Sunday, July 26, 2009

Counting down to Holiday!

Back to work today....I can't believe it is almost August! Where does the time go? Seriously?? Anyways, Carlos and I figured that we need to start finalizing some details on our trip in September. First of all, I need a cat sitter. I seriously cannot bear the thought of putting Taj in a kennel again like we did last year. We went to Argentina for 3 weeks and I literally had no choice in the matter. I sent him "up country" to the Ohana Animal Inn in Kula. The place and people seemed really nice and he was only 6 months old so I figured he could handle it. He did of course but I don't want to do it again. Don't get me wrong, our impression of the the Animal Inn was totally fine but now he is so happy in our new place and 3 and 1/2 weeks is just too long I think to put a 12 lb "people" cat in a cage......I'm about to bribe one of my friends....we'll see if he bites.

Besides kitty drama, I'm also having a difficult time planning the New Zealand leg of our trip. I honestly know very little about the place and I still need to find a hotel for 3 nights in Auckland. We rented a caravan that has a bed and mini kitchen for the other 8 days ( should be interesting....I haven't done anything like that since Baja, Mexico circa 1996.)

As for Australia, We are staying with my family ( in Bondi Beach and Dad rented a place in Palm Beach as well ) this will be my third trip down there in 4 years so no worries on the Aussie leg.

Our last trip to OZ became a major food and wine fest (hence Carlos's 20 lb weight gain in 1month! ) It was amazing and I would love to do that again but this time we are going to be a on a much tighter budget. In all honesty, we probably should not be adding New Zealand because of finances but we figured "What the hell...." It's only money, we'll just make more when we get back.....( I am soooooo ready for the Great Recession to end!! How 'bout you?! )

This time Down Under. We plan on doing a lot of grocery shopping and cooking as well as scoping out some great cheap eats ( I love the grocery stores in Australia! "David Jones Food Hall" rocks my world! ). I plan on blogging the whole time I'm down there. I thoroughly regret not doing that before because the Aussies have such a beautiful way of presenting their food with a contemporary fusion style. Everything is deliciously fresh and local. I promise you, if you have not been....Australia is a serious Foodies paradise....AND THAT'S JUST THE FOOD! The wines pretty damn good too ( thank you OZ for Shiraz !!)

As for New Zealand, we might be budgeting a bit on the dining end. Plus, after eating up everything in OZ we might have to cut back due to shear gluttony. However, this is Sauvignon Blanc Country!!! The kiwis make THE BEST white wine in the world! ( my humble opinion of course! ) I can't wait to try EVERYTHING!! I mean you've got to love a place that has a wine called "Cat pissing on a Gooseberry Bush". I got a pretty good sample of New Zealand wines when I was in the Cook Islands a few years ago ( see reference above ). However, knowing tropical islands very well.... great wines always seem to go to waste thanks to travel and improper storage. I tasted more crappy expensive French wines in Tahiti that I care to admit.....This is why I'm pretty stoked to get my hands on some New Zealand wine when I'm actually IN New Zealand! In Argentina I had spectacular bottles of Malbec that I would NEVER be able to find in Hawaii! And if I did, they probably wouldn't taste the same. This is why travelling is so freaking great!

So please, if you have any travel advice for me on the North Island of New Zealand I'd love to hear from you:-) If you have questions about my island ( Maui ) I'd love to share! Mahalo!


40 minutes level 6

1 Hour Hatha Yoga ( DVD Class, "Yoga with Ateeka" ) It was so hot and muggy in my livingroom doing this it felt like a Bikram Class! )


Breakfast- Post gym/ Pre Yoga "Green Monster" ( Fresh Spinach, Kale, 1.5 frozen Bananas, 1 TB Organic Peanut Butter, Stevia, 1 cup Almond milk, 1 Scoop of "Amazing Meal" )

Lunch - after Yoga "Apple and Blue Cheese Salad" recipe below


Romaine Lettuce ( Cos ) Chopped

1 Green Apple thinly sliced

Candied Walnuts

Black Cracked Pepper

Crumbled Blue Cheese

Dressing- I had about 2 tsp of honey left in a jar so I squeeze the juice of a lemon in it. I stirred it up until it dissolved with a pinch of salt = simple yummy dressing!

Dinner-"Amy's Organic" Black Bean and Vegetable Enchiladas

Pau Hana! "Monkey Bay" New Zealand Sauv Blanc


  1. Hey Amanda,
    I will try to take notice of everything for you, I will be on the North Island of NZ on the 14th August till the 23rd.
    I cant wait, wish it could be longer but I will take what I can get at this stage :)
    If anything stands out I will be sure to let you know!!
    P.S. If there is anything in particular let me know :)

  2. Wow Shell! That is so great! I'm looking for a clean and nice but cheap place to stay in Auckland ( 3 nights ). Wondering how far the airport is from the harbor or main area of the city?? Also, We rented a caravan I'm not sure how the caravan parks work? Do you just show up to one and pay or do you have to buy a pass?? I'm confused, however, I know there are a ton of them! I want to see the Bay of Islands and the Surf Hwy ( 45 ) on the west coast...other than that it's all up in the air. Let me know if you find any fantastic places to eat at too!! Thanks for your help! Have fun!! Aloha, A