Saturday, July 11, 2009

"An Embarrassment of Mangoes"

When you think of the tropical fruits of Hawaii what do you think of ?? Most likely it's a pineapple, papaya or coconut right? Well, over the years I discovered that the most abundant fruit my island has to offer is actually the sticky juicy Mango! Every year between May and August, Maui is dripping with these large sweet fruits. On the westside, especially in Lahaina Town the streets and yards are flanked by huge proud Mango trees. Their fruits litter the roads, rot on roofs, fall dangerously when strong trade winds blow and cause the worst allergies of the year. However, everyone still loves Mango season on Maui......So much so that even with the over abundance of fruit you will still see signs like, "No pick Mangoes!" and " NO MANGO PICKING, KAPU!" in several yards and business centers on island. BUT, in spite of all the warnings, everyone I know is putting together make shift pickers out of bamboo polls, wire and fishing nets and going to town!

Carlos and I have secret tree...... We pick about 20 at a time while they are still green and leave them to ripen in a basket on our lanai. Every year, I dice up all the mangoes we can get our hands on in a season and freeze the cubes for the winter time. I LOVE mixing them in smoothies,breads, muffins and salsas. I just froze my first batch today so expect a lot a mango inspired dishes in the near future:-) Aloha!


3 + cups frozen Mangoes, 1/2 lemon ( juice ), 1 TB Raw Light Agave Syrup, 1/4 C cold water or more depending on desired consistency

Place all ingredients into a high speed blender until smooth. Place remaining sorbet in freezer.

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