Monday, July 6, 2009

Green Beauty Supplies

I would like to add to my February 11 th post. As I mentioned back then I started replacing all my beauty products with organic or all natural alternatives. I think I can say that I've finally crossed over! ( I'm still searching for a great organic mascara...anyone? anyone?) On top of "crossing over" I also simplified. I mean I REALLY need 5 different kinds of body lotions or 3 different face masks? I didn't think so! This is the BEST part! I like all these natural products better than what I was using before! I even officially weaned myself off MAC ( umm 14 years!! ). Thank you Bare Minerals! :-) You look sooooo much nicer anyways!


Shampoo-Avalon Organics ( Lemon with Shea Butter)

Conditioner-BWC ( Organic Aromatherapy for Fine Hair )

Soap-Dr. Bronner' Magic Soap 18-in-1 ( I love the peppermint and lavender flavors ) I use this to wash my body, to clean the make up from my face and YES, to wash my car....seriously )

Face Cream-Ole Henricksen ( for oily/blemished prone skin )..which I don't really have but everytime I ever used a face cream I would break out. I just started using a moisturizer THIS YEAR AT 33!! My friends would gasp when I told them I never use one! The guts I must have had! At THIS old age, in THIS sun!! Anyways, Ole keeps my face pimple free:-)

Body Cream-Origins ( Ginger Souffle ) light, fresh smelling and non greasy!

Face Mask-Ecco Bella ( Chocolate ) This stuff is's looks and smells just like chocolate fudge and makes my skin so soft!

Hand Soap-EO ( French Lavender ) I noticed they use this in all the restrooms of the healthfood stores on Maui. It has always smelled sooooo good to me!

Lip Balm-EO again! ( Wild Peppermint )

Tooth Paste-Natures Gate ( Creme de Anise ) it took me awhile to get use to a toothpaste that wasn't minty flavored however I LOVE licorice and this stuff rocks!

For Breakouts-Desert Essence, Eco-Harvest Tea Tree oil-I dip a Que Tip in this and apply it directly to a pimple. I don't know... but they go away a bit faster when I use this. This also works on "Haole Rot"- ( A fungal condition that runs rampant in the tropics. It's usually caused from using damp towels that never really dry. It appears on the skin like small white spots and I freaking HATE it!! I got it bad when I used to live in Samoa and I've had a few minor cases in Hawaii....) Everyone gets it at some point here...I'm not special.

Deodorant-Kiss My Face ( Lavender ) I was using Old Spice Sport for years! LOL!

Exfoliating-Natural Bristled Dry Body Brush-I use this every morning before my shower. I start with my toes and work my way up all the way to the back of my neck ( I skip the is too sensitive there ) I love this trick. It brushes away dead cells and polishes your skin to get give it a healthy glow. I've noticed a big difference in smoothness over the last few months. Plus it just feels good and helps wake me up:-)

Perfume-Kai ( smells like Hawaii....I just love it! )

So that's pretty much it. I feel the less product you use the better. I can't get over all the stuff people buy for their skin alone! Eye Creams, Toners, Vitamin serums etc...this stuff adds up $$ quick, takes up a lot of space and is a hassle to travel with! I understand that everyone has their routine and can't live without a certain $100 plus anti wrinkle cream but testing less expensive and natural alternatives probably wouldn't be THAT scary. Anyways, that's just my 2 cents:-) I have a whole new list of cleaning products that I use for the home as well and I plan to post that soon! Aloha xo

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