Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Coconut Diaries

I grew these pretty orchids myself! Well, actually, I bought a pot of these at "Lowes" like a year ago and after the flowers died I cut down the stem and stuck them outside in the crook of a Fox Tail Palm tree ( my orchid bulb graveyard ) in hope that maybe someday an old orchid plant would bloom again! only took like 10 years for me to finally get one to work so here is the result! Love it!
As you can see "Remnant Low" Felicia left her mark on my lawn overnight....I walked out side this morning to the strong smell of Plumerias ( gotta love Hawaii ). In the heavy rains last night my plumeria tree took a beating and this was the result...Not too worry, there are PLENTY of flowers left on the branches. I should have strung a lei this morning....I always think of stuff like that when it's too late.
Carlos and I spent our morning putting our potted plants back into the yard ( now that the so called HURRICANE is gone ) and we actually re potted several pepper plants and our Meyer Lemon and Tangelo Tree. They were getting way too big for their small pots so it was long over due!So, You want to know what $75.73 worth of groceries looks like on Maui? Here you go! From Safeway in Lahaina. ( Yes, that IS a bottle of wine but it was on sale for $5.98. Hardly a large percentage of the total bill! ) What you are looking at is....
1 package of Whole Wheat local brand Tortillas
1 package of White Corn local brand Tortillas
2 packages of local brand Pot Sticker wrappers
2 Carrots
2 organic Ganny Smith Apples
3 bunches of organic Spinach
1 bunch of Red Leaf lettuce
2 boxes of Vanilla Almond Milk
1 jar Organic Peanut Butter
1 box of Stevia ( 100 packets )
1 Bottle of Jacob's Creek Aussie Shiraz/Cab
Bananas ( from Mexico....yes I know, that's pathetic since there were local ones available. However, Mexico was $1.09 a lb and Maui was $2.29 lb....what? )
Small package of Extra Firm organic Tofu
Plastic Straws
YES...that's it! $75.73 - no meat, dairy or anything to actually make a meal with. Welcome to Maui. everyone............

As promised yesterday......

1 can organic Northern Beans
1 clove of garlic
juice of 1/2 of a lemon
1 tsp Sea Salt or more to taste
cracked black pepper to taste
small handful of Italian Parsley
1/4 cup GOOD Olive Oil
pinch of Cayenne powder
***In a high speed blender or Cuisinart blend all ingredients except oil and parsley until smooth. Add parsley and slowly add oil to emulsify. Blend until parsley is broken into small pieces. Done!


40 min. Elliptical Machine level 7

3 sets of 20 bicep curls 8 lbs

3 sets of 20 tricep head dips 12 lbs

2 sets of 20 lunges

2 sets of ballet squats holding 12 lbs

100 AB crunches


BREAKFAST-Berry Smoothie (frozen organic Blueberries, Coconut water, local frozen Mango, 1 packet of "Amazing Grass" Berry Flavor ) I shared this massive drink with my Latin luvaa of course....

LUNCH- more of a snack really....4 Ak-Mak crackers and "White Bean Hummus" see recipe aboveDINNER- Big Cold Salad! ( Romaine, Red Leafed Lettuce, grated carrots, Arame Seaweed, blanched Asparagus, Black and White toasted Sesame Seeds, extra firm Tofu marinated in Shoyu, Seasoned Rice Wine Vinegar for dressing ) Ak-Mak Crackers, 1 glass "Silver Ridge" Pinot Noir from CaliforniaAUGUST CHALLEGE-Dairy Free-12 days.....this was by accident. I wanted to buy some goat cheese today but decided to wait. The only sane place to purchase cheese on Maui is at Costco! It was $7.39 for just a small round (6oz) of Chevre at Safeway in Lahaina today. Are you friggin kidding me....I'd rather starve!

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