Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bad Hair Day

Well, today started out pretty much like any normal day on Maui.....
For example here's a picture of a Lahaina local having his morning beerHowever, by 10 am the wind really started to kick up and the ocean turned into a morass of white caps and and flotsam. Yes, Felicia FINALLY started to show up but she had been downgraded to a relatively harmless "Remnant Low" by the time she reached Maui. This means we don't expect the super high winds and flood rains like earlier planned. However, We will be getting a lot of rain and stronger than normal Trades.
( Yes...those are totally people surfing and kite surfing in the storm surge.......why?? I have no idea?.... Well, I'm sure they got out and complained that it was onshore and crappy afterwards....no sh*%, really?)
"Stronger than normal Trade Winds" was finally the right forecast! So that being said, this was not a day to be gallivanting around town in a dress ( ummmm, seriously what was I thinking? ) or to be walking near a loaded Mango Tree ( somebodys going to get sued one of these days for sure!! ) Nor was it a day to be stuck on the day shift at work! ( grrrrrrr ) I spent half the afternoon sweeping my gallery free of debris before I finally gave up and dumped the full dust pan back on the tile. Can somebody please explain to me what is so freaking interesting about watching a poor women sweep a gallery?? Seriously! I think more people came in today to watch me do this in my high heels than look at the art!!

I really need a vacation.....

Anyway, after work I drove home in the storm and got a few pics....nothing really interesting since the stronger winds will be rolling in overnight. Too bad I can't take a picture of humidity...Honestly, I really should have taken a picture of my hair today ( aweful ) but I forgot... So, here's a picture of a heat exhausted cat instead....thank you Taj.

So after much thought and debate I have decided that I don't want to make this seperation with my beloved goat cheese permenant. For example, I made a really yummy spread tonight to go on some crostinis and I ate this for dinner ( dinner for 1 tonight ). I was actually craving a big crispy raw veggie salad instead with crackers. However, I wanted something creamy tonight so this is why I opted for the hummus spread. Now, if I had a log of goat cheese in the house I would have made a big cold salad and topped this with Chevre. As a result of following my craving I would have been getting several servings of veggies in for the day. So, my point is this....I've always followed the theory of listening to your body and feeding it what it is craving. This eliminates overeating and ends any feelings of being deprived. I'm not saying that if you are craving pizza that it's ok to order a large and eat the whole damn thing! But, if pizza is what your heart and stomach desires just frigging eat it....but keep it to 1 or 2 slices and have a side of salad instead.....Get it? Time for me to take my own advice.

No, I did not consume dairy today but I might tomorrow or the next day. In all honesty I don't have any around so I would actually have to go buy some first. So...... I might......but I will be selective and mindful about it when I do :-)

Well, I'm off to a Hurricane Party now ( or Remnant Low Party now......but that doesn't ring the same does it? ) Aloha!


BREAKFAST-"Almost Raw Granola Bar" recipe 5/28/09 I was out of my "Green Monster" Kale and Bananas today:-(

LUNCH-Cucumber Sushi Rolls from Foodland ( Nori, Seasoned Rice, Cucumber, Wasabi, Shoyu )DINNER-"White Bean Hummus" ( recipe to come!), French Bread Crostinis with olive oil and Cyprus Flake Sea Salt ( yummmm )

AUGUST CHALLENGE-Dairy Free 11 days but totally over it......

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