him very much as a waterman, surfer and dedicated all around athlete.

Laird is the leader of what is called the "Strap Crew" on Maui. The term "strap" refers to Tow In surfing and Maui's "Strap Crew" challenges the massive surf break "Jaws" every winter. You cannot imagine what these powerful waves are like if you have not seen or heard them in person. The dedication it takes to stay in top physical condition to surf "Jaws" ( and to survive the wipe out ) is nothing short of spectacular.

I added the link HERE that I found on Laird's new book. His diet tips are listed as well. I thought it was interesting because they are almost in total alignment with my own. Check it out:-)

I also found an article months ago about being Ultra Fit past 40 years old and I thought it was super interesting. In it Laird tells the story about the day 80+ ft waves crashed onto Maui's shores and the accident that occurred with fellow "Strap Crew" member Brett Lickle.

I will never forget that day ( Dec. 3rd 2007 ) or the winter storm that followed for 3 days afterwards. Dec 3rd was the afternoon that Carlos and I flew into the Kahului Airport after a long exhausting flight back from Australia. I remember our plane descending.... forever ( sorry, but there is nothing I hate more in the world than airplanes ) and then finally we broke though the low clouds that covered the island. I was so confused because we were landing in the opposite direction? ( because of the storm I guess!) and instead of approaching Maui from the west ( from Honolulu ) we flew over the north shore? Then, what I saw from the air was probably the craziest thing I've ever seen in my life (well besides Bora Bora and the men of Buenos Aires of course). But, what I saw that day was Maui's north shore in a maelstrom of white boiling water as mythical waves imploded on her outer reefs....These were by far the biggest waves I have ever seen in my life! Little did I know it at the time but the hour our flight came in, Laird and Brett were fighting for their lives in 10 story surf just off shore....pretty gnarly stuff. Check it out HERE

So, now after reading all those "Laird" articles I feel like a complete lazy ass. Time to step it up a notch I guess.....tomorrow of course.......
WORKOUT-1 hr Hatha Yoga


NO BREAKFAST-not hungry
LUNCH-Veggie Burger ( "Morning Star" patty, "Orowheat" Sandwich Thins, goat's cheese, local organic lettuce and organic ketchup )

SNACK- "Coldstone Creamery" Raspberry Sorbet w/ chocolate chips mixed in. Yes, I did it again...but mostly because I needed a reason to leave the gallery for 10+ minutes. Sorry, I don't have a pic (again) because it melts too fast in this tropical heat!
DINNER-Mixed Salad but I only ate about 1/3 of what is pictured ( Mixed local lettuce, lemon juice, Kalamata olives, sheep's feta, blanch local asparagus, tomatoes from my garden )


  1. mmmm that sandwich looks delicious! how much goat cheese do you put in there?

  2. It was really good and simple:-) I probably used a heaping Tb :-)