Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pizza and Martinis!

Aloha my friends, Sorry for the late post.....Carlos took my camera to work with him last night so I couldn't down load anything until this morning.
So yesterday was one of those days where I wish I could have had a few extra hours. For some reason everything on my "to do" list took me forever to complete. In fact I didn't even make it to the gym :-( Not the biggest deal except I have "Happy Hour" plans after work today so I will be skipping the gym and surf.......Today is my Friday!
When I finally got home from work yesterday ( 1.5 hrs later than expected ) I noticed a very wilty looking garden? I don't understand what is going on? Granted we are in the middle of a pretty hot summer here in Hawaii but I had just watered that morning? My Basil plants and Hot Peppers looked super bummed out. So, once again I pulled out the hose and gave them a much needed drink. It's pretty amazing because literally in 1 hour they perked up again? Carlos wants to put together a little drip system soon. However, knowing us that will get completed as soon a rainy season starts.
I then ended up making another "Whole Wheat, Apple and Blue Cheese Pizza"( dough recipe recipe on blog, "Eat Live Run" )and taking it over to a friends house for dinner. They made a veggie pizza as well. Carlos came over when he was done with work and we finally ate around 9:30. I hate eating this late. I swear it disrupts my sleep ( especially if I ate cheese ) but this was just how my day was going:-) We had a nice casual dinner in a pretty back yard and had some homemade "Lilikoi Fruit Martinis" .
It is Passion ( Lilikoi ) Fruit Season now in the islands now! Apparently the vines are dripping with huge yellow fruit up in the west Maui Mountains at the moment. Carlos and I plan on going on a hike soon to harvest some.
Our friends went and scored a huge backpack full of the fruit this last weekend. Then, they made about a gallon of yummy juice from the pulp. Extracting Lilikoi juice is not the easiest thing to do. The pulp clings to the seeds so to separate the pulp they ended up boiling them and then straining the juice through a colander. I will attempt to do this myself soon. Wish me luck....I'll take pics :-)

WORKOUT - Rest Day


BREAKFAST-"Green Monster" ( Spinach, 1.5 Frozen Bananas, Frozen Mangoes, 1 cup Almond Milk, Stevia, "Amazing Meal" )LUNCH-Thai Chef, Lahaina Maui "Green Papaya Salad"DINNER-"Whole Wheat Apple and Blue Cheese Pizza" 1.5 slices, 1 slice Margarita Pizza ( thin crust, tomato, basil, onions, mozzarella cheese ) 1 Glass "Gascon" Argentine Mablec and 1 glass "Lilikoi Vodka Martini"

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