Friday, June 19, 2009

The Maui Film Festival

Lately I've been getting into a horrible habit of going to bed way too late. When Carlos and I work the evening shifts at our galleries we don't get home until after 10pm and sometimes we end up taking several hours to unwind. Last night was no exception. We have been car shopping online ( more on that another time ) and before we knew it was 2 am again. Unfortunately for me, as soon as the sun rises the next morning I am awake. It doesn't matter if I went to bed at 9pm or 4am, my body's alarm clock goes off around 6 am. Carlos doesn't seem have this issue (of course). So here I am...blurry eyed and on the computer at 7 and I can hear Carlos snoring at the other end of the house. I have a feeling I will be feeling a bit tired later on today!
Like I have said before, I have no access to my blog on my work computer:-(. So, my posts are less frequent then they used to be ( I'm trying to get more disciplined at home ).....Yesterday, I got home late ( no blog ) and on Wednesday we went to the Maui Film Festival ( in Wailea and left straight from work at 4pm ( sort of "Sundance" meets palm trees and surf ).
This is the 10 year anniversary of this cool event here on Maui and for some ridiculous reason I have NEVER been. We really wanted to go to the first night of the event because all the "Surf" movies were being shown ( outside, under the stars on a Wailea golf course ). The festival started at 8pm with a hula dance show and these 3 documentaries followed....
High Water
The Women and the Waves
My personal fave of the night was the first movie "High Water" ( ) by the famous Brown family ( "Endless Summer" and "Step into Liquid" ). "High Water" was a documentary on the last 6 weeks of the surfing Pro Tour season that ends here in my islands. Both the Men's and Women's event were covered. Every December and January the "Vans Triple Crown" is held at Haleiewa and Sunset Beach, North Shore, Oahu. The third wave in the Men's event is the famous Pipeline and the women head over to Maui to surf our beautiful Honolua Bay ( just up the road from my house ) Luckily, I have made it to the women's event almost every year!
The Brown family always tells a great story and "High Water" was no different. There is a lot of tales told about coming to Hawaii and surfing the waves and dealing with the locals. Some of the things you hear are true and some are not so true. However, all in all surfing in Hawaii is the real deal. We are sitting in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on top of a volcano. The ocean out here is a powerful thing. Even on the small days you can have your ass handed to you. I have surfed all over the world now...Mexico, California, Tahiti, Samoa, The Cook Islands and Australia and let me tell you this...Hawaii is different. We don't have any continental shelf or extensive reef to soften our blow. If you can master surfing here you will be able to take on the world:-) I highly recommend catching this flick if you can.
Anyways, I have not worked out in 2 days....I hate that, but I plan on doing something today whether I go to the gym or get in the water. I think we might be expecting an out of season northwest swell this afternoon....Aloha my friends:-)

FOOD LOG-June 17

Breakfast-24 oz Green Smoothie ( kale, coconut water, stevia, green apple, juice of a lemon and juice of a Tahitian lime )

Snack-"Almost Raw Granola Bar"

Lunch-"Veggie Sushi" from Foodland ( Avocado, Cucumber )

Dinner-We went to "Mulligan's on the Blue" in Wailea before the shows.
Spinach Salad ( spinach, small amount of crumbled blue cheese, pecans, sprinkle of fried won tons and a raspberry vinaigrette dressing ) 2 glasses of Nobilo, New Zealand Sauv Blac

FOOD LOG-June 18

Breakfast-24 oz smoothie from "Jamba Juice" in Lahaina ( mango, strawberries, bananas and pomegranate juice )

Lunch-Asparagus Salad ( blanched asparagus, romaine lettuce ( cos ), spicy pumpkin seeds, grated pecorino romano cheese, rice wine vinegar and a light dash of canola oil )

Dinner-"Thai Chef" Raw Vegan Green Papaya salad, 1 Cup Thai sticky rice, glass of Silver Ridge Pinot Noir from California ( pretty good, and I'm not the biggest Pinot fan )

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