Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Paddle Board in Dry Dock :-(

"When it rains it pours!"...After having an incredibly stressful week I ended my weekend ( actually working on my day off ) with Carlos cruising into my gallery to let me know that his truck broke down and was stuck in a parking lot in Lahaina. Awesome....not only did his truck break down but we are suspecting it broke down for good. So, now we are juggling our work schedules with my little Honda Civic until he decides what he wants to do about a new vehicle. In the meantime however I will have to stick to regular surfing because there is no way in hell I'm strapping that 11'6" Stand Up paddle board onto the roof of my car with soft racks ( I'm secretly devastated at the moment )
I'm in the process of ordering custom Thule Racks for the Civic but I only have 2 of the 5 parts that I need to complete the project. Did you know that custom surf racks cost about $500?! So, to cut the cost down we've been ordering the parts individually on eBay...So far it's taken 2 months to find just 2 parts.....sweet
Anyways, Lucky for me the Hawaiian Islands are expecting a real South Swell from the South Pacific ( if the BIG ISLAND doesn't block it! )to roll into our reefs this evening. Hence, I will be using my shortboard ( hopefully ) through the end of the week and weekend.

On to another topic.....So, I've been getting a few questions about weight loss and I wanted to comment back a little bit about this. First of all, I am not a RD or a nutritionist of any sort. Also, I'm not a personal trainer. Now, all these fields do interest me very much and I might look into these types of career paths in the future but for the moment I am speaking about my own experiences. What I do have in my arsenal is an almost 15 yr struggle with my weight and diet. Over the last 7-8 yrs I have managed to conquer this with diet, exercise and awareness.
I need to make an important note about this. I work everyday, very hard to maintain my health. It takes time, dedication and patience to make a lifestyle change. I do not consider myself being on a "diet" This is just my way of life now. I really could not imagine my world with fast food and meat and no exercise. I think that everyone's makeup is unique and what works for me might not for you but adding more raw fruit and vegetables into your day along with exercise will make you healthier in the long run whether you lose weight or not ( although you probably will! )
Here are some rules that I live by...
1. I usually start my days with a Green Smoothie of some sort. By doing this I'm ensuring that I am eating at lease one Raw Vegan meal a day.
2. I do a major shopping trip once a week and wash and cut my veggies and fruit. I make a "Salad Mix" of several leafy green, herbs and edible flowers and bag them for easy salads ( FYI-these are fun and pretty! )
3. I take make my own meals to take to work ( most of the time ). This can be time consuming to prepare so do it the night before if you must but not only does this ensure I have a healthy meal ready it saves me money.
4. I DO NOT have snack food in the house....period!
5. I DO NOT eat when I'm not hungry. Simple but this is a real figure saver!
6. I weigh myself about every other day. This helps me to stay in range. If I start creeping past the "5 lb mark" I analyze what might have caused this. But, I really don't stress much about the number anymore. It's really about how my jeans fit or how I feel in my bikini. I wear a bikini almost everyday all year round so I might be more conscious than most people :-)
7. I workout. I'm not a huge gym fan but if the surf is flat or if it's pouring rain it's nice to have that membership. I consider the ocean to be my gym and I use it as often as possible.
8. Sleep...I get about 7-8 hrs a night
9. Enjoy your wine and dessert. I love wine and I will always drink it. If I have to have something sweet I'll have that too. Life's too short to deprive yourself from things like this......just cut back somewhere else if need be
10. Embrace your curves.....I know my man wishes I had more....
All this being said....I'll say this again, I was once 142 lbs. Today I weighed in at a normal 105 lbs. I'm almost 5'6". I LOVE food...I just made wiser choices over the last few years and I think it has helped:-) xo
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