Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Well, I'd like to point out something that I'm sure will make my mother and boyfriend very happy....I PUT ON WEIGHT! Ok ok....it was just 2-3 lbs but those 2-3 lbs have stayed put for about a week now! This is pretty unusual for me.

So, here's the curious part......this happened when I decided to go dairy free over the course of 16 days! I would say my "normal" weight is between 105.0 and 106.5. This is pretty much the case everytime I jump on a scale. However I was 108.0 today and I was even up to 108.5 about 3 days ago? Now just to squash any "concerns" that I might be "concerned" about this I want everyone to know that I do NOT think a body mass index of sub 17 is the best look for me.....So please....no ED comments because anyone who has actually read any of my blog knows how much I love to eat!

I have resumed my dairy consumption due to absolute boredom with my diet recently ( not because of the 2-3 lbs ). It will be interesting to see if my weight will drop back to normal levels again? I did notice during my Dairy Free Challenge that I WAS compensating for my lack of cheese with foods like nuts and peanut butter and I really have no idea if this was the cause of a very minor ( but stable ) gain.

So with that said, like I've always believed.....if you REALLY want something, just eat it ( but in moderation of course ! ) In my case, this usually refers to cheese. Using this theory has kept my weight very consistent for many years now. But, above all I'm happy I tried this experiment for I found out that goat's milk does NOT seem to bother my stomach like I once thought. However, I will say that this DOES NOT seem to be the case with Cow's milk ( as I expected ). I had about 1 Tb of cream cheese today and guess what..... gassy bloated tummy! So, at least now I really know.....xo xo

WORKOUT- ( ya, I get right on that.....like, tomorrow)

FOOD LOG ( sort of a rare day for me....I really didn't have any meals just sort of picked all day long? I never do this.... )

BREAKFAST-1/2 of a "Green Monster" ( spinach, almond milk, stevia, "Amazing Meal", frozen banana ) 1/2 of an "Almost Raw Granola Bar"

SNACK 1-One toasted "Orowheat" Sandwich Thin with about 1 Tb of olive cream cheese from the "Farmer's Market" in HonokowaSNACK 2-Dried Mangoes and Cashews SNACK 3-1 kid size cup of Lemon Sorbet from "Cold Stone Creamery" in Lahaina with white chocolate chips mixed in ( $5.70 for like 4 oz! WTF?! ) never again! Sorry, no pic because it was so small you couldn't see it in the photo.....

DINNER-3 "Asian Burritos" recipe on 8/17/09 ( hydrated rice papers. Waipoli mixed greens, mint and Thai basil from my garden, carrots and extra firm organic tofu marinated in Shoyu, sesame seeds ) Thai sweet chili sauce thinned out with water.

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