Tuesday, July 21, 2009

kicking Coffee

7:30 am.....alarm goes off. I'm a pretty quick riser so I never hit "snooze" and instead I head into the kitchen, measure out 1/4 of a cup of ground coffee beans from the freezer, fill the coffee maker with the right amount of water, press start and head for the shower. 10 minutes later I get out of the steamy bathroom and I can smell the coffee that has just been brewed. I pour myself a large cup ( no sugar no cream ) yes, that's right, drip coffee straight up! Then I pop 2 Excedrin's and start chugging away.
I am noticing that I'm actually a bit embarrassed even writing this! Yes, I use to start my day with a whole pot of coffee and 2 Excedrin pills ( 130 mg of caffeine in the pills alone ! ) I have no idea how much caffeine I was consuming with the coffee but I can make a pretty good guess it was dangerously high!
The crazy thing is this....I could barely feel it ( the caffeine that is!) I nursed coffee after coffee until lunch time every single day! I noticed ( duh! ) that my stomach was always bugging me. It always felt "acidy" or "raw". I hated the brown color that tinged my teeth and my mouth always felt dry. I knew I had to change something.....I'm mean seriously.....this was ridiculous!
Enter Vita Mixer 5200 and Kale in August 08.
This machine changed my life! After spending $400+ on a blender we figured, "We BETTER use the damn thing" We promised each other "We use it 3 times a week for 3 months or it's going back to Costco before the return policy runs out." 1 year later, we still have it. I seriously use it probably twice a day on average.
The first thing I wanted to start doing was use the Vita Mix to blend up green leafed veggies to make it easier to get loads of raw foods in my diet. I concocted my first Green Smoothie with a base of Coconut Water and Spinach. Over the last year I've made several different recipes for the drink however the original concept has stayed the same. My goal was to get a ton of nutrients in first thing in the morning.
Quitting coffee was actually by accident. My Green Smoothies filled up an entire Mason jar. They took me about 2 hours to finish because I would casually sip it throughout my morning. Because of this, I didn't desire drinking more liquid along with it. Having the Mason Jar next to me was as comforting as a coffee mug and all the concentrated fruits and veggies were giving me an energy "buzz". So, before I knew it I was no longer drinking any coffee! Crazy!
The reason for this post is not only to tell you my story on conquering my addiction to coffee but also to admit that I have not been able to give up my other "bad habit".
EXCEDRIN-my drug of choice.
It all started years ago. My poor mother was a follower so I thought they were safe. She never drank coffee ( or drank alcohol for that matter ) but she always had her Excedrin. I remember she would bite the pills in half because they were easier for her to swallow. She had a small tin of them in her purse and without her daily dose, a headache would soon follow. Over the years she has been advised to cut back for she has Crohn's Disease and stomach ulcers but still she takes them ( although only about 1 pill a day now, maybe? not really sure.... ) She says it's because of the aspirin and since we have a family history of stoke she excuses the Excedrin addiction because it helps thin the blood. Well, I'm calling bulls*&#.
This crap is full of Acetaminophen and taken daily it is probably wrecking total havoc on my liver. I drink alcohol too ( I love me some wine! ) which is actually just intensifying the problem. I need to quit and I need to quit like yesterday. Like a smoker, I'm well aware of the destruction it can cause yet everyday I say to myself, "Oh whats one more....".
I'm going to take a cue from Carlos....He was a avid tobacco chewer for 17 years! Two years ago we went to Australia for a whole month and he decided that during the vacation he was going to be tobacco free. He did it and has not looked back since ( thank God that because that stuff was NASTY! )
We leave for Australia again on Sept 17th for three and a half weeks. They don't sell Excedrin in OZ so I plan on travelling Excedrin free. In the mean time I'm going to cut back from 2 pills to 1 and then to 1/2 so I don't deal with a major Caffeine crash on a fun trip. Wish me luck!
Does gardening count??? I think soooooo...... 1 hour of heavy duty garden work


BREAKFAST-Purple Monster ( Frozen Blueberries, Mango, 1 Banana, 1 cup Almond Milk, 2 packets of Stevia, 1 scoop "Amazing Meal" )

LUNCH-Amy's Organic Black Bean and Veggie Enchiladas

SNACK-Wheat Thins and Goat Cheese

DINNER-"Indian Dim Sum" and 1 glass of "Babich" New Zealand Sauv Blanc

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