Friday, July 24, 2009

Book review # 2

I first stumbled across Natalia Rose years ago when I was following a strict raw food diet. Back then, I think I was buying every Raw Food/Living Food diet book on the market however just small handful of books really made an impression on me. One was Natalia's "The Raw Food Detox Diet".
Natalia is a high raw food vegetarian not a vegan. She's a vegetarian because she supports the consumption of raw goat cheese! Now this diet I think I can live with! Natalia's books are great because she sets up an easy to follow guideline for you. She's not a big supporter of jumping into a strict raw food diet over night. She preaches the idea of weaning yourself into it because she believes that people will have a higher success rate this way. She also stands by the fact that you can still have a healthy diet, loose excess weight and still include foods you love like fish, dairy, wine and even chocolate. The reason behind her success is stressing the importance of eating whole foods and planning your meals around proper food combinations. Natalia feels that if we can learn to combine our foods properly then a lot of the digestive issues we face could be eliminated for good.
The latest book I picked up by Natalia Rose is "Detox 4 Women" printed just this year. Again, Natalia incorporates yummy treats like goat cheese and wine into her daily menus and again stresses the importance of food combining with the theory of "waste=weight".
What is a proper food combination? Well something like eating a salad with a chicken breast or having your pasta with roasted vegetables. Flesh foods are things like fish and cheese and should only be eaten with vegetables. Foods like bread or sweet potatoes should be eaten separately from your flesh foods. Your vegetables are neutral and fruit should always be eaten on it's own. She goes into the details about this theory and she answers questions like, "Why you should not have fruit for dessert. " etc. Honestly, it sounds a lot harder than it is.....
I've experimented a bit with food combining on my own and I have to say I believe she is on to something. When I consume a well combined meal I usually don't suffer from any bloaty fullness afterwards. It's not always easy to follow this type of diet ( because you want bread with your cheese! ) but if you deal will a great deal gas, IBS or indigestion her book could help you:-) I highly recommend it!

40 min Elliptical Machine

2 sets of 20 lunges

2 sets of 20 ballet squats

200 AB crunches

Weight: 105.2 lbs

SURFING - 1.5 hours ( 7'8" ) mini longboard-Surfers complaint of the day: Portuguese Man-O-War were out it full force....I seriously hate those little buggers!!

FOOD LOG ( notice my bad food combining! )

BREAKFAST-"Green Monster" ( Fresh Spinach, 1 frozen Banana, Frozen Mangoes, 1 cup Almond Milk, Stevia, 1 scoop "Amazing Meal" ) post gym

LUNCH-"Amy's Organics" Minestrone Soup, Pecorino Romano and "La Brea Bakery" whole grain bread and Tapatio Hot Sauce......because that makes everything better! ( very filling post surfing

DINNER-"Bamboos Bar and Grill" 50% off Sushi Happy Hour! see 7/18/09 post-2 Avocado and Cucumber Rolls, extra side of rice ( because I believe in my carbs )......and 3 Stoli Blueberry Vodka and Sodas ( not my usual LOL! )

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