Thursday, August 20, 2009

Customer Complaint ( not exactly a food post )

This morning started with a list full of errands to run on the other side of the island. First stop, the MAC store to pick up what now seems to be a very broken MAC Notebook......

Well, lets start from the beginning. In December 0f 07 I decided it was time to purchase a new computer and after great debate I decided to spend a little bit extra and buy myself a MAC. So $1,300 later I had myself a cute, white and glossy Notebook.

The 6 month honeymoon period was true bliss. We even endured real estate school and several showings of the "Thorn Birds". However, shortly afterwards things started to go bad....I think this was late last summer.

By October I decided it was best to get some counseling... so we did. The 1 year warranty was running out in Dec 08 so I felt it was best to see if we could fix things first.....

5 days later I picked up my Notebook from the service center at the MAC store with a clean bill of health for $83.33. Apparently all that was needed was a little "defrag" ( whatever that means ) However, 4 months Notebook was dead.

Now, what I should have done was taken my Notebook back to the MAC store right away....however, I knew the warranty was now up and I was using Carlos' PC so I decided I'd wait until later......

Fast forward to last week. Once again, I dropped my Notebook off at the service center and 2 days ago I got a call to let me know that my Notebook could not be revived. Apparently his "Logic Board" was out but if I would like to spend $700 to have him worked on, he could possibly be fixed. WTF! I could buy a new PC for that! No thanks!

Well, the scene didn't go over so well today at the MAC store in Kahului. Especially when I had to pay another $83.33 to get my dead Notebook back! ( Seriously?! ) So, was this an issue that was ignored the first time I took it in while the warranty was still good? I mean really....the symptoms were identical. Could this possibly be a "lemon"? After two days of research on line, Carlos and I discovered that the MAC Notebook actually has quite a history of faulty "logic boards". SO , BUYERS BEWARE!!!

The best part of the showdown today was that we ( I mean Carlos ) got the service guy to say that it did sound like manufacture's defect. He also said that we might have a real case. Then, he kindly gave us an important phone number to call....Trust me, I plan on doing so......repeatedly.

So this should be interesting.....Since I am quickly becoming the "Poster Child of the Great Recession" I will not let almost $1,500 slip out of my hand without a fight.....I plan on being Apple's worst nightmare and I will not stop until I have a brand new computer.....This actually might be fun? Excuse me while I channel my inner Blair Waldorf..... xo xo

Back to Exercise and Diet tomorrow. SORRY.....

WORKOUT-40 minutes "Yoga for Surfers"


BREAKFAST-"Almost Raw Granola Bar"LUNCH-Veggie Sushi from "Alive and Well" ( brown rice, avocado, carrots, cucumber, nori, ginger wasabi and tamari )

SNACK-low fat, no gluten organic Rice Crispy Treat from "Alive and Well"

DINNER-left overs from last night "Whole Wheat Apple and Blue Cheese Pizza" 2 slices, 1 glass of "Barefoot" Pinot Grigio

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