Sunday, June 14, 2009


I can't believe that a whole week has gone by since my last post but it appears to be true....I've been dealing with a crazy stressful week at work along with nursing a sore back. As a result my blog had to take a backseat.
Starting last Sunday the Hawaiian Islands finally started getting some real summer ( southern ) surf. On Monday, I was surfing off hwy 30 when my back freezed up after a wave and I had no choice but to paddle back in. I missed great surf all week long as a result.
As of yesterday I've been back in the water. I surfed "Guard Rails" for about 1.5 hrs on my 7'8". I didn't want to push it so I got out sooner than I wanted to. However, Carlos ended up crawling out of the water 4 hrs later with his back or hips totally out of wack! I have no idea what he did but he seriously cannot move? It looks as if one hip is higher than the other? I'm going to either insist that he go see his chiropractor or my massage therapist today if there is no improvement when he wakes nightmare
My last post was about the Maui Mall Farmer's Market. Unfortunately, I think I over bought. I ended up tossing the Jicama, about 6 tomatoes, a bundle of asparagus and a red pepper. I was pretty bummed about this because it kills me to waste food. I think if I had had a normal week ( no injury ) this would not have happened. Cooking seemed like too much work ( for my back ) and I ended up eating a lot of Green Papaya Salads from Thai Chef instead. However, I did end up making my "Pot Stickers", some salads, stir fries and a great pasta that I will post the recipe for ( as soon as I get pics up )so I guess my shopping trip last Friday was not a total loss. SOOOO, to be continued....xo

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