Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day off...really?

Having just one day off totally blows....... What makes this even harder is the fact that I worked until 10 pm last night and I have to go back to work already at 9 am bueno.
Anyway enough this is what I did with my day.
8 am-Time to get up and go see Dr. Dorsey at the Kahalui animal hospital
It's nice to know that at lease one male in this house doesn't has to be asked twice....
Wheels up 8:45. This will be Taj's first drive across the island in the new Audi.......

Well.....that didn't go over so well.......

I got to the vet on time at 9:30 and I pulled a very quiet Taj from his cage (only to find him dripping wet?!) I'm sure you can imagine what he did..... Apparently, someone was not impressed with my climate control and new leather interior. I don't understand??? He seemed fine the whole way? We even stopped to check the surf?Or lack there of.......Poor little guy.....Maybe I should have let him wake up a little first before I ordered him into his cage...I feel bad now :-( The good news is, he's in perfect health and a robust 12 lbs! A little bit different than when I brought him to the vet over a year ago when he was just ONE POUND! (Lucky little "Sugar Cane" kitty!) He's been drinking bottled water, eating premium and walking on imported air ever since....

Anyway, after Taj had a bath (thanks to Dr. Doresy who thank god, thinks he's the cutest cat ever! ). We headed back to our side of the island so he could take a nap and I could get my surf board and head back down Hwy.30I found some nice hip high sets coming in at Launiupoke and I surfed for a couple of hours before I did this......Anything look odd to you??? Well, it sure does to me. I hit the reef and lost my $50 Center Fin.....awesome......Good thing I had a book, beach towel and more 70+ sunblock.....(I was so pissed off you can't EVEN imagine..... ) Check out the papaya tree next to where I parked my car! After my surf session that got cut short I decided to go back home, do a short yoga video, have a small lunch and wait for Carlos. Can you believe it! We actually had a night off together!
Unfortunately, it involved running errands back in Kahului. You see, I'm in desperate need of some cold weather clothing for our trip ( to winter in the southern hemi ). Luckily, Carlos is a total chick and LOVES to shop so shop we did....I managed to find a sweater, a thermal shirt and a jacket all on Maui! Stoked!
After that, we were starving so we headed to Cafe Marc Aurel's in Wailuku just in time to catch"Open Mic Night"....( FYI-this is not a good thing...........)
I think I'm ready to go back to work now........I hope you all have a fabulous 2 day weekend coming up ! xo
-2 hours surfing at Launiupoko. Board: 6'4" Fish. Conditions: high tide and 1-3 ft surf, light wind.
-20min. after surf yoga FOOD LOG
BREAKFAST-Custom mixed Muesli ( rice puffs, oats, cacao nibs, coconut, banana, papaya, chia seeds ) Almond Milk and Raw Agave LUNCH-very simple "Asian Burritos" recipe 8/16/09 post ( mixed Waipoli greens, sesame seeds and marinated tofu) Thai Peanut Sauce for dipping and something I never drink....soda
DINNER-Cafe Marc Aurel in Wailuku-"Odessey Platter" ( Greek mezze plate with dolmas, feta, artichokes, red peppers, olives, hummus, tzaziki, tapenade and pita wedges ) SO GOOD! 2 glasses of "Babich" NZ Sauvignon Blanc and a very sinful chocolate grenache cake that I split with Carlos.

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