Monday, August 10, 2009

Impatient as usual!

Okay! There! I said it! I am bored with my August Challenge! I MISS MY GOAT CHEESE! I know I've been pretty stressed out and I do think that that has been causing my lack of appetite. However, nothing really sounds that good to eat either! I mean, it's not like I eat a TON of goat cheese in the first place but I'm realizing that so many non Asian veggie dishes just taste that much better with a little tangy chevre on top! SO, what do I do about this??? I'm not really sure? I'd like to finish off the month like I planned but it just sounds so!
You want to know what else is boring me to death? Tropical Storm Felicia.....I mean seriously! We have been waiting on her arrival for almost a week now! And you want to know what she did!.........She slowed down...........She's now expected to make landfall early tomorrow EVENING instead of the middle of the night now.........blah, I'm over it....and heading to a birthday party down at the beach soon. With Felicia still spinning in a boring counter clockwise circle 200 miles east of Hilo I'm expecting clear skies with light trades tonight..........
***2 Kite Surfers taking advantage of the strong north winds late afternoon near Kahakaloa, Northwest Maui
30 boring minutes on the Elliptical Machine watching a very pissed off but "muted" ( no sound on the gym's flatscreens ) Hillary Clinton on CNN***looked pretty funny....what did Bill do now?

BREAKFAST-"Green Monster" ( Kale, 1 Tb Peanut Butter, Frozen Banana, 1 cup Almond Milk, Stevia, 1 scoop "Amazing Meal" )
LUNCH-1 cup "Pacific Natural Soup"- Butternut Squash, Artisan Sea Salt Filone Baguette from Safeway, Tapatio Hot Sause

DINNER- A boring goat cheese less Morning Star Veggie Burger, Romaine, Whole Wheat Bread and Ketchup
PAU HANA-2 Glasses of Sauvignon Blanc ( At the party)
AUGUST CHALLENGE-Dairy Free-10 days.....blah blah blah


  1. You tend to eat like I have been lately...asian foods or salads with goat cheese. :) Try to mix it up a bit with different foods: Try some hummus or other greek foods? Maybe more tofu in the form of dim sum? I have been putting a dry rub on tofu and grilling it on my grill pan...that would be great along side a salad...I have also been incorporating lentils...just a simple boil and they really add some bulk to salads and soup. Good luck... I couldn't go without cheese.
    Felicia is boring me too....and I am not even there. I want some wild pics from you and my dad!

  2. Cheers to cheese! At least you know what your body can take and what it doesn't like (nuts) so enjoy :-) And as long as it's a little bit at a time, it won't hurt ya!

  3. Hi Girls:-) Thanks for your comments xo!...the reality is being a vegetarian over a vegan is soooo much easier for a foodie like me! I love veggie pizza, salads, Greek Food, mexican, italian etc but EVERYTHING needs a little goat cheese at lease to satisfy me! As for my boring meals the last few days....the truth is I'm low on supplies :-)GOT to get to the market soon ( Carlos tends to eat through things rather quickly !! ). Anyway....happy Tueday! I woke up to very raining skies....finally.... but I think the storm will hit when it's dark tonight so I'm not sure if I'll get many pics )-: I'm going to try though! xo