Monday, August 31, 2009

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Sorry quick post! Too much to do today!!

WORKOUT LOG-1 Hr Hatha Yoga

BREAKFAST-none...out of "Green Monster" ingredients

LUNCH-quinoa with mint, golden raisins and sheep's feta ( really yummy! )

SNACK-Cashews of course.....handful

DINNER-Simple....can you tell I need to go shopping?? I'm totally out of fruit and's me being creative..... Salad ( organic local greens, balsamic and Kalamata Olives) 3 Crostinis with goat cheese. 1 glass of "Barefoot" Pinot Grigio

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lilikoi Season

I think it was over a year ago when Carlos and I found a "Purple Passion Fruit" vine on a hike and decided to take a small 6 inch clipping from it. When we got home we stuck the little twig in a Mason Jar full of water and waited ( forever it seemed) to see if the thing would grow any roots. I think about six months had past and nothing happened however it was still green so we decided to stick it in a pot and see if we'd have better luck that way. Well, by May of this year our little twig started to finally take off! We then placed it in a 11 gallon pot with a tomato plant cage and Carlos started to "train" the fast growing vine around the metal wire.

Look what we discovered today!!! It's a Passion Fruit Blossom!! And it looks like 5 more are about to pop open! It worked! We are so excited! We feel like proud parents LOL!

Anyway, other than that I'm letting my garden REALLY thin out. I still have all my hot pepper plants, citrus, banana, avocados, rosemary, Thai basil, mint and oregano. But, my tomatoes are all done and so are many of my herbs. I'm going to hold out from planting anything new until October when we get home. This way I won't be putting too much pressure on Taj's sitters.

WORKOUT-Surfing 2.5 hrs ( falling swell....low tide 2-3 ft. board 6'4"Fish )


BREAKFAST-none....not hungry

EARLY LUNCH-post surf 8 "Indian Dim Sum" recipe 5/24/09 I baked them this time. I rubbed them with a little macadamia nut oil and baked them at 350 for about 15 min. Thai Sweet Chili sauce for dipping

SNACK-a few Cashews ( Must stop this habit. We have a huge container of them at work and I can't stop grabbing at them! )

DINNER- 2 "Asian Burritos" 8/16/09 ( mixed organic Kula greens, carrots and cilantro ) "Thai Peanut Sauce" 8/3/09 for dipping, handful of dried mangoes

PAU HANA-1 glass of California's "Barefoot" Pinot Grigio

Again....I apologize for the repetitions with my meals these days. The truth is I still have a pretty full pantry and freezer and I'd like to avoid another big Costco trip before we go on vacation so I'm trying to use everything up. Hopefully I will be eating a lot of fun and interesting things again "Down Under" so hopefully I will be making up for it:-) Aloha!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Out of season surf

The Hawaiian Islands has an out of season north swell hitting our shores right now....of course I had to go to work and could not participate as usual this morning. However, I was able to catch a few shots of it before sunset. Carlos was out there somewhere? Or at least I saw the Honda parked nearby:-)

Here is "Little Makaha" in Napili. I actually think that is Carlos on my board......

And "Hole in the Head"
And of course, the house that I want someday......
And sunset........Carlos should be out in about an hour. He likes to wait until the Tiger Sharks chase him out......Aloha
BREAKFAST-"Purple Monster" ( Spinach, Blueberries, banana, almond milk, stevia, 1 scoop of "Amazing Meal" )
SNACK-Low-Fat Wheat Thins and Goat Cheese ( about a handful )

DINNER-"Amy's Organic" Minestrone Soup with Bruschetta Chips from Napili Market

Friday, August 28, 2009

Pairing down....again

Carlos and I spent the WHOLE day ( both started work at 3pm ) sorting through, throwing out and ebaying stuff we just don't need anymore! At first it was hard deciding on what to get rid of but as we slowly saw space opening up around our tiny ohana it got A LOT easier.

I'm absolutely amazed by how much I've paired down this year! Anyone that knew me in my past life ( pre divorce ) wouldn't recognize me today! I'm pretty happy about that too.


Office: Cookbooks ( cut in half easily and donated to the library ) Interior Design books: I have 50 % less than I did a year ago for sure. Again, library donation. Magazines: all gone except the 2009 issues of "Food and Wine", "Body and Soul" and "Delicious" ( which is the best magazine in the world by the way.....)

Bathroom: I have only 4 nail polish colors now ( paired down from 15 ) I have barely any make up left except what I wear for work ( 2 lip sticks, 3 eye shadows, 1 power, 1 blush, 1 eyeliner, 1 bronzer, 1 mascara, 2 lip liners and only the essential make up brushes ) I have 2 types of perfume ( paired down from 8 ) Only 3 body and face lotions now ( paired down from God knows how many?? ) 1 face mask ( paired down from 4 ) etc. You get my drift........Oh and PS I don't use hair products besides shampoo and conditioner ( never have and it's saved me a fortune over the years I'm sure! )

My closet made the biggest change. I use to have 68 purses/clutches....(yes I did.) I now have 15 and that can be paired down even more. As for shoes, I think I had around 100 pairs. I'm down to about 20 now. As for clothing, if I have not worn it this year it's going to consignment. period.

Kitchen equipment: Same theory here as my clothing. If I have not used it in a year then it's off to the Salvation Army. Done!

Word of advice to anyone looking to pair down too......IT'S REALLY HARD! But, it's so nice to feel light, uncluttered and have room to breath for once. After looking back at what I donated or sold off this year I can honestly say that I can't remember anything in particular that I wish I had kept. So what does that mean?? It means I need a whole lot less than I think. Any purchases I make in the future now, whether it be clothing or a face cream I will honestly ask myself, "Do I REALLY need this?" If the answer is yes, then I will then make sure that quality of the item equals the asking price. Pretty easy.

Carlos made some HUGE strives today as well. This is a boy who LOVES to shop! He seriously has more clothes, shoes, bathroom stuff, books, surfboards, etc than I do! However, we made a big dent today and now he's hooked too. Finally. ( exhale...... )

WORKOUT-too busy ( seriously )


BREAKFAST-"Green Monster" ( spinach, frozen banana, almond milk, stevia, vanilla extract, 1 scoop "Amazing Meal" )LUNCH-Veggie Burgers from Costco ( no TVP! ie: fake meat stuff ), organic ketchup, goat cheese, spinach, Orowheat Sandwich Thin )DINNER-Veggie Sushi from Foodland, Lahaina ( Nori, white rice, wasabi, ginger, shoyu, cucumber, avocado, sesame seeds ), dried Mangoes

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Back to work....already?? Not fair!! You wanna to know what else is not fair.....getting up an extra 30 minutes early to make a yummy lunch only to then drop it on the dirty gallery floor. I swear sometimes I wonder what mirror I broke or what latter I must have walked under years ago since I seem to do this crap all the time..... Anyway, It must be my Monday.

WORKOUT-not today.....had to finally get a haircut after work. Although I'm enjoying the mini face lift of the pulled back ponytails.... I'm realizing that all those tight rubber bands are only making my split ends worse...


BREAKFAST-"Green Monster" ( spinach, almond milk, stevia, "Amazing Meal", frozen bananas, vanilla extract )LUNCH-"Asian Burritos" recipe 8/16/09 well, I saved one out of the 3. It was really good too which made the accident even more tragic. ( round rice noodle sheets, mixed organic greens, sesame seeds, carrots, cilantro, marinated tofu, that peanut sauce ) So instead of having a real lunch I opted for the $5.70 raspberry sorbet with white and dark chocolate chips mixed in......I took a pic this time. Sorry it's half gone but it melts so fast on the walk back to my gallery from "ColdStone Creamery"!Smashed:-(

SNACK-Goat's cheese and low-fat Wheat Thins.....a good handfuls worth at least

You know the economy has gotten to pretty bad levels when "Kraft" is suggesting that 16 Wheat Thins crackers with ( get this) Crystal Light makes a great snack for $1!! haha....

DINNER- another attempt to make "Asian Burritos"- Carlos' request. He told me he was craving them and wanted to know if I'd be willing to make him some for after work:-) So I figured what the heck.... ( I made Carlos triple the amount I ate ) 1 glass of "Barefoot" Pinot Grigio from Cali

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day off...really?

Having just one day off totally blows....... What makes this even harder is the fact that I worked until 10 pm last night and I have to go back to work already at 9 am bueno.
Anyway enough this is what I did with my day.
8 am-Time to get up and go see Dr. Dorsey at the Kahalui animal hospital
It's nice to know that at lease one male in this house doesn't has to be asked twice....
Wheels up 8:45. This will be Taj's first drive across the island in the new Audi.......

Well.....that didn't go over so well.......

I got to the vet on time at 9:30 and I pulled a very quiet Taj from his cage (only to find him dripping wet?!) I'm sure you can imagine what he did..... Apparently, someone was not impressed with my climate control and new leather interior. I don't understand??? He seemed fine the whole way? We even stopped to check the surf?Or lack there of.......Poor little guy.....Maybe I should have let him wake up a little first before I ordered him into his cage...I feel bad now :-( The good news is, he's in perfect health and a robust 12 lbs! A little bit different than when I brought him to the vet over a year ago when he was just ONE POUND! (Lucky little "Sugar Cane" kitty!) He's been drinking bottled water, eating premium and walking on imported air ever since....

Anyway, after Taj had a bath (thanks to Dr. Doresy who thank god, thinks he's the cutest cat ever! ). We headed back to our side of the island so he could take a nap and I could get my surf board and head back down Hwy.30I found some nice hip high sets coming in at Launiupoke and I surfed for a couple of hours before I did this......Anything look odd to you??? Well, it sure does to me. I hit the reef and lost my $50 Center Fin.....awesome......Good thing I had a book, beach towel and more 70+ sunblock.....(I was so pissed off you can't EVEN imagine..... ) Check out the papaya tree next to where I parked my car! After my surf session that got cut short I decided to go back home, do a short yoga video, have a small lunch and wait for Carlos. Can you believe it! We actually had a night off together!
Unfortunately, it involved running errands back in Kahului. You see, I'm in desperate need of some cold weather clothing for our trip ( to winter in the southern hemi ). Luckily, Carlos is a total chick and LOVES to shop so shop we did....I managed to find a sweater, a thermal shirt and a jacket all on Maui! Stoked!
After that, we were starving so we headed to Cafe Marc Aurel's in Wailuku just in time to catch"Open Mic Night"....( FYI-this is not a good thing...........)
I think I'm ready to go back to work now........I hope you all have a fabulous 2 day weekend coming up ! xo
-2 hours surfing at Launiupoko. Board: 6'4" Fish. Conditions: high tide and 1-3 ft surf, light wind.
-20min. after surf yoga FOOD LOG
BREAKFAST-Custom mixed Muesli ( rice puffs, oats, cacao nibs, coconut, banana, papaya, chia seeds ) Almond Milk and Raw Agave LUNCH-very simple "Asian Burritos" recipe 8/16/09 post ( mixed Waipoli greens, sesame seeds and marinated tofu) Thai Peanut Sauce for dipping and something I never drink....soda
DINNER-Cafe Marc Aurel in Wailuku-"Odessey Platter" ( Greek mezze plate with dolmas, feta, artichokes, red peppers, olives, hummus, tzaziki, tapenade and pita wedges ) SO GOOD! 2 glasses of "Babich" NZ Sauvignon Blanc and a very sinful chocolate grenache cake that I split with Carlos.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Aloha, I've mentioned this local Maui guy before but I just stumbled upon his new book online, "Force of Nature" ( I don't have it yet ). His name is Laird Hamilton and I admire him very much as a waterman, surfer and dedicated all around athlete.

Laird is the leader of what is called the "Strap Crew" on Maui. The term "strap" refers to Tow In surfing and Maui's "Strap Crew" challenges the massive surf break "Jaws" every winter. You cannot imagine what these powerful waves are like if you have not seen or heard them in person. The dedication it takes to stay in top physical condition to surf "Jaws" ( and to survive the wipe out ) is nothing short of spectacular.

I added the link HERE that I found on Laird's new book. His diet tips are listed as well. I thought it was interesting because they are almost in total alignment with my own. Check it out:-)

I also found an article months ago about being Ultra Fit past 40 years old and I thought it was super interesting. In it Laird tells the story about the day 80+ ft waves crashed onto Maui's shores and the accident that occurred with fellow "Strap Crew" member Brett Lickle.

I will never forget that day ( Dec. 3rd 2007 ) or the winter storm that followed for 3 days afterwards. Dec 3rd was the afternoon that Carlos and I flew into the Kahului Airport after a long exhausting flight back from Australia. I remember our plane descending.... forever ( sorry, but there is nothing I hate more in the world than airplanes ) and then finally we broke though the low clouds that covered the island. I was so confused because we were landing in the opposite direction? ( because of the storm I guess!) and instead of approaching Maui from the west ( from Honolulu ) we flew over the north shore? Then, what I saw from the air was probably the craziest thing I've ever seen in my life (well besides Bora Bora and the men of Buenos Aires of course). But, what I saw that day was Maui's north shore in a maelstrom of white boiling water as mythical waves imploded on her outer reefs....These were by far the biggest waves I have ever seen in my life! Little did I know it at the time but the hour our flight came in, Laird and Brett were fighting for their lives in 10 story surf just off shore....pretty gnarly stuff. Check it out HERE

So, now after reading all those "Laird" articles I feel like a complete lazy ass. Time to step it up a notch I guess.....tomorrow of course.......
WORKOUT-1 hr Hatha Yoga


NO BREAKFAST-not hungry
LUNCH-Veggie Burger ( "Morning Star" patty, "Orowheat" Sandwich Thins, goat's cheese, local organic lettuce and organic ketchup )

SNACK- "Coldstone Creamery" Raspberry Sorbet w/ chocolate chips mixed in. Yes, I did it again...but mostly because I needed a reason to leave the gallery for 10+ minutes. Sorry, I don't have a pic (again) because it melts too fast in this tropical heat!
DINNER-Mixed Salad but I only ate about 1/3 of what is pictured ( Mixed local lettuce, lemon juice, Kalamata olives, sheep's feta, blanch local asparagus, tomatoes from my garden )

Monday, August 24, 2009

"Where women glow and men plunder"

Another long day at the "office". Nothing makes these last days of August harder than driving to work ( coast the whole way ) and seeing nothing but people setting up to go diving, paddling, surfing and canoeing. To make things even harder on me the wind was super light this morning and I even witnessed about 4 people para sailing over the azure channel between Maui and Lanai....

This is the crappy part about living here....EVERYONE IS ON VACATION! ( It's OK...get a grip...just 22 more days to go )

I'm so ready it's not even help calm myself ( and to keep a smile on my face for the tourists on Maui ) I decided to revisit my second trip Down Under back in 2007.Me, paddling out at Watago Beach, Byron Bay
Hamilton Island, The Great Barrier Reef
Me, Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island-Does it get any better?
Carlos and I, lost on the Gold Coast....perfect!
Lennox Head, Home to one of my favorite restaurants ever! O-Pes
Little sis and I, Cronulla
Good 'ol Sydney Harbor Bridge. The heaviest looking thing on earth xo

See you soon......

WORKOUT-rest day


BREAKFAST-"Green Monster"( kale, 1 cup almond milk, 1 frozen banana, stevia, 1 scoop "Amazing Grass", vanilla extract )LUNCH-Mixed Salad. Same as yesterday ( mixed greens, carrots, golden raisins, goat cheese, sesame seeds, seasoned rice wind vinagar ) low fat Wheat Thins ( um...I had A LOT more that the recommended servings worth! hahaha ) if you don't get what I mean see 8/23 postDINNER-Amy's Organic Minestrone Soup, Bruschetta Chips from Napili Market, shaved Pecorino Romano, Cayenne pepper and lemon juice to taste. 1 glass of "Yellow Tail" Australian Pinot Grigio $5.49! I know the Aussie's aren't big Pinot Grigio makers but this wasn't terrible.