Monday, July 13, 2009

Tossing out the old!

I have a confession to make......I have an addiction ( well okay, another one besides "Gossip Girl", Goat Cheese and Excedrin )
Hi, my name is Amanda and I'm addicted to magazines...........
This has been plaguing me for years too ( I'm blaming my mother of course, she has the same problem ) and between 2004-06 I think I had 21 subscriptions at one point! Ohhhh...... I had just about every food mag these was from "Gourmet" to "Bon Appetit" AND I had all the fashion ones like "In Style" and "Vogue". I couldn't possibly live without an assortment of Home Decor mags too....ummm, "Elle Decor"and "Domino". Have I ever mentioned that I surf too?? "Surfer" and "Surfing" were monthly staples of course! And then I had random "variety" mags like, "Sunset", "Martha Stewart" and "Diablo". "Diablo" magazine is actually for the East Bay area of Northern California. I always felt that I should keep up with everything Danville ( where I grew up, sort of ) even though I have not lived there for 15 years!

Anyways, you get the picture....I had a problem, big time. One of the very few benefits that comes with having to leave your big beautiful home and move into a 600 sq. ft cottage with a roommate ( aka-the Divorce of '06 ) is the fact that you have no choice but to down size. Besides leaving behind furniture, dishes and a cat I also let my magazine subscriptions run out. I don't mean to sound sarcastic. The whole experience was actually very liberating for me.

There were two subscriptions I collected that I just couldn't part with....."Food and Wine" and "Coastal Living" These two magazines just seemed to epitomize who I was. I have kept almost every issue from each dating back to 2003. They came with me to the tiny cottage back in 2006 and the 3 places I've moved to since then. They are heavy, they are large and I decided this's time for them to go.

BUT FIRST, I must go through every single one! I must check out every "ear marked" page just to make sure that I'm not tossing anything toooooo important. What remains intact will be going to good homes... to my girlfriends, my gym and some are even being used in an artist's future project.

These days I actually seem to be finally settling back into some sort of "normal" life after almost 3 years of feeling "displaced" and I'll admit that I happen to have a few new subscriptions coming to me once again. But, in my defense each one was a from my mother, one from my long time friend Mila and even Carlos has re-subscribed to "Food and Wine" and Elle Decor" for me ( xoxo ). Every month, I carefully go through each issue....tear out anything I want to save or "study" and pass it along...this is called staying light and in the moment ( exactly how I want to live my life now :-)

Now, if I can only get my mother to do the same........

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  1. Do you subscribe to Vegetarian times? OMG ... talk about a GREAT magazine. AMAZING articles and recipes. I read it cover to cover. (And yes I save them ALL.) ... Just feeding your addiction! lol