Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Recession Depression" part dos (not really a food related post today)

Buenos Aires, Argentina Oct. 6, 2008

How could I forget....I think it was about 9am ( or 2 am Hawaiian Standard Time ) and I was stumbling about the lobby of some swanky downtown B.A. hotel looking for the "Breakfast Buffet"

I remember thinking..."Well, what can I really eat here?? I don't do coffee, eggs or even cut raw fruit in faraway lands so now what??? Well, that buttery Croissant and Dulce de Leche spread looks pretty damn good for 2 am I guess. "

At this point I was looking up at flat screen TV holstered above a gorgeous mahogany bar and I was noticing that there seemed to be something BIG going on in the US of A this morning....It was in Spanish of course.... ( FYI-I'm so very happy I took French for 6 years since I went to SAN DIEGO STATE ( aka: Mexico ) and now I'm in SOUTH AMERICA with my man's Argentinean family! I'm brilliant ) Anyways, all I could tell is that it looked like there was some major panic going on down on Wall St. Apparently, The American stock market was crashing and the whole world was watching.....and holding their breath ( or so it was explained to me by the REALLY good looking Argentine bartender who spoke excellent English of course )

Ya know....there is nothing quite like being on the opposite side of the planet, spending wayyyy too much rapidly deflating USD on great Argentine leather and eating/drinking everything you can get your hands on while watching everything investment you own disappear in a matter of hours. So, what do you do? Well, you go on with your day, buy that last pair of fabulous non vegan boots and deal with it when you get back....

I can't believe that was almost a year ago now?.......I remember every detail of that week down in South America. The US Dow Jones crashed 1874 points while we were on vacation ( we always have such impeccable timing ). Carlos knew it was coming. He was not surprised at all. I had no idea what we'd be dealing with once we got back to our tourist dependent incomes in Hawaii.....scary times. Reassuringly Carlos promised me, "This will take years to fix" and a whole year later things still look pretty grim.....

I'm sorry.....I'm just having one of those days....One of those days when things seem so bleak, scary and unknown. I don't want to sit here and feel sorry for myself because I know so many others are in the same boat or way worst off. However, I just need to say it again "THIS ECONOMY REALLY SUCKS AND I REALLY WANT THINGS TO GET BETTER SOON!"

Okay, I feel a bit better getting that off my chest now.....it's just no fun watching more friends move away....hearing that one more friend was laid off.....that older people can't retire.....that another no longer has medical insurance....that another cannot make their mortgage payment (again) etc.....etc......It just sucks and it's hard to walk around with a "Pollyanna" attitude 24/7.

However, tomorrow is a new day ( but same economic state I'm sure ) and I'll be okay. I'll maybe go surf after work, make dinner with Carlos or watch the sunset over Lanai.

I do know it really could be much worst but sometimes it's just really hard being a grown up. This just happens to be one of those times.... Thanks for letting me vent I'll promise to snap out it soon....for everyones sake. xoxoxo Mahalo


40 min Elliptical Machine level 6

WEIGHT 105.8 lbs


BREAKFAST-*Green Monster* ( Kale, Spinach, 1.5 Frozen Bananas, 1 cup Almond Milk, 1 scoop "Amazing Meal" )LUNCH-Salad ( Romaine ( cos ) Tomatoes from my garden, Kalamata Olives, Goat Cheese and Lemon Juice ) AK-MAK Crackers

DINNER-"Amy's Organic" Minestrone Soup, Pecorino Romano, Tapatio Hot Sauce, 2 slices

La Brea Bakery Whole Grain Bread

1 Glass of Gascon 2008 Mendoza, Argentina Malbec-FYI-this stuff ROCKS! It's rich and jammy like a California Red ZIN with rich flavors like black cherries and mocha....for $10.99 on sale at Longs Drugs in Lahaina, it's a steal!

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  1. Feel better and keep the spirits high. It totally sucks and it's super scary but things come around and the best thing you can do is keep marching forward and try to have a good attitude. And decrease expenses, I guess ha! Like I had to. Love your pics - I'm going to have some Ak Mak crackers myself later. xo! Melissa (pastriesandbacon.com)