Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Book Review # 1

Well, I woke up this morning, dry brushed, took a shower, drank a "Green Monster" and went to work like a good girl. No, I do not feel better but I don't feel like I'm dying either. My "flu"seems to be fairly localized now in my sinuses. I am free of aches, headaches, chills and a cough. However, I feel a bit "foggy" and irritated. I skipped any sort of exercise today because I really don't want put any stress on my body while it is trying to heal it's self. Annoyingly, I drove into Lahaina this morning for work only to see a nice south swell starting to roll in with glassy conditions. Oh, I miss surfing.....Being sick is a bitch sometimes....

Anyways, on to something positive! I started getting into one one my new books "Living Raw Food" by Sarma Melngailis, the co-owner of Pure Food and Wine, a sexy and progressive raw living food restaurant in NYC. The biggest reason I love Sarma is she's pretty freaking real. To get to know her better to check out her blog.

I'm going to say this now and I hope I don't offend too many when I do but one of the biggest turn offs to me with many raw foodists is the "I'm cleaner, greener, more enlightened and better than you" attitude that comes with many die hards followers. Sarma is the complete opposite of this. She loves eating raw but is not 100% raw all the time. She rocks .....Don't get me wrong....there are a ton of sweet helpful raw foodist out there! But honestly, this is just what I've observed over the last 7 years while studying the diet. Get on any raw food online forum these days and you'll see what I mean.
I do love the idea of eating high raw vegan and I try to as often as possible but I have to admit...... I LOVE dining out way too much! And as much as I would like to be 100% vegan, I love my Goat Cheese too! I feel that I think along the same line as Sarma does in regards to this way of eating/living and eating while traveling so this is probably why I dig her so much.
"Living Raw Food" is 367 pages and is chuck full of beautiful recipes and pictures. A lot of Pure Food and Wine's dishes require dehydrators and high speed blenders for the more involved preparations. However the book also has sections of more simplistic meals that only require a knife or blender, like salads, soups, smoothies, dressings, dips, and drinks ( with alcohol too yay! )Anyways, I recommend it all the way, as well as her first book with her ex partner, Matthew Kenney "Raw Food Real World"

Breakfast - "Green Monster" ( Kale, Spinach, 1 Cup of Almond Milk, 1 packet of Stevia, 1 frozen banana, 1 TB Peanut Butter, 1 scoop "Amazing Meal" )
Lunch-Leftovers from last night "Beet and Goat Cheese Salad"

Dinner-Vegetarian Pizza ( jarred Marinara Sauce like "Classico" brand, Kalamata olives, Fresh Basil, Capers, Tomatoes, Goat Cheese, golden beets from last night, sliced shiitaki mushrooms marinated in olive oil and balsamic first ) I made my own dough tonight, cut it in half after rising and froze the half I did not use. I got the dough recipe from the blog "Eat Live Run" it's whole wheat and it's pretty easy/fast to make ( no Kitchen Aid mixer required )

*JENNA"S WHOLE WHEAT PIZZA DOUGH* VEGAN ( makes 2 large pizzas )

2 cups unbleached organic white flour
1.5 cups organic whole wheat flour
1.5 TB good olive oil
1.5 tsp sea salt
1 packet dry active yeast ( 1/4 oz )
1 and 1/3 cup of warm water

Place water and yeast in wood or glass bowl. With wooden spoon mix to dissolve yeast in water. Add salt, then flours and oil. Knead for 8 mins ( or put in bread mixer for 5 min ). Coat ball of dough with olive oil and then place back in bowl. Cover with towel, place in warm place and let rise for 1 hr. Roll out dough, arrange toppings and stick in 500 F oven for 10-15 min. ( my rectangular pizza took 12min )

uncooked and cooked.....

I cut this into 6 square pieces and had 2 of them myself ( yummy! )I also had a glass of Silver Ridge Pinot Noir and I "might" or might not have some dessert while I watch "Sideways" xoxo


  1. Awesome read Amanda.....I am FB friends with Sarma and have asked her a few questions about wine & recipes etc and she has always been happy to help. I really love her attitude towards food & eating. I eat alot of raw especially thru the week but on the weekend if we dine out, I dine out!! I have found a really good balance that works for me :)
    P.S Love following your blog :)