Saturday, August 15, 2009

Haole, I am....

I've been battling 2 minor skin related ailments recently. One is the dreaded "Haole Rot" and the second is a mild case of Eczema under my eyes. Unfortunately both are making me look like hell....

"Haole Rot" is local pidgin in Hawaii for a skin fungus that looks like white itchy splotches ( nice....) I have no idea what the scientific name is for it ( even the doctors here call it "Haole Rot" ) It's a very common skin disorder in the wet tropical regions of the world. I had a case of "Haole Rot" when I lived in Samoa that was so bad I looked like a leopard! It's origin is usually from beach towels or bath towels that don't dry properly and once you get it it's a bitch to clear up. The home treatment that most of my friends use is slathering themselves with "Selson Blue" dandruff shampoo and letting the greenish goo dry on their skin and NOT washing it thanks.

SIDE NOTE: "Haole (pronounced /ˈhaʊli/, Hawaiian [ˈhɔule]) means "foreign" or "foreigner" in the Hawaiian language; it can be used in reference to people, plants, or animals. The origins of the word predate the 1778 arrival of Captain James Cook . " -Wikipedia

SIDE NOTE: "Haole" is generally used today in Hawaii to describe a Caucasian (even if you were born in Hawaii). Some white people in Hawaii get offended by the word "Haole". Personally, I could care less what I'm called.......I just want my skin to clear up.

So for my "White Guy Rot", I prefer to use Australian Tea Tree oil. I've had luck with this treatment in the past so I'm having a go at it again. I have a few "Rot" spots on my stomach and left shoulder at the moment so we'll see if I can stop the spreading...yuck yuck yuck.

The other issue I'm dealing with right now is a small case of Eczema under my eyes. I used to suffer from Eczema for years as a child but as an adult, I've been pretty lucky. Unfortunately, it looks like it started to pop up about 2-3 weeks into using my new powder concealer from "Bare Minerals"! I'll be so bummed if this is the cause because I just love my new mineral makeup but I think it might be the problem.

I stopped using the powder about a week ago but the Eczema didn't clear up right away? So I turned to another stand by...some pure organic coconut oil and smeared it under my eyes. I did this last night and the night before and guess what...this morning the Eczema was gone!

I swear by coconut oil...I just love it! It's great to cook with and it works wonders on your skin! Who needs expensive eye creams? Seriously! Coconut oil is AWESOME for dry skin especially on places like your elbows and feet...

Anyway, always check with dermatologist first before any self /home treatment. However, in my case I've dealt with both of these skin disorders before. Steroid Cream is usually the most common prescribed treatment for Eczema and I really didn't want to go that route if I didn't have to. As of right now, I appear to be Eczema free so I'll be crossing my fingers:-)


40 minutes Elliptical machine level 7

100 AB crunches

3 sets of bicep curls 8 lbs

3 sets of triceps dips 12 lbs


BREAKFAST-not hungry

LUNCH-"Indian Dim Sum" recipe 5/28/09, Sweet Thai Chili sauce cut with 1/2 lime juiced and simple salad ( Romaine, Black and White Sesame Seeds, Red Maui Salt, Seasoned Rice Wine Vinegar )

SNACK-Handful of nuts

DINNER-"Amy's Organic" Lentil Soup, Ak-Mak crackers. Sabra Hummus about 2 Tbs, lemon juice added to soup ( taken to work )

AUGUST CHALLENGE-Dairy Free-Day 15: I'm so that I have 3 logs of Chevre in the Fridge I am no longer craving it?


  1. is it okay if i use the selson blue shampoo from any drug store? is this toxic for my skin?

  2. would vitamin E cream work for getting rid of haole rot?

  3. I never use Selson Blue for Haole Rot because it irritates my skin too much. I don't know how "toxic" it is but I know people have used it. However, I wouldn't recommend it.
    I'm not sure about Vitamin E oil.... Haole Rot is a fungus so I would assume you need something that will fight fungus. I don't think Vit E will do that.
    The best thing to do is just go to the doctor. That way you'll know for sure if it's Haole Rot and not some other skin issue.
    Best of Luck:-) A